Friday, November 16, 2007

Dennis Kucinich is a prophet in his home town.

DM Register columnist David Yepsen came up with perhaps the best description of last night’s debate. Dennis Kucinich says things a lot of Democrats believe, but he can't be taken seriously because he's not running a credible campaign.” David’s description actually shows how dangerous to the country the modern Democrat party has become.

When asked if he would support the nominee of the Democrat Party, Kucinich replied that he would do so only if the nominee “renounced war as instrument of national policy?” Why that sounds good in a utopian world, its been tried and failed in the real world.

Perhaps Dennis should take some time to read the history of the
Kellogg-Briand Pact? Back in 1928 the United States renounced war as an instrument of national policy. We then spent 14 years appeasing and avoiding confrontation with some of the nastiest and most militaristic hegemonic dictatorships in human history, Soviet Bolshevism, German National Socialism (you know, the real Nazis), and Japanese and Italian Fascism.

Then we got WW2. The larger point is much more frightening. Most Democrats agree with Kucinch, which explains the mindless desire to “get the troops out of Iraq” come what may. Every time you hear a Democrat say they want to use diplomacy with Iran or to flee Iraq you are really hearing the fear and cowardice that motivates so much liberal thinking.

Kucinich is just honest enough to actually and openly advocate appeasement. We haven’t heard that kind of thinking since opposition to the draft, only weeks before Pearl Harbor.


Anonymous said...

Mark Klein suck balls Uncle Ted.

Is there a way we can get him off of this blog?

Ken Hoyle said...

I'll second that, Ted.

Do I hear a third?

The Iguana said...


Anonymous said...

Fourth, fifth, sixth.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you guys just ignored him, we could all sleep better, or at least talk about politics.


Anonymous said...

Motion carries...

Joe Fungus said...

Which one of you bastards was it that told Klein eat deviled eggs and chili and report back if then his shit actually stunk?

By God I nearly flipped over in my chair. That was the funniest post I've seen in a long time.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

With the Iowa caucuses and the NH primary near not much longer for you be forced to tolerate intellegent thought. That is unless I win, or do very well!

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Klein. If you weren't such an intolerable ass hole people might actually listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm telling you now, you'll poll less than one percent. Less than one percent, you fink! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! A ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mrs Soprano got to Wolf. Did he find a horsehead in his bed yesterday morning? said...

The more I watch the debate last night on the Clinton News Network and read the reviews today, I can't help but wonder if all those Bill Clinton former White House advisors who work for the Clinton News Network (CNN) disguised as journalists had something to do with who was in the audience.

It was just a little too perfect for her with the boos and the very softball wolf "puppy" blitzer. boy, what an oxymoron his name is after seeing his passive and almost paid host like performance.

Did he ask any questions or were all his questions plants from the CNN team that all worked for and still work for Hillary - like James Carville and Paul Begala?

"put bill's advisors on the payroll at cnn, by 08, people will think they are real journalists - ha! said...

November 16, 2007,
Questions about Carville and CNN
By Julie Bosman

There are very few political analysts more closely associated with the Clintons than James Carville, who was a key adviser to Mr. Clinton in the 1992 campaign.

So it’s no surprise that Mr. Carville’s appearance on a round table after last night’s CNN-sponsored Democratic debate is arousing some morning-after controversy.

“Would it kill CNN to disclose that James Carville is a partisan Clinton supporter when talking about the presidential race?” wrote Daily Kos.

“Would it kill James Carville to disclose that he is a partisan Clinton supporter when on the air talking about the presidential race?"

cnn has a conflict of interest with the clinton campaign. i want an fec and fcc investigation! said...

And Mr. Cooper made one attempt at a disclosure: �I should point out David Gergen was an adviser in the Bill Clinton White House,� he said. �As, of course, was James Carville.�

But he didn�t point out that Mr. Carville is also an informal adviser to Mrs. Clinton�s campaign.

Anonymous said...

I think John Edwards should boycott CNN and only appear on FOX, where he would get fair and balanced coverage.

Oh yea, he can't do that. He's afraid of Fox News.

Where oh where can poor Johnny get some fair dang coverage?

Anonymous said...

Bring the Fairness Doctrine to CNN on behalf of Edwards and Obama!!

evidently, how absolutely fabulously coincidentally wonderfully lucky for the big chill said...

She did well in Thursday night's debate, winning by a mile I'd say, partly because it was evidently a pro-Clinton crowd.

real ted sphincter GOP said...

The Kellogg- Briand Pact was passed by a GOP administration and congress at the time it was called isolationism. During that time the only appeasement we did was providing Lend/lease arms to Britain from 1939-41. In fact the GOP thought it was good for business as such people like Prescott Bush had business ties with the Nazis.
During the time period the US policy was to withdraw to our borders and not get involved(overtly) in world manners. Nice twisting of the truth TED and nice forgetting to mention that back then as now the Republicans suck at foreign policy, domestic policy and economic policy.
Three strikes let's throw the bums out

The bloggers at this site hate Mark Klein because he is able to crush their talking points. They resort to calls tobanning him. Typical GOP sheeples!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Today's Manchester Union Leader--"Salit said registered independents now make up 45 percent of voters in New Hampshire, with numbers that have doubled in recent decades. She said this demonstrates a dissatisfaction with the process...but no one seems to be probing why there are so many independents,"...

I'll tell you why. The major parties sold their souls to monied interests with the result the dingbats abusing me on this blog becoming the GOP's public grassroots face!

Here in NH the state's motto "Live Free or Die" still has meaning.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you something, Klein, everything everybody says about you in here you got coming to you and more. You are an intolerable asshole, a pompous wind bag, and the most disingenious sack of shit it's ever been my displeasure to be in the same room with. You've done nothing but shit all over the Party, the Party regulars, and anybody else who disagrees with you, or simply dismisses you as a lonely, blathering old man, who drives people away in droves with his arrogant bullshit. The only way for anybody to pay attention to you is for you to declare yourself a Presidential Candidate...........

Scheeze, enough already.

KenRichards said...

I just realized Dr. Insano is on every thread - maybe he will buzz off when the Caucus is over but even that may not be a sure thing.

Back to mr. anus - how in the heck do you go from academic talk which was misleading but worthy nonetheless to suddenly giving kudo to Dr. Klein?????

We get it that you hate Ted and Republicans but get a grip man, you're not making any points by joining ranks with the good doctor.

the greatest generation begat the least generation. vote obama vs huckabee - 70's rule! said...

Not-So-Great Generation
The boomers will be best remembered for their self-glorification.

by William Kristol
11/26/2007, Volume 013, Issue 11

Q: If the World War II generation was the "greatest generation," what is the Vietnam War generation?

A: I don't think the full judgment of history is in yet. There is certainly greatness in the '60s generation. They changed our attitudes about race in America, which was long overdue.

--Tom Brokaw, interviewed in the November 19 U. S. News & World Report, on his new book, Boom! Voices of the Sixties.

"Whoa! The '60s generation changed our attitudes about race in America? Rosa Parks, Bayard Rustin, and Martin Luther King Jr.--were they from the Vietnam war generation?

Earl Warren, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and Hubert Humphrey? For that matter, James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, murdered on June 21, 1964, in Mississippi? None of these was a member of the " '60s generation." None was a boomer.

The most prominent of the boomers spent their youth scorning those of their compatriots who fought communism, while moralizing and posturing at no cost to themselves.

They went on to enjoy the benefits of their parents' labors, sacrificed little, and produced nothing particularly notable.

But the boomers were unparalleled when it came to self-glorification, a talent they began developing as teenagers and have continued to improve up to this day.

They were also good at bamboozling their parents, and members of the "silent generation" like Tom Brokaw, to be overly deferential to them--even to the point of giving them credit for things they didn't do.

mitt's in trouble. huck is surging. mitt can't afford the comparison - strategery like mccains said...

Their political director just sent out the below to county chairs and state central committee members:

From: Craig Robinson
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2007 2:29 PM
To: 'Craig Robinson'
Subject: FOX News — RPI Debate Cancelled

Dear Friends, Because of Mitt Romney’s unwillingness to participate, the upcoming Republican Party of Iowa/FOX News Channel Presidential Debate on December 4th has been cancelled.

We are very disappointed that Iowa Republicans will not have the same opportunity as Republicans in New Hampshire, Florida and South Carolina had earlier this year with their FOX News Debates.

Anonymous said...

When McCain pulled out of the Straw Poll, he went from first to last. It was the beginning of the end.

I think Iowa Republicans will take note of this slight by Mitt. He has said that Iowa activist republicans are not important to his effort to become President.

Huck's surge began when McCain, Rudy and Mitt all decided Iowa wasn't important. Mitt has to have a reason to explain the sea change, or he is afraid to face the competition one on one, or in denial.

Watch for McCain to pull out of the caucus all together. He is still last and he wants to be able to claim he isn't surprised because he didn't compete.

Mitt is toast if he loses Iowa and Huck is now in a dead heat with Mitt.

Huck gets the Huckmentum going into New Hampshire.

Huck is proof that the cleverly packaged, marketed and branded politician whose positions are created by focus groups, internal polls and over paid consultants, is OVER.

Huck is the real deal - that's why he hasn't had to have much money. Word of mouth still is the best advertising.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken Richards--What's with you? Your life was trashed by the profeminist Gestapo-like Des Moines divorce court lavishly financed by "pro-family values" Republican administrations.

Can see why you're a collaborator. You're so screwed financially without very well paid mercenary work in Iraq by now you'd have lost your drivers license, passport and in be jail for child support arrears.

As I understand your situation, you have no choice but to remain in exile. The only way you'll be able to live and stay out of jail is America must always be at war.

Nevertheless beats me why you'd injure the chances of the only political friend of divorced dads who has a chance, however long the odds, to really change things. Were I president I'll end the subsidies. When Iowa has to pay its own bills for divorce related issues, it will suddenly become very pro-marriage and family stability!

KenRichards said...

Anti-divorce and dealing with the over the top biases of the family courts are certainly noteworthy but all the crazy talk about conspiracy theories to explain why you're not headlining the nighty news is insane. Tearing down the Republican party is also not the answer (not that you're having that much effect) and since I personally know how decent a fellow Ted is I don't enjoy reading you attack him.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted--Let's finally put to rest the fiction the West "appeased" Hitler.

We didn't appease the Nazis. We just to get rid of them on the cheap with the kind of hairbrained economic and political sanctions which drove North Korea to build nuclear weapons, Iran to try to get them to put on ballistic missiles, and has kept Castro & bro Raul in power for close to 30 years.

Why did we do that? Our self righteousness knows no bounds! Had the West admitted publically when Hitler came to power Versailles was a world class error, and allowed Germany to have an export led economic recovery, the Nazis wouldn't have lasted. Better German factories ran at full capacity churning out consumer goods, industrial chemicals and fancy opticals than panzers, U-boats and Messerschmitts.

In Leni Reisfensthal's acclaimed documentary of the 1934 Nazi party rally in Nuremberg the military portion showed the Wehrmacht with horse cavalry and light armored cars and biplane Luftwaffe fighters.

Sanctions against Japan triggered Pearl Harbor. What was Japan do running out of naval bunker fuel caused by our oil boycott? Made perfect sense to knock out the American fleet in one blow to open the way to take the oil fields in the Dutch East Indies.

In a Klein administration we'll stop behaving like a controlling know-it-all wife with a bad temper whose husband is forever sleeping on the couch for sins real and imagined. American men may be totally pussy-whipped but our enemies' aren't! If the democracy we're plugging turn them into American men, why not be suicide bombers and terrorists to defnd their way of life!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Hello, Ken. Fair Ted kicked me off his poll when I got 52% of votes legitimately? Fair when as a FEC registered presidential candidate couldn't complete at Ames? Fair when I beat as a write-in at the SRLC in Memphis in 3/06 my results were listed as "Other" after beating Guiliani, Brownback, Hagel, Gingrich, Barbour, Tancredo, and JC Watts with McCain besting me by about 25%?

I like Ted personally. He's a fun guy. Beats me why he fronts for a party in desperate need of transformation if it wishes to remain a political force.

Wonder why criticism rolls off my back? Was married twice for a total of about 34 years and raised 4 children. Better believe I've heard it all and then some!

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Careful, Ken. Careful! This Klein clown has claimed to have called the Secret Service in on those of us who dared to disagree with him in here. He trumped up some bogus threat claim on the blog titled "Nice Hit In Iraq" but as of this date has yet to specifically identify it. Watch your ass on the other stuff too, Ken. Klein claims he's got a raft of lawsuits just waiting to happen against us all.

It's not only his ball, Ken, it's his game, it's his set, it's his match!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Bobby--Now let's be accurate here. A presidential candidate needs to realistic about potential threats. Concerned as posters who came across to me as a psychiatrist as unusually unstable as distinguised from most of dingbats down on my case.

The Iguana said...

Jesus, Klein! This fractured syntax of yours! What does that mean, what are you trying to say? Those of us who are men, we act and talk like Men in here! We swing our balls with pride. We act like we have a pair because we do! So if you want to pussy foot around something then take your act elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nice Klein, You fucking asshole.

One guy you worked with in the past figures out how fucked you really are and now you trash him?

Fuck off you piece of shit quack.