Thursday, November 08, 2007

That 70s (Horror) Show.

One thing about Democrats, they are prone to nostalgia. Day after day and again today, Damascus Nancy Pelosi describes the Iraq campaign as a “war with no end in sight”. Two Dem Presidential Wannabes today opined that Pakistan is like 70s Iran. Nothing could be farther from 21st Century reality.

Let’s review that train of thought. Iran had a reasonably moderate but authoritarian pro Western government.
The Pahlavi dynasty was divine right of kings’ old school style in the West but was astoundingly modern and moderate by Islamic standards.

Jimmy Carter was offended by Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi’s authoritarian government. The Carter Administration undercut the Shah, and allowed Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to brew the current blend of 8th Century morality and 21st Century Soviet style
totalitarianism as the political ethos that rules Iran. Chavez wasn't the first dictator Jimmy enabled by any means.

However, the competing interests in Iran were the pro-Western Pahlavi dynasty and the violent and virulent Islamofascism of the Ayatollahs. Khomeini’s regime was the first to really marry ultra-orthodox Islam with the modern concept of the total state. The other Middle Eastern dictatorships of the era, primarily Syria and Iraq, were just fascists in those days.

Pakistan’s current crisis arises from a conflict between a pro-Western Musharref and the very pro-western Bhutto. There is no charismatic Islamic fundamentalist waiting to assume dictatorial powers in Pakistan, as there was in Iran.

Moreover, does anyone think that either the Pakistani or the American and Israeli response to the appearance of such a leader would mirror the feckless, blind self-loathing cowardice of Jimmy Carter in confronting such a potential leader? I rather doubt that George W. Bush or Musharref/Bhutto would fail to do what the CIA wanted Jimmy Carter to do-kill the bastard by any means possible. I think we would also capture or kill any such potential Ayatollah Khomeini’s closest supporters.

However, such comparisons say even more about the almost demented departure from objective history that informs the modern Democrat mentality. Abandoning Vietnam without victory and allowing the birth of Islamofascism in Iran are the two most significantly disastrous and preventable mistakes in American history. Yet, the modern Democrat-the heirs of the American political party that lead the United States to victory in a global war in which hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions of our enemies, died; the party that had the courage to confront the most Stalinist of Soviet dictators, Stalin himself and his little dog Khrushchev too-has embraced defeat and despair as the pole star of its existence!

All to gain domestic political power. W said it best when he said modern Democrats were the party that once said we have nothing to fear but fear itself has become the party that offers nothing but fear itself.

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Iowa Conservatives: Don’t Fall for Rudy


“We’re not going to beat Hillary Clinton with someone who has a record of agreement with her on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration and many other issues important to Iowa conservatives.

Some conservatives seem willing to look past Giuliani’s liberal record because he appears strongest in national polls against Hillary Clinton. The truth is, the national election is still months away. Iowans should nominate a candidate who can draw a contrast with Hillary, not someone who shares her New York values. In fact, recent polls point to Giuliani’s slippage against Hillary Clinton on the national scene and are evidence that the “electability” argument doesn’t hold water.

Social conservatives such as Pat Robertson who back pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage candidates do a disservice to the conservative movement. At the end of the day, we have to stand for something, or our movement has no purpose.”