Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A speed break for Hillary.

Monday, November 19, 2007 might be remembered as the day that sunk Evita’s Presidential hopes. While a long and winding road remains yet to be traveled the last few weeks have taken a heavy toll on the concept of Evita’s inevitability.

Hillary’s first problem is the intra-mural contest. The latest ABC shows Hillary
trailing Obama in Iowa for the first time. Then news releases showed Hillary trailing Rudy, Mitt and Fred in Florida, a key bell weather for the Democrats long term hope of retaining the White House. The two breaking polls yesterday then lead the media pundits to return to a discussion of other key states, like Ohio, where Evita either trails or is tied with the leading Republican candidates.

Evita’s greatest strength as a candidate arises from the aura of inevitability with which the media has surrounded her. Absent the aura, the public, including the Democrats, get a chance to see the real Hillary-a vicious, insincere and duplicitous opportunist. The “real Hill” then scares the bejesus out of independents and Republicans and even some Democrats. Any break in campaign momentum is far more troubling for Hillary, particularly given her very high negatives, than for most candidates.

If Evita doesn’t look inevitable then she loses the one rationale that supports her nomination, the ability to return the White House to Democrat occupation. Democrats want radical change. Hillary, who has campaigned on repealing the right to work, socializing the entire medical system and recreating the old Roman public dole by providing tax money to every citizen at birth, is simply insufficiently radical to sate the need to create the Balkanized, impoverished and defeated America that the average Democrat desires.


according to the city manager we are already a sanctuary city. they are breaking the law with this said...

From the Des Moines Register this morning regarding Iowa being a sanctuary for criminals.

"Des Moines has no written policy about seeking out illegal immigrants, nor would officials refer their findings to a federal agency if they discovered an illegal immigrant living in the city, City Manager Rick Clark said.

"We don't as a routine matter make an inquiry about immigration status," he said.

Clark said the city enforces laws that are within its jurisdiction. Illegal immigration is a federal offense.

the dsm police pick and choose which laws they will enforce.maybe blacks are correct about profiling said...

So, the Des Moines police do not arrest or make inquiries about anyone doing federal crimes, or are they simply selective about which federal crimes they care about?

This is what democrats want for iowa. do you? said...

More from the Register on making Iowa the Crossroads Central for Human Trafficking.

"Craig Halverson, director of the Iowa Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, said any legislator or council member who introduces a proposal that reflects the immigration laws in "sanctuary cities" should be subjected to fines and imprisonment.

"By the law, if you're a city policeman, a sheriff, a highway patrolmen, you're supposed to enforce the federal laws," Halverson said. "It does not distinguish where you are."

Anonymous said...

All of this relates to voter fraud. The only reason to make Iowa a sanctuary state is to allow massive voter fraud. We already have motor voter, we already have the registrars not asking for proof of citizenship, we already have felons having their voting rights blanketly restored by hillary's puppet, tommy vilsnake.

Now, we don't care about federal crimes in Iowa. The police can only issue traffic tickets.

Is there any degree of lawlessness that the democrats care about or is it simply blind power? Heavy emphasis on BLIND.

Anonymous said...

Jim Benzoni, an immigration lawyer in Des Moines, said he crafted a similar proposal six months ago. He said Des Moines is the ideal proving ground for the idea.

Does this frighten anyone? Des Moines is the ideal proving ground for the idea. Where did he get that? Is that because they know our judges are bot and paid for by vilsnake and will do democrat bidding like having your recently appointed judge rule in favor of gay marriage?

Yup - they've got Iowa figured out. We are now a liberal petrie dish for every social liberal experiment.

Have they studied what happened to all those liberal experiments in Europe? The Netherlands has sure figured out all that junk was complete nonsense and they have almost lost their country over it.

Democrats succeed in doing their due diligence said...

At least I have something good to say about Democrats - they are sure doing their job disinfecting us against Hillary. They know she's a big fat liar telling big fat lies. They know she's power mad at their expense. They know she's a great big phoney that is pandering to them because she is depending on them being sheep and doing what they are told.

They are not sheep in Iowa.

Congratulation to all Iowa Democrats for doing the due diligence that the rest of America can't do.

It's because we caucus. We do it so you don't have to.

Anonymous said...

WIll the Des Moines police investigate IDENTITY THEFT, or is that part of being a sanctuary for lawbreakers? Is that a federal crime or a local crime, like a speeding ticket?

Just what do our police officers do for citizens of Iowa? Or, do they just care about the "international" citizen?

To whom do I complain when my ID gets stolen and my life is ruined?

Will Rick Clark or Frank Cownie help me out? Or, is that just too bad for me because I'm an Iowan?

Anonymous said...

Where's numbnuts Klein?

Gone for good I can only hope...

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

I'd be very surprised if Clinton doesn't get the nomination. She'd be toast running against an opponent with real intellect and personal stature. Neither Edwards or Obama have the right stuff for the White House.

Agree with the above commentators voter fraud will be so massive as to give the Democrats the White House. By its own undemocratic behavior the GOP is very unlikely this time around to capture enough of the independent vote it needs to make up for the Democrats registration edge.

GOP undemocratic? Informed legal counsel tells me the Georgia GOP central committee is within its rights to totally control who gets on the ballot. How is that different than how the Soviet Politburo operated?

Anonymous said...


wah wah wah, Mr. McCain. You showed us who you really were back in 2000. You haven't changed no matter what you did to "adjust" to "win us over" so you could be President.

Iowans are straight talkers and can hear bullshit a mile away. Your straight talk was nothing more than VANITY talk. McCain is a bully.

That's what your problem is in Iowa. Our BS meter figured you out a LONG LONG LONG time ago.

so davenport schools gave an in kind donation to edwards and allowed kids out of school? huh? said...

Their audience of several hundred people mainly consisted of middle-age adults who remembered the artists’ heyday, plus scores of students from Davenport’s North High School, where the event was held...

...The event was supposed to start at noon, and many of the students were excused from classes to attend. They fidgeted in their seats for 55 minutes before the program began.

hey yepsen - does making DSM a sanctuary city fall under the heading of being moderate? said...

Making Iowa a sanctuary city for lawless invaders isn't going over very well at the Des Moines Register.

I just checked and over 120 comments. I didn't read them all, but I had yet to find one comment in favor of it.

I think Chris Hensley - ya know, that good ole Moderate that David Yepsen yearns for, stepped in it big time.

Anonymous said...

Hey David

Will you please provide us the definitions of the words Moderate and Conservative as you use them to describe Republicans?

Just what the hell is the difference in your mind?

What are the platform differences?

hey romney - do ya think this was a good idea to diss the state of Iowa right this second??????? said...

New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, a national co-chairman of the Mitt Romney presidential campaign, appeared on CNN tonight with Wolf Blitzer to discuss politics. In particular, Judd was asked his opinion on the recent increase of support for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Well, I've always, being from New Hampshire, viewed Iowa as being a place where they pick corn and New Hampshire being a place where we pick presidents. So, quite honestly, I don't focus a whole lot on Iowa."

Kiss Our Ass Mitt! said...

Well.. If that's what Romney's campaign is going to say about Iowa....quite frankly..Mitt can kiss our ass!

they will fix judd's wagon, just like they fixed rpi's said...

I wonder if the Romney campaign will force feed an apology from Judd to Iowans...

Just as they force fed the State Central Committee and Ray Hoffman at RPI to use a word by word apology about their debate release... written by the Romney campaign...

Gregg Just Messed Up.... said...

Here's the transcript of Judd Gregg's comments..

BLITZER: In Iowa, Senator Gregg, Mike Huckabee is showing some dramatic inroads, even though he has got limited amount of money, certainly nothing compared to your candidate, Mitt Romney.

The latest CBS News/"New York Times" poll has Romney at 27, Huckabee at 21, Giuliani at 15 in Iowa.

How much of a threat, Senator, do you see Mike Huckabee representing to you right now in Iowa?

GREGG: Well, I have always, being from New Hampshire, viewed Iowa as being a place where they pick corn and New Hampshire being the place where we pick presidents. So, quite honestly, I don't focus a whole lot on Iowa.

Senator Gregg..I hope you understand that NO ONE has finished in the top three in Iowa and not gotten the GOP nomination for President...So Romney's campaign had better focus on Iowa, you dolt!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Senator Judd may have a point. Campaigning now in New Hampshire very obvious the dynamics of winning, or do well in Iowa, are really unique and winning may no longer have the sigificance it once conveyed. With the major parties, particularly the Republicans, weak and divided turning out a very small number the faithful doesn't say much about national electability. Think that's why every one everyone but Gov. Thompson stayed on after Ames.

uncle teddy rocks said...

No one from Romney is going to force feed anyone over at RPI anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gregg messed up.

He needs to be fired. Can someone from the Romney camp scamper on over to New Hampshire and dictate a Press Release for Romney to send out explaining how his Gregg and his staff messed up?

In it, he should be sure to chastise the staff for making this terrible mistake that hurts Romney's vanity in Iowa.

Hurry up now. Time's a wasting. Scamper.

Anonymous said...

"No one from Romney is going to force feed anyone over at RPI anymore."

Why, what is new?

Who will Romney beat down next to spew their filth?

Anonymous said...

OH...better yet. Let's send someone from RPI over to New Hampshire and dictate a vanity press release for them and then, with shotgun in hand, make them release it to the press.

Or, else!

Anonymous said...

Wait for the Press Release....and no, it wasn't dictated by the Romney campaign.

Anonymous said...

1 out of the last 2 releases from RPI isn't a bad average for Team Romney.

hey, david yepsen. is chris a moderate or a conservative? is she modcon? said...

I just went over to the register to see how many more comments had appeare on the sanctuary city story and could't find it.

Did they take it down??? The comments section was the biggest I've ever seen. At lunchtime, it was over 120. As word spread, I wonder how big it got. Did the server crash?

Hensley had a press conference. That was covered. Now, the city manager, Rick Clark, is back pedalling. At least Chris was FIRM in her opposition to Des Moines becoming a Sanctuary city.

How say you Frank Cownie?

hill is not the same as bill. who will prevail at home in the white house? bill or hill? said...


Hillary is repudiating Bill's term in office. So...if Bill is the reason to elect Hill, why is Hill repudiating Bill's policies?

That was the fall of 1992 and now, some 15 years later, one can imagine a similar debate taking place in another Clinton campaign. This time, the candidate came out on the other side. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's slow-motion repudiation of one of her husband's signature achievements, culminating in her statement last week that NAFTA had been a "mistake," signals both the changing political environment and a different style of Clinton campaign. Forget the Third Way. Maybe the First and Second Ways weren't so bad after all.

This was not the first time Hillary Clinton has distanced herself from Bill Clinton's policies or governance philosophy.

She has vowed to scrap the "don't ask, don't tell" rules her husband put in place allowing gays to serve in the military but only if they do not admit to being gay.

She has called for repealing part of the Defense of Marriage Act, which tried to limit the spread of same-sex marriage and which her husband signed.

And she disagreed with her husband's statement that there should be a presidential exception to a torture ban in case of imminent terrorist threat.

if bill was the new kind of democrat, what kind of democrat is hill? it's not a 2-fer after all said...

"At the same time, it's an extraordinary thing that she would renounce one of the central legacies of her husband's presidency.

NAFTA was not just a passing policy, it helped define Bill Clinton as a new kind of Democrat."

"I'm not like some tammy wynette standing by her man baking cookies - in the kitchen by the way. said...

Hillary Clinton was privately aggravated that Bill Clinton decided to push NAFTA before her health-care plan, but otherwise stood with her husband at the time.

Anonymous said...

Will Hill yield to Bill? Most likely because Bill wears the Pantsuit in that family.

Anonymous said...

Can we get back to talking about Hillary's "experience"? I'm confused. She keeps referring to a sort of return to the trailer park version of Camelot, yet....she thinks Bill was wrong? Is Hill smarter than Bill or is Bill smarter than Hill?

I'd like to know which one thinks they are the smartest between the two of those Mensas.

Lightning struck there didn't it? The two smartest people in the world found each other and mated.

i spell huckabee s-p-i-t-z-e-r said...

The Huck supported giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, just like Eliott Spitzer and Hillary Clinton.


Ken Hoyle said...

Read closely Klein's comments. The shit heel is setting himself up to leave the party and campaign as an Independent. We can't let this happen. The fucker is our new prophet, our new agent for change. If he leaves the Party, my God!, what will we do then?