Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good News, Gilmore Returns

Jim Gilmore’s made it official, he’s running for the Virginia Senate seat being opened by John Warner’s retirement. Contrary to popular national opinion TRS thinks that Gilmore is exactly what we need in Virginia.

First, he’s a tenacious bulldog. Gov. Gilmore is going into the race as an underdog to former Gov. Mark Warner. Gilmore will draw bright line policy distinctions between himself and waffling centrist Warner.

The most significant of those lines will be on defense and immigration. Warner had no experience in either area-no security experience what so ever. Virginia still has a strong security oriented voting base. Gilmore should lock down this constituency pretty fast.

Second, Gilmore already has a state wide organization. Gov. Gilmore will be able to set up shop immediately. Moreover, he can begin fundraising, if only grass roots, on day one as well.

Third, Gilmore has state wide name recognition. Unlike other likely candidates, Jim Gilmore is known to virtually every Virginia voter.

Finally, unlike George Allen, who allowed himself to be ensnared in a faux controversy, the creator of “Rudy McRomney” is unlikely to present a verbal opening. The weird Jim Webb barely defeated Allen, with all of the national liberal media machine at his back. Warner/Gilmore will be immersed in the larger political waters of a Presidential campaign.

A hard challenge to Mark Warner will keep him home, as well. Warner’s ability to contribute nationally, and even state wide, can me limited by a hard challenge.

Give ‘em hell, Jim Gilmore.


RF said...

You know I have to comment when you dog my guy Mark Warner.

Funny, a while ago Warner was still an ok D. Now he's a "waffling centrist." - Nice hit on a D who actually respects you and thinks you may be right on some things.

Do you know if there is going to be an R primary in VA? Is Rep. Davis still going to enter the race?

I have to agree with you on one of your earlier comments about Mark Warner having much harder time in the race if Hillary gets our nomination.

The Real Sporer said...

Davis is definitely out. There is a minor figure who is talking about facing Gilmore in a primary, but nothing more than an annoyance.

This race will be huge. Two popular ex Govs (both more popular than the current Gov) with lots of money.

This is a state where HIllary would drag the whole Dem ticket-really in all the states of the old confederacy.

Its like the national polls compared with the state by state. Hill has narrow to widish leads over the Rs but we lead in the electoral college. Rs lead in every state Bush carried in 2000, except New Hampshire but we pick up Wisconsin and Oregon with Giuliani for a wider margin.

The problem with Warner, other than the obvious fact of his party, is it keeps the awful Harry Reid in control of the Senate.

My ideal solution for the Senate mess is a large turnover with several new and reform oriented Senators, a new R majority leader (someone like Coburn) so that we can get a grip on the pork, the least they can do since we both know the Senate will never tackle a major problem.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, and a Republican point of view, this Gilmore idiot is about as useless as the Negro Gentleman we had for Governor so many years ago. Ye Gads, I can't even remember that bastard's name. Anyway, Gilmore is as much of a "fuck Virginia, it's all about me, and my Party's agenda" as that lousy son of a bitch was. So naturally Ted, I can see why your head is up Gilmore's ass - just another puppet.

real ted sphincter GOP said...

Gee ted thinks Harry Reid is awful! Why? Harry Reid is a coward who has yet to rein in the the disaster in chief

Coburn a new Majority leader? Does this mean that you think that Miss Mitch MCConnell will be defeated in his home state?

Coburn will get the spending curbed? Do you forget Teddy who has been spending crazy for all these years? it was the GOP! The candidate who wins will then explain to America how we will pay for the GOP excess of the last 7 years. If the next president is a publican you can bet he will cut those Veteran benefits to save some coin. I hear that our CiC Bush has made injured vets give back their enlistment bonuses because they can't serve out their time as cannon fodder. The Current GOP mindset is to show the country that they can be just as petty, mean spirited and incompetent as the current guy. Boy they sure know what the people want.

The GOP cannot lead any reform movement as they have no clear agenda beside personal greed and quite the history of sexual perversions.

The GOP headquarters in any town is basically a halfway house for the evangelically deranged or those convicted of crimes of a sexual or political corruption.' Paging the following"Stars of the Grand Old Perverts" Dan Crane, Larry Dale Floyd, Mark Pazuhanich, Bobby Stumbo, John Collins, Mark Seidensticker, Philip Giordano, John Gosek, David Swartz, Edison Misla Aldarondo, John R. Curtain, Howard Scott Heldreth, Dennis L. Rader, Nicholas Morency, Tom Shortridge, Strom Thurmond, Mike Hintz, Peter Dibble, Carey Lee Cramer, Lawrence E. King, Jr, Craig J. Spence, Donald "Buz" Lukens, Richard A. Delgaudio, Mark A. Grethen, Randal David Ankeney, Beverly Russell, Ronald C. Kline, Robert Bauman, Jeffrey Patti, Marty Glickman, Howard L. Brooks, John Hathaway, Stephen White, Jon Matthews, Earl "Butch" Kimmerling, Kevin Coan, Andrew Buhr, Keith Westmoreland, John Allen Burt, Keola Childs, John Butler, Richard Gardner, Jack W. Gardner, Merrill Robert Barter, Clarence Thomas, Fred C. Smeltzer, Jr., Parker J. Bena, , Larry Jack Schwarz, Robin Vanderwall, Jon Grunseth, Nicholas Elizondo. Russell Harding, Ted Bundy, Matthew Glavin, Sam Walls, Edward Schrock, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Bob Livingston, Henry Hyde, Paul Ingram, and Richard A. Dasen, Sr
and this doesn't even list Sen Vitter or larry Craig.

Anonymous said...

Wilder, the "Negro Gentleman"'s name is Wilder, Douglas Wilder, as in "Wilder for Resident" when fed up Virginians cut the "P" out of his Presidential bid stickers.

The Iguana said...

What's all this shit with calling somebody a, "Negro". since when is that phrase accetable anymore? You people in here are living in another fucking world!

Anonymous said...

Gilmore will get beat.

Sorry Uncle Ted, and it won't be pretty.