Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nullification in the 21st Century, now what?

When Democrat Andrew Jackson was President South Carolina attempted to avoid enforcement of US customs laws. The early 19th Century Gamecocks claimed that states had a right to “nullify” Federal laws.

Jackson threatened to send in the military to enforce the laws and hang the traitors who refused to enforce it. Not surprisingly, those same 19th Century politicians laid much of the foundation for the Civil War before they backed down.

Now we are confronted with a city, also not surprisingly San Francisco, that has openly abrogated federal immigration law by issuing government Ids to the illegal aliens who are in San Francisco illegally. What should the rest of the Country do?

Well, if I were running for any seat in the US Congress, House or Senate, I would make this an issue. To start with, here’s a bright line distinction with Leonard, Dave, Bruce or even the bagman himself, Tom Harkin, the TRS platform would include a strict requirement that any state or municipality that knowingly provides identification to illegal immigrants would lose all federal aid for every reason. I’d also be talking about similar sanctions for “sanctuary” state or municipal entities that refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.

Given the contents of even the NY Times/CBS Poll demonstrates widespread and bi-partisan support for tighter immigration laws.

Will any Rs take my advice? We’ll see.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ain't no party like a Linn County Party...

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted,

You posted this an hour and a half ago... where's that glue sniffing wierdo that shows up at random Republican meetings?

Gov Spitzer pulls the plug on the democrats illegal voting scheme. the people spoke. it still works. said...


By KENNETH LOVETT - Post Correspondent

November 14, 2007 -- ALBANY - With his poll numbers collapsing, Gov. Spitzer pullled the plug today on his controversial plan to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses.

"I have concluded that New York state cannot successfully address this problem on its own," Spitzer said at a news conference after meeting with members of the state's congressional delegation. "I am withdrawing my proposal."

"States, towns and villages still have to deal with the practical reality of that failure. In New York, that means 1 million documented workers," he said.

Spitzer said public opinion led him to his decision.

"You don't need a stethoscope to hear the heartbeat of the public on this one," the governor told reporters. "There are some moments where emotions are simply too hot."

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

What about Iowa's open disregard for the immigration laws? Iowa's flooded with illegals. There's an apartment complex in downtown Des Moines with a large banner displayed in Spanish advertising rental.

Iowans love to pick on California and in particular the San Francisco Bay Area. We don't have gay marriage but Massachsetts under "born again" (for campaign purposes only) Mitt Romney does!

Fellow Republicans, put Romney, McCain, Huckabee, Thompson or Guiliani in the White House and in flash see the North American Union become a reality, a federal mandate requiring states issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, a regional nuclear war with Iran will its missiles hitting Southern Europe, and more liberal Supreme Court judges disguised for confirmation purposes an conservatives.

Anonymous said...


You can catch a ride in my black helicopter to escape the evil NAU!!! It will only cost you 50 Ameros!

boner said...

I sell rides in my black helicopter for 35 Ameros!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Guys, don't be quick to joke about the amero. Wouldn't surprise me if it's already been printed and ready for circulation.

Few readers are old enough to remember when we still had a bullion backed currency. I grew up with silver certificates and coins.

Talking about economic dislocation I've seen Israel replace its currency 3 times. When I lived there in the mid-1970s, the currency was Israel pound (lira) which depreciated so badly the government did a reverse split creating the shekel. Took until the mid-1980s for the country to finally decide was time to stop living the economic fairy tale life financed by money printing. The shekel was pulled and replaced by the New Shekel (Shekel Chadash).

Unlike today's "conservative" borrow and spend economics, Israel balances its books with the result the NS is very strong against the dollar. I almost found that out the very hard way.

My daugther is raising her family in Israel. Bought her a home last year. Without an escrow system like ours the money is deposited with a lawyer. Lucked out putting up 80-90% purchase price months before the close because soon thereafter the dollar fell 25% against the NS.

Like her pop, she stands up for what she believes in. Volunteered for the Israeli army at 18 and made sergeant. As a foreign born woman, would have been easy for her to avoid military service. Girls need higher qualifying scores than men to serve. They do most of the "back office" work for the military. Although a Hebrew and Arabic speaker, to make sure she made the cut took a 3-4 month unpaid army preparation course in the Golan.

A further thought for you California bashers. We booted Gov. Davis out of office because of his support for drivers licenses for illegal aliens. We also in one cut recalled 4 supreme court judges. No way Iowans have anything close to the voter power we have.

Maybe I'm so bent out of shape because I'm used to real democracy not the zero calorie imitation today's Republican Party practices in Iowa and Georgia?

John Owen said...

Now you're bashing Iowa and that we're not a real democracy??? Good way to get caucus votes in Iowa you ass clown.

Are you now going to say that California is superior to New Hampshire because it has better weather?

You just lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

I will be cheaper Klein!

20 Ameros for a ride in my Special Issue NAU Black Helicopter.

Or for 10 Ameros, I have a charter bus for the new NAU Super Highway.

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Klein, I just saw in the NY Times where you calim Citigroup will be bought by another entity unless they maintain the dividend rate. And you have the gall to call yourself the National Shrink? So tell me oh Master who the fuck has that kind of scratch laying around that is just going to gobble up Citigroup. The single largest firm in the word? I supppose you have that kind of change just laying around in your sock drawer don't you. You fucking idiot, once and for all will you get a clue?

yea they don't let any bible study occur - that's subversive. said...

An Iowa community college professor has organized a national “Great American God-Out” to promote atheism and lobby for the removal of religious references from public life.

Lydia Hartunian, a humanities professor at Kirkwood College and member of the Iowa Atheist Alliance, hopes the event will evolve into a annual lecture series.

“Atheism has such a bad reputation,” she said. “One misinterpretation people have is that we say we know there isn’t a God. That’s an impossible claim to make. We’re the ones who say, 'I don’t know.’

Her boss, Kirkwood president Mick Starcevich, said Hartunian’s “Great God-Out,” or any other potentially controversial faculty project, would be welcome on the Cedar Rapids campus.

Anonymous said...

God out, that's funny.

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

A God-Out? What the fuck kind of God-damn bullshit is that? Put me on the list as being hip with Jesus for Christ's sake! Damn dirty pinko-commie atheistic pieces of shit, suck my ass! Next thing you'll know they'll bring out some fucking Koran or a fucking scroll saying Jesus was just another prophet. Shit on that! Jesus was the first hipster cat to figure this whole scene out. And if you can't see that, than fuck you anyway!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Bobby "the sack"-- No big deal for a smaller bank with excellent management, strong earnings and shareholder support to "buy" a larger bank with an exchange of shares. Re Citigroup in the event of a dividend cut would be most likely taken over by Wachovia.

Maintaining the dividend is a critical issue for Citigroup because it is a "widows and orphans" stock. A standard holding in conservative income oriented trusts like I manage. Not only do the beneficiaries depend on the income a cut would force many trustees, fiduciaries, and institutional holders like pension funds to sell as per the "prudent fiduciary" standard.

I live on dividends myself. Doesn't happen very often to a great stock picker like me but have sold when a steady dividend payer cuts the payout. It's a clear sign the company is in trouble.

Top companies care so much maintaining the payout I know from personal knowledge Chevron borrowed to keep up the dividend through several very bad quarters in the 1980s when oil prices tanked. A long term Chevron shareholder holding Standard Oil of California certificates (!!) would have sold immediately had the payout been slashed.

By the way readers of Ted's blog who followed my advice 2-3 months ago to buy Foding Canadian Coal made out like bandits assuming they sold quickly a few weeks following a surprisingly poor earnings report.

Having made my money scratch I'd be a terrific manager of our economy in the White House. For one thing we'd again live within our means and would never pay retail again. I alays insist on getting value for money.

Glad you're following my blogs in the NY Times. You've really got a lot to learn. Too bad your mother didn't break you from using foul language in print by washing your mouth out with soap.

The flip side is I've started new positions with companies after they'v cut the dividend if I think they'll come back strongly. Started my Citigroup position around 1980 when it suspended the payout and fell to $10 the result of the Mexican loan default. Another is International Flavors which over the course of 3-4 years more than tripled after it cut the dividend.

Was right to consider you a seriously disturbed person.

The Iguana said...

Wow Klein, you consider the Sack disturbed? Takes one to know one, I'll bet. Don't take nothing from it, Bobby, this guy is a hack. Before you put any weight in what he says, let's look at some of the facts; By his own admission he hasn't practiced Medicine (if he ever did in the first place) in damn near thirty years. He's a three time loser in the marriage game by his own admission. He blogs on the computer all day long spewing the wildest nonsense you'll read outside of MAD magazine. He hangs around street corners campaigning for President with people dressed in Halloween costumes. Anyone that disagrees with him is part of some vast conspiracy to suppress him. Let's see, there's more too. I think I've read him say the boards of GE and Procter and Gamble are beholding to him. Oh and then there's the movie shit. Great gracious there's nothing out there that isn't somehow analogous to a movie he's seen. A movie he's seen and projects himself into the hero role. A movie he's seen and then goes out and patterns part of his daily routine after. Listen for months on end this clown blogged all over financial spots quoting from the movie Wall Street. Became pretty clear he was casting himself in the Michael Douglas role as Gecco. Pretty shaky stuff from a sanity standpoint, huh?

I'd say the Sack is a little hard around the edges, but I can see the humor in his stuff too, kind of like the Colbert report (if you read throught the lines). but Klein? Wow-wee there's a whole 'nuther story. All in all he deserves our sympathy. A lonely old man whose opinionated bile drives people away in droves, so starved for attention he declares himself a Presidential candidate. Scheeze. Again, Bobby, I don't think you've got a thing to worry about.

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Easy solution to this.

Simply declare San Fransisco outside our perimeter of defense. Problem solved.

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Does anybody else find it somewhat strange that when fellow bloggers like The Iguana hold Mark Klein feet's to the fire all of a sudden he disappears? He levled a claim against me suggesting I was mentally ill - extremely disturbed. I guess that's OK since he's a "Doctor". He can do stuff like that.

Now that "Doctor" Klein has leveled these charges against me, called me mentally ill, or unbalanced (in one blog), maybe I should sue him. Then again, a working man like me (with a sense of humor) is ripe to be plucked (read as fucked) by a guy like Klein. Thanks Mark, you humorless fuck, thanks for sicing the Secret Service on me. Thanking for everything! You represent the working man, the "every man" so long as he kisses your ass and tells tou how great you are. Please Mark, blog in here again and tell us how the Secret Service wasted their time (and should charge you for the tax dollars wasted) about finding these so called threats against you.