Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hillary Plummets-Broken Lamp Contest

The highly reputable Rasmussen poll, released just minutes ago, shows Hillary (“Evita”) in a free fall. A seven point drop in Iowa and a six point drop in New Hampshire is almost certain to produce rage in the well known Clinton temper. When certain caucus goers are polled, Iowa is a three way tie. Evita is tied with the Breck Girl, for God’s sake!

Among other things, does this development not demonstrate the wisdom of Iowa’s first in the nation status? Does anyone think that Evita would ever have appeared in a town hall meeting or participated in a primary debate if a national or even regional primaries become the norm?

Here’s a contest. How many lamps do you suppose Hillary smashed upon learning that the daily headlines showed her prom queen coronation procession might be turning into a primary battle for a Presidential nomination?

My guess is seven broken lamps, what’s yours (and why)?


how many times have i told you "no wire hangers" joan crawford said...

This is a great article. it gives a good summary of the older boomers vs. the younger boomers. There is a big divide and Obama has correctly reflected the sentiment that many of us feel that were 7 or so in 1968.

On the GOP side, our generational change agent may be Huckabee. He's a younger boomer too.

Doesn't an Obama - Huck matchup sound kind of peaceful and respectful and adultlike? No screaming, no cackling, no shreiking and scolding.


Anonymous said...

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Better question, Ted...

How many "suicides" with no fingerprints on the gun will be found at Ft. Marcy Park?

RF said...

I have to agree on the Obama-Huckabee match-up. Could we get that lucky? If so, I will have to find me a hot R lady to celebrate with!

Saw most of the D debate tonight. Weird affair. Blitzer is a horrible moderator.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

I was 27 in 1968 so I remember every presidential race since Truman-Dewey to Kerry-Bush II. winning the White House always turned on policy not personalities. Bush won reelection with my strong support because he handled his first time very well. He got into trouble by completely abandoning his promise to avoid "nation building" which is why we're mired in hopeless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do we have to show for $2 trillion already spent not including the decades long term costs of caring for the wars' veterans.

We're in the same dead end situation the French faced in Indo-China and Algeria unable to quash committed insurgencies prepared to fight for decades. Took the Viet Cong 30 years to expel first the French and then the Americans. The only domino which fell after the fall of Saigon was the collapse of social stability here at home.

My money is on Clinton winning the nomination. Obama is an intellectual featherweight even his wife and children mock in public and educated Democrats with common sense correctly perceive Edwards is an "Elmer Gantry" or a much classier version of the Lonesome Roads character played by Andy Griffiths in the movie "A Face In The Crowd".

I knew Nixon was a slime bag but voted for him twice because while I like his opponents as people better, I deeply opposed their policies.

Along most Americans I have a real good read on her character. She hasn't fooled anyone. Clinton's up there because she actually cares about policy.

If all we do is attack her and ignore substantive policy offerings, we'll lose very badly because the independents we depend on to overcome the Democrats' registered voter edge want meaty political bones to chew on not mud slinging.

Posted late because returned today to New Hampshire to campaign.

Ken Hoyle said...

"I knew Nixon was a slime bag but voted for him twice because while I like his opponents as people better, I deeply opposed their policies." - - Mark Klein

If anybody should know about slime bags it's Mark Klein.

When's you new ad coming out in the Moonie paper again, Klein?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

My next 2 x 3 comes out Monday. Already posted on the home page of on the upper hand side. The new full page will come out next week.

The Moony paper as you put it doesn't like my opinions anymore than you do which is why I've gotten no editorial or news coverage from it.

My agent is shopping a first draft of my memoir which might need a new title like maybe "Up From Republicanism".

Ken Hoyle said...

Your "memoir"?

Oh that's fucking hilarious, Klein. How many pages can one fill with how a movie changed their life. And all the copyright infringement you're going to run up against - my God, Man! You haven't had a though for yourself that wasn't bastardized from some film in how long?

Your agent? And who's your agent? The guy dressed up like Spider Man or the guy dressed up like Bat Man.

Anonymous said...

Are there "Agent" halloween costumes?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ken--My story is the updated version of the Paul Muni and Luther Adler classic "The Last Angry Man".

While the "galuts" I contend with are outwardly different than Muni's, the galut mentality never changes.

Ken Hoyle said...

The last Angry Man? Your story is an update on that? Well there's the biggest load of shit I ever heard. That story is about a Doctor, (a real Doctor, not a fucking palm reader like you) who's dedicated to his patients. The only thing you're dedicated to is your own self promotion, hearing yourself talk, and vomiting forth your ridiculous horse shit in blogs all day.

jihadists for klein said...

As a Warren County Republican,
We love Mark Klein.
He is the only candidate who has the right stand on the war.

yours respectfully
Abdul Hussein Ali