Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday’s with Ted, Part 2-Jerry Crawford and the “Big Lie” Des Moines edition.

The Clinton years provided a vast laboratory for the Democrats to perfect their skills of self-defense when caught committing crimes. Where Republicans just oust our criminals, Dems circle the wagons and defend their criminals, in the case of the Clintons, to quite literally the death. Don’t believe me, ask Jim McDougall and Vince Foster, although you will have to speak rather loudly when asking.

Now State Senator Matt McCoy is under indictment. The public record discloses the existence of a tape recording in which Sen. McCoy is using language that certainly sounds like extortion. Rather than take the high road and let the judicial process take its course, or even otherwise attempt to demonstrate McCoy’s actual, as distinguished from procedural, innocence, McCoy’s counsel, long time Democrat activist Jerry Crawford has chosen to politicize the case.

No sound legal reason supports McCoy’s discovery position. The government can submit any truthful evidence it wants to a grand jury. The infirm legal position assumed in the Crawford argument is supported by nothing more than the absurd claim that Matt Whitaker is part of a larger malevolently partisan DoJ, hell bent on prosecuting Democrats everywhere.

Of course there is no evidence that McCoy’s prosecution is partisan. If anything, the prosecution would have been filed before the ‘06 election if it was partisan in nature. McCoy would certainly have lost and he might have drug unpopular uber-liberal Jo Oldson down with him. Nor is there any evidence that the Justice Department has instigated a single illegitimate partisan prosecution nor withheld from prosecuting Republicans suspected of criminal wrong doing.

In fact, if the Bush Justice Department was partisan, Sandy Berger would be in Leavenworth and Duke Cunningham would be in Congress.


I'm so smart you think I'm stupid said...

I cannot get over how they think everything is a great big conspiracy by those wiley republicans. I thought they thought we were stupid, or in their terms, "not intellectually curious". We sure know how to outsmart them, don't we?

Geez. Crawford must really believe Democrats are stupid to go for this vast right wing conspiracy bullshit.

But, then again, two democrats running for President believe in UFO's, so I guess maybe they really are that paranoid that someone's out to get them.

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

The only right wing conspiracy out there is the one to suppress the real front runner in this race, Mark Klein, M.D.! Ted and all the rest of the pukes at the Kremlin on the Des Moines are in on the fix, aren't they Mark?

Let's all band together now and pour into the streets! All of us, all six or seven of us that support Mark Klein, let's pour onto a cross walk in down-town Des Moines, cross at the light to the other side, and show our support for Mark Klein! All of us, all together now, everybody that uses a cross walk tomorrow is in support of Mark Klein! This is our juggernaught! This is our time!

Walk, walk at the light you bastards! You bitches, too! Walk at the light! Everyone that doesn't jay-walk tomorrow supports Mark Klein for President! This is the kind of thing that's going to snow ball like hell, Mark! Imagine all the beautiful people tomorrow showing their support for you by using crosswalks all over this great land of ours! Now more than ever, Mark Klein!!

Anonymous said...

$20,900 cost of the wars for a family of four? I think anyone who voted for Bush should be sent the bill. What a collosal waste of money and lives.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted, spare me the Republican holier than thou justice shtick.

Looks like the Georgia GOP won't list me on their primary ballot despite the fact I have an energetic following particularly in northeast Georgia. Since neither John Cox or Hugh Cort are listed either, assume the party only wants "safe" candidates.

In New Hampshire where everyone is treated equally there are about 25 people on both the GOP and Democratic ballot.

Georgia law allows the parties to control its ballot which suggests it's operating under color of law. On what legal basis can they exclude a federally registered otherwise fully qualified presidential candidate?

If the GOP is violating the Voting Rights Act maybe the party needs DOJ preclearance reviews, or supervision by a federal judge to ensure equal protection for its presidential candidates.

If my critics on this blog feel they need even more reasons to hate me, they should know I was active in the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

On active duty during my 2nd tour of duty in the DC area when Martin Luther King was asassinated. I joined a number of military medical personnel who volunteered against Pentagon policy to provide medical care in the tent city next to the Reflecting Poll sheltering the thousands involved in the Poor People's March on Washington.

I'm not going to sit in the back of the bus for the GOP. Standing up to tyrants runs in the blood. My ancestors fought the Czar starting in the 1905 Uprising. 5 great uncles were killed fighting the Whites.

Anonymous said...

Its not "safe" candidates they are putting on the ballot, its "sane" candidates.

Maybe you, Hugh, Cox, Jerry Johns, Dan Gilbert, and Cap Fendig should have your own Straw Poll. Heck, I'd by a tickets to watch that freak show.

RF said...

First of all, any politician conducting business with the govt entity he is legislating for is a complete idiot. McCoy should resign for that stupidity alone.

Not being a lawyer and basing my opinion on newspaper accounts, I'm obviously no expert. But it sure seems like there is something fishy or incompetent about the prosecution. But since R's never do anything unethical, why would anyone question it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of crooks, did anyone catch the 10 o'clock news on channell 7?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--Cox, Cort, Gilbert and the rest of us "insane" candidates may be indeed be insane remaining Republicans if the GOP current nomination farce isn't stopped by the base rank and file in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

I'm so p.o.'ed my next Washington Times full page color ad will speak directly to the GOP' utter rape of fair play and decency.

Just so happens watched Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" tonight. Like his character Capt Martin, I've been forced to fight oppression and injustice. Much commonality in motivation and dedication between my band of volunteers and the South Carolina irregulars depicted in the movie which chewed up the British Army in the swamps and marshes setting the stage for Cornwallis' defeat at Yorktown.

Men and women of honor must fight in every generation to preserve the gift of democracy.

Thae Iguana said...

Can't wait to read the new (full color!) ad in the Rev. Sun Moon's Washington Times, Mark.

Will there be a specific correlation to any particular movie in there too? Or perhaps a quote from some other work of fiction?

With love and best wishes,

The Iguana

P.S. Thanks again for directing me in here from one of your rants in the Des Mo Reg. It's been really great getting to know you this way.

Anonymous said...


Please for the love of God..




MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Iguana--Be happy to send you an advance proof with your e-mail address.

My contract with the Washington Times for at least one monthly full page color ad and a 2 x 3 in the intervening weeks runs through 11/8/08. I can purchase additional ads at the excellent contracted rate I negotiated.

I intend to say what's on my mind.

John Owen said...

Klein, I saw a movie the other night that you might be interested in. It was called "Ass Rapers and Masturbators 4." In it, there is a brash of anal rapes in a city, and it leads Mr. Markson to go after the raper. In the process, Mr. Markson himself gets anal-raped, but in the end, he defeats the anal-raper and wins the affection, and a big orgy, with the hot women in the end.

Sounds like your kind of movie.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Markson wakes up with his tool in his hand to find it was only a dream----guess it's really up your alley.

John O.

The Iguana said...


Awwwwww come on, buddy! We're all pals in here! Aside from the way we really stick it to you; and you got to admit, the way you spread your horse shit around, baby, you got everything everybody says about you (and more) coming! Look at the way you've shat all over Ted! Look at the way you twisted the truth on the "support" of the Iowa Fathers. Look at the way you've shat all over the party because of some half-baked bullshit of a conspiracy to suppress you! Plus all this "Kremlin on the Des Moines" shit. And now this arrogant retort whereby you won't share an advance peak at your ad with your pals? Shit, how's about a transcript then? I can do without the graphics, god-damned mule stepped on my prescription sun shades last week anyway.

With love and best wishes,

Your Friend,

The Iguana

P.S. Thanks again for directing me in here from one of your Des Mo Reg rants. What a hoot this place is. That Saccamano bastard is a riot, and the one about the deviled eggs and the chili is priceless! And the way Hoyle probably nailed you on sneaking candy into the movies, God that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Mark Klein shits excellence!

Ken Hoyle said...

Answer The Ig's question, Klein!, what's this latest bullshit ad of yours in the Moonie paper going to say?

And, how ARE things working out with the chili and deviled eggs?

Anonymous said...

No one can point to a single thing the Feds have done that was illegal or legally unethical.

Good call Sporer.

boner said...

That Iggy fellow is one funy son of bitch!

Fucking Iguana Fucking Rules!

Anonymous said...

Above Klein said:

"On active duty during my 2nd tour of duty in the DC area".

Now with all due respect to 9/11, when was the last time DC was attacked that would have neccesitated you having been on active duty in DC, Klein?

This nonsense of yours, these fables......Mark, this fantasy world you live in.........after a while, it begins to hold as much water as a cardboard box.

Ken Hoyle said...

Wow, Anonymous Swift-Boated your ass but good, didn't he, Klein?

Give Klein a chance said...

Hey Klein, it seams like all the candidates are focused on getting people to the caucuses. Are you counting on absentee ballots to win the caucuses?

KenRichards said...


I have been a little preoccupied lately but imagine my surprise when I jumped on Uncle Teddy's blog for the first time in too damn long and find hijacked self-serving thread responses from doctor insano.

How, in God's Green Earth did this thread go from Jerry Crawford and puff boy McCoy to the Georgia Republicans included in the grand conspiracy against Klein?

All that being the case I want to point out, as I have many times, that Dr. Klein could do far more good spending his money on the causes he supports rather than running anti-Republican full pagers but that "logic" never applies to the truly crazy I guess.

So what happens when 2008 rolls around and Dr. Klein is not the next President of the United States? I assume he won't ask for a recount looking for his missing 25 million votes and just might accept the American people went with another.

So, Dr. Klein, Please for the Love of God rejoin reality long enough to do some good. You've gone from a good guy involved in a worthy cause to a more delusional than Don Quxiote's repetitive full-speed charges against stationary brick and mortar structures. The funny part is Donny was a fictional character and the book made a lot of money. Dr. Klein's mania is not only wasting his own money that I am sure should be going to his family - he is actually hurting Republicans accusing us of being Nazi like in so many ways.

Bottom Line - Dr. Klein please go away and leave let this blog return to rational debate rather than the lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

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