Monday, December 31, 2007

Brownell endorses Huckabee, Iowa Independent breaks Hurd and De Boef for Romney.

Polk County senior Republican Supervisor Bob Brownell reaffirmed his endorsement of Mike Huckabee today. Bob has represented Des Moines’ west side and the suburbs of Windsor Heights, Clive and West Des Moines on the Board of Supervisors for ten years. Bob’s name is among the leaders on the short list of future Congressional and Senatorial candidates.

The guys and gals over at
Iowa Independent broke the story yesterday, but in case the audience missed it over at Iowa I, Morris Hurd, ICA Chairman and Rep. Betty De Boef both endorsed Mitt Romney over the weekend. Morris and Betty are well known and respected leaders in Iowa’s Christian conservative community.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Hurd and De Boef both endorsing a "pro-life" candidate who's much heralded Massachusetts health care plan allows for full payment (with tax payers money) of an elective abortion with ONLY a $50.00 co-pay

The $50.00 co-payment must make it an OK murder.

I would ask Morris and Betty to re-consider.

Anonymous said...

Morris has always been for sale. Just like the rest of the ICA.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Fox. Someone is saying that the Republican Establishment is against Huckabee.

Will someone explain to me just exactly WHO is the ESTABLISHMENT?

I think there is no ESTABLISHMENT. We have 7 candidates running. They all have support from "ESTABLISHMENT" republicans. That means there is NO establishment.

This member of the establishment, is against Romney for being a phony and a liar. He has no core. His attack "lie" ads sealed the deal for me.

Like Huck says, if you lie to get the job, you will lie IN the job. We've had plenty of that with the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

All three Windsor Heights precincts are in Angela Connolly's district.

Hawkeye said...

Quoting Huck calling Mitt a liar doesn't do Huck any favors. That's why he is falling like a rock. “Huckabee said the ad -- which attacks Romney for being too dishonest to be president -- was sent to television and radio stations yesterday but will not be broadcast. He said he had made the decision 10 minutes before his [12:00pm CST] news conference, surprising even his top staff.” “An official at KCRG-TV9 TV9 in Cedar Rapids confirmed that the station received the 30-second spot from the Huckabee campaign shortly after 6 a.m. today but was told at 10:01 a.m. not to air the commercial.” Apparently the whole thing was a huge publicity stunt. I am shocked at Huckabee's casual relationship with truth.

Vigilante said...

Anonymous, the only candidate the Republic establishment is against is Ron Paul.

mitt sucks, you know it, i know it and the american people know it said...

Hawkeye, if Romney isnt a liar than hes a chicken-shit. Huckabee called him out to debate their records one on one any time any where. Romney is far to cowardly to ever accept that challenge. He would rather hide behind his multi-million dollar ad buys and try to slander Huckabee's record. That a corwardly, incredibly lame way to run for office and Mitt should be ashamed.

Its no wonder Iowa polls show his candidacy circling the drain ... GROW SOME BALLS MITT!

hawkguy said...

I think romney is becoming mutt romney

hawkguy said...

I think romney is becoming mutt romney

DJ said...

Something not quite right about Romney? Does Huckabee seem too liberal? Consider Fred Thompson, the only candidate seeking the office not for his desire to be President, but for his desire to serve the American people.

Anonymous said...

Huck does not sound too liberal. Our government if broken broken broken.

Status quo won't fix it. Huck and Obama are on to something. It's time to reprioritize spending and change the way we collect "income" for the government.

How about we fund social programs through tarrifs and fees perhaps, like other countries do?

Let's quit punishing our own citizens through extreme taxation (like the D's wish to do) of income and productivity.

The Fair Tax is the only way to go. Huckabee shows leadership in this area. The Fair Tax is friendliest to the poor and the middle class and allows those EVIL rich people to pay more for their more expensive tastes.

We have started a return to the gilded age - and that is a problem for America. Huck is the only one on the R side that seems to have noticed that problem.

zeezil said...

This is basically the gist of Huckabee's immigration plan touchback provision:

He would repeal the multi-year baring of illegals to re-enter the U.S. for illegals who register during a 120-day period with Homeland Security and temporarily exit the country (for only a few days, at most). It is also highly likely that many would not even leave the country but would be allowed to go to their nearest consulate on American soil for paperwork.

They would face no penalty if they apply to immigrate back to U.S. (they'd be back in within just days). He would not utilize the current legal immigration law process for immigration to the U.S. but would set up special processing for these ‘special case formerly illegal’ immigrants. He also would reward these lawbreakers (and their law-breaking employers) by allowing the aliens to keep the very jobs they broke into the country and took. He wants them back in quick to slide back into the same jobs they had before their quick exit and return (touchback).

Huckabee will utilize every trick in the book to legalize illegal aliens. He's just a bit more deceptive, shifty and crafty in how he hides the fact that he will provide amnesty. By all means, don't take my word on this if you are skeptical. Dig deep on Huckabee and look at the man behing the curtain. I'm betting you won't really care for what you see.

Huckabee has stated that our economy would collapse without the presence of illegal aliens here. Really? My oh did we manage to survive as a nation and grow our economy these past two centuries and well into the 1970's before the accelerated mass entries of illegal aliens? In 1986, our spineless Congressmen and Senators decided instead of dealing with the problem, they'd just give amnesty to the illegals so their incompetence, corruption, greed and dysfunction could be just swept under the rug. Then in 2007, they tried the same thing, but this time an educated, forceful, awake and fed up public citizenry stopped them in their tracks. Now their tookus is in a sling as they don't know what to do, so basically they are doing what they've been doing over the last 30 years...nothing as far as border security and immigration enforcement.

2008 is a pivitol year, likely even a tipping point, in the history of America. Will we continue to be a strong, sovereign nation ruled by law or will we let the invasion continue until America's slide into anarchy is unstoppable?

We need to elect a leader as President who will protect the value of U.S. citizenship, work for the citizens of America, fiercely protect our sovereignty, stop the march to globlism and the formation of the NAU, and solve our illegal immigration problem. That does not involve granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Huckabee is not your man if you care for those issues. Neither is McCain, Ghuliani of any of the Democrats.

Just remember to pick a candidate to support not on what they say they will do but on what they have actually done.

For further information regarding Huckabee’s deception and his true intentions, please visit these links:

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear that too many Arkansan Evangelicals will be voting for Huckabee:

ljpitcher said...

1st anonymous - A judicial ruling in Massachusetts required that abortion or any other “medical” procedure is required to have the same co-pay as any other medical procedure. This had nothing to do with Mitt Romney so you are misinformed or disingenuous in you assertions. You can beat Mitt Romney with your flip-flops till you are blue in the face but this one should have been put to bed a long time ago except for the fact that the left and Mitt’s competitors have nothing better to use.

Also Huckabee has been a very busy man calling Mitt Romney a liar over and over in interviews and in the ad he “pulled” but then showed to reporters. Where is the substance? If Huckabee didn’t pardon over 1,000 convicted criminals how many did he actually pardon? If he didn’t support giving scholarships to illegal immigrants why did he include it in bills sent to the Arkansas legislature and defend it in the New Hampshire debates? Huckabee can say liar, liar but at the end of the day he had better be able to back it up or he will be showing how discerning (or gullible) he really thinks Iowan voters are.

Also for those who didn’t get the joke and still ran stories about Huckabee “turning the other cheek” and “pulling” his anti-Mitt ad, they must have missed it when all of their peers laughed at Huckabee during his own news conference.

Huckabee’s confusing news conference was an obviously blundered attempt to have the media fight his battle for him so he could maintain the “nice guy” image he has been working so hard to substantiate for voters. To see the video of the news conference and for intelligent discussions on how evangelicals can support Mitt Romney go to

Counterpunch said...

I'm a little surprised by Betty's support of Romney.

Anonymous said...

Betty's endorsement sickens me. I'm afraid we're going to have to look closely at who donated to her campaign lately... I'm guessing there will be a Romney connection. What a disappointment.