Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Passion for Tax Relief

TSR had the great pleasure of attending an ITR reception at Glen Oaks Country Club earlier tonight. While a quality event requires the concerted efforts of many people, Nicole Schlinger is prominently featured at too many quality events for mere coincidence to explain. Any campaign or organization that gets Nicole gains far more than a fundraising list, to say the very least. We have not seen anyone do it better.

The event itself was very well attended by a cross section of legislative, party and community leadership. The crowd mood was elevated and optimistic, very optimistic. Every one present understood the coming economic and demographic collapse that confronts our state if we don’t oust the Democrats and their tax, regulate and redistribute paternalistic socialism.

The optimism stems from the growing awareness that the Pumpkin Tax Party has brought Iowa to the edge of economic Armageddon. Democrat leadership has dropped Iowa all the way to 45th in business climate and 50th in business creation, out of fifty of course. The horrible business climate is creating a demographic dearth that becomes harder to reverse with each passing year. Yes, the poverty of liberalism is upon us.

Nor has Iowa’s bottom feeding economic future caused the Pumpkin Taxers to slow the rush to paternalistic socialism. Gov. Lug routinely discusses the taxes Democrats left on the table last year. For example, it appears that the recent administrative ruling that taxed Halloween pumpkins displayed the Democrats ability (and eager willingness) to sidestep their failure to bully the tax through the legislature. The Pumpkin Taxers have plans to offer an overall tax agenda of about twenty new taxes or increases in existing taxes in the coming session of the General Assembly. After all, someone’s got to pay for the new state employees that are assessing all of those new taxes and that someone is you.

The recent bloody nose the Democrats drew from the Pumpkin Tax fracas showed that the public hangover with Democrat leadership has begun. Now it’s up to us to provide an alternative, explain the alternative and obtain electoral investment in our alternative. Tonight’s highly visible passion for tax relief provides a glimpse of the potential created by the Pumpkin Tax Party’s over reach.


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