Tuesday, November 27, 2007

God, Politics, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

We have been meaning to do some housekeeping on the blog and adding Jeff Angelo’s outstanding Iowa blog to the Real Sporer blog link list. Jeff’s a good read, TRS highly recommends the read.


Anonymous said...

Sporer, how many times have you seen the Last Waltz?

Anonymous said...

Damn, who knew Angelo was such a hipster. Well done Jeff!

Tara van Brederode said...

Hey, Ted, what about me!!??


Jeff Angelo said...

Thanks Ted! The Iowa blogosphere is very impressive--and often ahead of the traditional media by days or sometimes months in news and analysis.

Ringo Starr said...

Everything Government touches turns to crap.

real Ted Sphincter GOP said...

It all makes sense to me now! It appears that the Republican Party mirrors "Thriller and Michael Jacksons bizarre behavior. Over the years both have gone batshit crazy, got a lot whiter and is known for the perversions rather than their talent!


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