Thursday, November 15, 2007

What’d I tellya!

Back on October 30 TRS reported a “sense” that Mike Huckabee was experiencing a waxing boom in Iowa support. Many said we were crazy. We were told the numbers didn’t support the anecdotal evidence we saw.

Since that older post, we have new numbers. Every
November sampling shows Huck has improved from that poll's earlier samples. Every November poll shows that only Huck is universally trending upward. Two polls now show Gov. Huckabee in the twenties and the RCP average shows only Huckabee trending up.

The moral of the story: always listen to your old Uncle Teddy.
(Published in Razorback red).


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted's right Huckabee'S got a lot of support in Iowa. Before leaving for New Hampshire today had lunch with a state legislator I hold in very high regard backing Huckabee in large measure for his opposition to abortion.

Told him to very sharply cut the abortion rate is to restore the buying power of entry level wages so young pregnant couples in love can realisically afford to marry. In my youth when we were governed by fiscally responsible grownups such couples usually married. Moralizing feels good but usually is ineffective.

The buying power of the dollar began its precipitous fall in the guns and butter years of the Viet Nam War era. Long before Roe v Wade abortion rates rose, for example, in New York where it was illegal but commonly legally performed with the "health of the mother" justification ruse. All a woman needed was a psychiatrist's letter falsely asserting having the child would cause a mental breakdown or suicide. In training at the time I got into hot water by refusing to lie. Roe essentially ratified was what ready a common practice.

Overturning Roe tomorrow would change nothing. Overnight likely 75% of the states would legalize abortion and the rest, like New York years ago, would find some kind of administrative ruse to allow doctors to do them.

Prolife advocates have got to turn away from the rhetoric in favor of the doing the hard policy slog to restore affordable family life so people will want to marry and stay together. But that means taking on the mega money folks pulling the party's strings.

Huckabee's a nice fellow but like all my opponents without complaint he'll carry the water for the big money contributors he thinks he needs to get the White House. In other words he campaign as a Republican and govern like liberal free spending Democrats at their worst!

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Huckabee is too much like Bush. If you boil down Huckster's ideology, he is basically a pro-life Democrat with a dose of unctious religiosity thrown in.

Think about you really want to live in a nanny-state where your kids come home from government schools and tell you the earth is 6,000 years old?

If that is your definition of utopia, go ahead and vote for Huckabee.

A Tome to Dr. Klein.. said...

Oh good f'ing christ Klein..

Do you believe half the crap that comes out of your mouth??

You claim you're a psychiatrist right?? show all the signs of someone with delusions of exhibit signs of paranoia and megalomania.

Face it are NOT a major leader in the Republican never HAVE never WILL be.

You're engaged in a Don Quixote quest for something you think you're "close" to achieving..but instead is merely a mirage of a supposed reality thats in your head.

I guarantee you at the and John Cox..and Hugh Cort..and Daniel Gilbert etc etc..won't even crack .05 percent of the vote here in Iowa.

You all are wasting our time trying to convince us that you're some sort of "savior" for the country.

Let me stick a memo to you Dr. Klein..leaders aren't "saviors"..leaders inspire people..leaders provide vision..most of all..a leader knows to be REALISTIC.

You sir, have none of these qualities. Its been beyond time for you to go away. People in Iowa and quite frankly across the country aren't buying the what you've been trying to sell, Dr. Klein..

Take a good hard look in the mirror Dr. Klein..ask yourself if you really, in your heart of hearts believe that you're going to win the Presidency of the United States....with no grassroots organization behind you.

If you say yes..quite need to check yourself into the nearest hospital for a 72 hr psych evaluation.

If the answer is the thing to preserve whatever shreds of dignity you have left man...and leave this Quixotic quest behind you...

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that the President determined junior high curriculum?

Defeating, whose your choice for the Republicands to nominate, John McCain?

No so fast my friend! said...

Uncle Ted,

Huckabee is a good feel good story, until he begs to raise your taxes...

Anonymous said...

Huckabee reprioritizes tax spending. He doesn't start with the assumption that the programs we have today are still needed (or EVER needed) and we just add more to the table.

Arkansas is one of the most backward states in the United States. The lowest state in education (even after Hillary took this over as co-governor), and the roads are barely paved.

Huckabee has improved both.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

To "a tome": Didn't fall off a turnip truck yesterday so I know the odds against me winning the White House are very daunting.

What amazes me is how hostile the party and the kind of activists who post comments are to people like me who care enough to put themselves and their money on the line to try. I've met John Cox, Dr. Cort and Mr Gilbert. They are gentlemen unworthy of your scorn.

How we've been treated more than anything evicerated respect for the Republican Party. Appears its high sounding principles are just bullshit.

Staying on through the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries to see whether the rank and file feel the same way. If so, I'll reregister as an Independent.

I'm very proud of the effort I and my volunteers made.

John Owen said...

I'm waiting for Klein to tell us that he warned MLB years ago about steroid use, and to pay carefull attention to Barry Bonds, but they ignored him. And that as president, Klein would make sure that there would be no more steroids in major league sports. Because afterall, steroid use by pro-athletes comes as a result of the Vietnam war, the declining dollar and usury tactics by Bank of America

Anonymous said...

That’s a steaming pile of shit 8:57 and you know it! If you had the brains to actually look at the political dynamics of Arkansas you realize that the Club for Growth accusations of Huckabee being a tax & spend liberal are totally unfounded.

The tax increase you're bitching about is the result of a public measure in Arkansas that passed overwhelmingly with 80% of the vote on a PUBLIC ballot to fix its crumbling infrastructure. Yet in spite of that, there is also the inconvenient truth that despite a heavy Democratic majority in the Arkansas legislature, Huckabee managed to cut $380 million in taxes, balanced the state budget 5 times, eliminate the capitol gains tax and is the strongest advocate of the pro-life movement in left in the Republican race with (gasp) a 100% clean record.

Perhaps you think the people of Arkansas didn’t have a right to regulate their own taxes and avoid billions in vehicle repair bills because they're driving over giant potholes on their interstate? Perhaps you don’t care about the rights of the unborn? Perhaps you’ve got lies and campaign rhetoric from other candidates who want to tear Huckbee down now that he’s started to surge shoved so far up your ass that you cant tell the difference between facts and fiction any longer?

In the end, there isn’t another Republican in the race with the charisma, leadership ability or crossover appeal of Huckabee in this race. Hell, there isn’t even a Democrat with those qualities either. He’s the only candidate on the GOP side with the ability to keep our base energized and win over the rest of the county to achieve a victory in 2008. Anyone else will just get their ass kicked by Hillary.

steaming pile of shit 8:57 said...

Truth hurts... the truth certainly hurts, don't it 10:54.

Raising taxes, is raising taxes, no matter what feel good story you want to put behind it.

Can someone produce a pdf of the ballot Arkansas voters used to raise their taxes?

Anonymous said...

I thought Huckabee signed those taxes into law. They has a statewide vote on that?

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...


Ever hear of No Child Left Behind? He would not hesitate to put one a zonked out unctious religio in the Department of Education. He would probably go in front of Congress and say that [reference to diety ruled unconstitutional by the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals] had ordained that person to hand down edicts from Mount Washington.

The Huckster also wanted to give ILLEGAL ALIENS in-state tuition. Now, granted, it was to a school in Arkansas, but nonetheless ILLEGALS would be paying less than someone from a neighboring state. The Huckster has never met an illegal he didn't like. He is worse than Jorge Boosh on this issue, if that is possible.

Get Your Facts Straight! said...


Check your facts...

Huckabee only supported a measure in Arkansas that would have only applied to only those who met the academic qualifications and had applied for legal citizenship.

The measure didn't pass. Governor Huckabee stressed that any student would simply be treated as any other graduate of an Arkansas High School, and not given any special consideration.

So.. get it straight..this would not have been giving "tuition breaks" for illegals..

It would have been treating residents of Arkansas, who were FOLLOWING THE LAW by applying for citizenship, exactly like every other graduate of an Arkansas high school.

Let me ask you this McQuisling.. we have soliders currently serving our country who technically are not citizens of this country.. They are people who have applied for citizenship..are following the law..and are serving our country..

So..using your logic..should these people then NOT be eligible for benefits like the GI Bill? Veteran health care benefits and so on?

We want people who are immigrating to this country to FOLLOW THE LAW right?? We want them to go through the naturalization process..correct?

Then, why would we treat people who are here, going through the LEGAL process of becoming a citizen as if they were equal to a person who had swum across the Rio Grande and ran into Texas...

That's where the Democrats and open borders crowd evicerate Republicans..they make us look like we want to shut the border off to everyone and not let anyone in...thus making us look like the bad guys..

Nice try McQuisling.. (btw, what the hell kind of name is John McQuisling..I mean cmon, if you're going to try to insult a better job at it..

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you this McQuisling.. we have soliders currently serving our country who technically are not citizens of this country.. They are people who have applied for citizenship..are following the law..and are serving our country..

So..using your logic..should these people then NOT be eligible for benefits like the GI Bill? Veteran health care benefits and so on?

Just the opposite. That is the kind of person we WANT here. Someone who is willing to serve the country and take an oath to their new home. They are not over there fighting for Mexico.

Huckabee only supported a measure in Arkansas that would have only applied to only those who met the academic qualifications and had applied for legal citizenship.

They are still illegals. He also called those who oppose illegals racists and bigots. Nice.

That's where the Democrats and open borders crowd evicerate Republicans

Republicans, maybe. The republicans are beholden to the cheap labor lobby. Middle America is not fooled and the vast majority of the electorate "gets it." Hell, even that pinko bastard who runs NY had to give up his drivers licenses for illegals plan because the opposition was overwhelming.

they make us look like we want to shut the border off to everyone and not let anyone in

Truthfully, I wouldn't mind a moratorium of 3-5 years in order to assimilate the immigrants who are here. We could then resume legal immigration at controlled levels.

John McQuisling

A "quisling" has two meanings:

1. Vidkun Quisling was the Norwegian leader who collaborated with the Nazis. Kind of like McCain collaborating with the RATS and authoring the Al Qaeda Bill of Rights.

2. A male horse whose balls haven't dropped yet. That describes most Republicans.

KenRichards said...

Loved the Don Quixote reference as it certainly applies in this situation. And how the heck can Dr. Delusional possibly write that Huck is a tool of big money and do so without making everyone burst with laughter in the process? As for his "daunting" odds let me put together a top ten list of those having better odds than the good doc:

#10 - Jerry Garcia wakes up from his ten year dirt nap and sings the National Anthem at the Superbowl.

#9 - Hugo Chavez renounces socialism and "attempts" to enter a Catholic convent in disguise due in part to gender confusion as well as one too many nights snorting Colombian Gold.

#8 - The world's largest oil field is discovered under Kinnick Stadium (but those whacko lefties in Johnson county declare the entire county off limits).

#7 - Osama Bin Laden comes out of the closet and openly states he prefers the man dress for reasons other than Islam.

#6 - DePalma renounces his lefty leanings and decides to make his next movie about the heroic efforts of American soldiers in the War on Terror.

#5 - Britney Spears gets serious and goes back to school for the next four years so she can finally get her....

High School Diploma.

#4 - Nebraska decides the program is definitely headed in the right direction and gives Bill Callahan an unprecedented forty year contract extension which includes the following amazing clauses:

#1.5 - 10 million per year with a 5% yearly increase

#2.4 - His son takes over the program in the event he dies

#3.7 - The stadium gets renamed in his honor

#4.2 - And the name Tom Osborne is never mentioned again in the entire state.

#3 - Charlie Brown actually kicks the football

#2 - ISU rebounds next year going undefeated

#1 - The Iowa Republican Party announces our sincere regret for not giving Dr. Klein a chance to compete since internal polling showed a commanding lead over all other Republicans combined and call of the Caucus as irrelevant awarding all votes to Dr. Klein as the declared winner in advance.

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Ken Richards!

Right on!

Right on, Baby!

But then again, "Doctor" Klein says I'M mentally disturbed.

Check Your Facts.... said...


So..what you're saying is that

1. You don't want legal immigration.

If someone has gone the legal route and applied for citizenship..that doesn't mean you're here illegally. It means you're going through the legal process of becoming a citizen.

2. You want to close off the border, turning us into East Germany perhaps?

No..Huckabee didn't say that people who oppose illegals racists and bigots.. What he said was that there is a very racist and bigoted tone that many people in our country take towards immigrants legal and illegal.

That's not what our country needs right now to solve the immigration issues that we face.

You still haven't answer the basic question I have...If someone is going through the LEGAL process to become a citizen..

WHY would we treat them the same way we would someone who has cross the border illegally and has no intention on becoming a citizen of our country?

I saw an interesting story earlier this week..apparently a recent trend has developed that people who have recently become naturalized American citizens are registering in large numbers as REPUBLICANS. Why is that?? Read the story...apparently our new citizens are taking a hard line about illegals..

Wait a second.. Wasn't the drive by media all aflutter about how these immigrants were going to be some huge new voter base for the Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Huckabee Facts!

Huckabee wants to raise the sales tax by 30%

Huckabee wants to tax churches and non-profits

Huckabee improved Arkansas education so much --it is last

Huckabee is on record in Arkansas as being corrupt.

Huckabee TRUTHS said...


Why don't you get your facts straight..

1. Huckabee doesnt want to "raise" the sales tax by 30%..We DONT have a national sales tax in first place.

Huckabee wants to replace the ENTIRE federal tax code, (income, payroll, etc) with the FairTax..a National Retail Sales tax of %23..with a prebate to ensure that no American up to the will pays tax on items up to the poverty level..go to to learn more!

2. By eliminating the tax code, churches will NOT be bound by laws restricting their free speech rights. In fact, churches under the FairTax will find it much easier to operate freely.

3. Huckabee's education record is beyond reproach.. He's fought hard for more charter schools, home schoolers and he's a strong supporter of public school choice.

He opposed the teachers union and got legislation passed that made it possible to terminate poorly performing teachers....

4. This is probably the most laughable of all the charges the Romney/Thompsom camps have been making about Huckabee...

The Arkansas Ethics Commission created under Bill Clinton's reign in Arkansas misused as a weapon against Republicans in Arkansas..

The overwhelming majority of the complaints were filed by Democrats during one of Huckabee's a majority Democrat commission...

It's also interesting to note that a number of the complaints were filed by a member of the Arkanasa media with an agenda...or were filed by a Democrat activist using this "reporters" story as the basis for the complaint.

In total...despite many attempts..the ONLY finding of an illegal gift was reversed upon appeal...all other complaints were thrown out as frivolous or dismissed.

Huckabee's been a target for Democrat smear tactics for years..and every single one of them has failed..

Its absolutely ridiculous to see REPUBLICANS now acting in the same way..Grow up Romney/Thompson supporters..

Anonymous said...

I'm good with taxing non-profits. Democrats usually run those as just cashflow for themselves. They don't solve any problems. They just suck up money and make the rest of us pay for their bills.

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the schools being last. Or, maybe it's the school boards, which are most likely populated by democrats.

It's democrats who screw up school. There isn't a republican in charge of any school in america anymore.

You guys get ALL the credit for the sad state of affairs in our educational system.

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Facts straight and Huckabee Truths:

Respectfully submitted:

While Gov. of Arkansas, Huckabee was AGAINST proving citizenship in order to register to vote. He called those who were in favor of this “racists”...

Huckabee fought hard to kill an Arkansas bill which would have cut off social services for illegal aliens. Huckabee called the bill, “anti-Christian” and “un-American”...

Huckabee supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens...

Huckabee’s opposition to the illegal aliens bill: