Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Polk County endorsement, McLaughlin for Rudy.

The latest endorsement here in the Capitol City comes from Kevin McLaughlin, who has endorsed Rudy Giuliani. Kevin is a very well known Polk County figure. Kevin was Steve Forbes Polk County Chair in 1996; Forbes state Co-Chair in 2000 and, earlier this year, was a state Co-Chair for Sam Brownback.

A copy of Kevin’s endorsement follows:

Friends and Fellow Conservatives:

In speaking with a number of you, there still seems to be a big question about whom to support in these very important caucuses. I wanted you to know that I am supporting Rudy Giuliani because this plane is going down and we need someone who can keep it in the air. By this I mean that the unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare are going to deny seniors of their needed benefits and smother our children in taxes.

Giuliani isn’t perfect, but he has pushed money back into the home by sharply cutting taxes while he was Mayor of New York. I consider that very pro-family. And there are other actions he has taken that help me come to his support, such as the promotion of adoptions ahead of taking the lives of the unborn.

Finally, Giuliani’s policy advisors, Jayson White and John Avlon, have begun to engage with Bill Shipman on Social Security reform. Mr. Shipman, as many of you know, is probably the leading authority on reforming Social Security by giving you the choice of having your own account with real assets you can leave to your loved ones. Millions of federal government employees already have a form of this rewarding solution in the Federal Thrift plan they use, which is why you don’t see them complaining.

Further, Giuliani is not indebted to every elected official in Washington, which is important. His approach to solving this problem, if he embraces Shipman’s complete solution, will empower individuals, and represents a tax cut approaching $245 billion in the first year alone. Importantly, the money would go in great part to Americans who only pay the payroll tax, and it could split support for the Democrats’ candidate.

So I ask you to support Rudy Giuliani at your caucus. My wife, BJ, and I are because every great nation since mankind began recording history has worn out its best and most productive citizens with taxes and regulations, which is where we find ourselves today. We want our boys, JJ and Jack, to grow up secure, free and prosperous. We believe Giuliani is the candidate who can lead this nation and world through these challenging times.

Thank you and please attend your caucus.
Kevin McLaughlin


Anonymous said...

I just can't go with Rudy. He's demonstrated a Bill Clintonlike ability to use government apparatus to conduct affairs whil holding office. He is the most likely to have a special prosecutor over a variety of issues that will sidetrack us once again from important issues so "democrats" can continue to try to get even over Bill's well deserved impeachment.

Been there, done that. Time to move on from scandal.

Another Establishment Type Becomes Irrelevant.. said...

Wait a sec..McLaughlin endorsed Brownback earlier in the year..calling him the "conservative" choice for America in 08..and now he's going to endorse a pro choice, pro gay rights candidate like Giuliani??

This makes about as much sense as Tancredo endorsing Romney did...and everyone saw what happened there....just about all of Tancredo's Iowa staff told Romney to kiss off and went to Thompson's campaign...

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the prolife folks have spread their support amongst a whole bunch of non-prolife folks.

This vote can only be split among Huck and Thompson.

Romney is not prolife and neither is Rudy. McCain just has too many other problems that overpower his one strength. Rudy has shown us his willingness to indulge his personal pleasure through personal corruption.

The one strength McCain has, Thompson also has. So, why vote for McCain when you can get what you like about McCain in Thompson and don't have to take the stuff you don't like about McCain. Win Win.

Remember, the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire in 2010. McCain voted against them and likely won't fight for them to be retained.

The Bush tax cuts have caused our economy to absolutely ROAR over the last five years, despite the war and other issues.

The Tax Cuts are critical to our economy. They must be retained. McCain won't do it, but Fred and Huck will do it.

Mitt will let us know after he's "focused" on it. He won't support the FAIR or FLAT tax. At the Tax Forum by ITR, he actually came unprepared to discuss tax policy.

That's when I said Mitt is not the real deal and decided against him. How do you come unprepared to discuss Tax policy at a Tax policy forum??? He actually said he hasn't had a chance to study it yet.

So, I guess according to Mitt, the next president not only doesn't need foreign policy experience, you also don't have to have a policy on taxation.

ljpitcher said...

Since when has Mitt Romney been unprepared on anything? Show us where he actually said this so we can read what he really said in context or quit misquoting the man.

Also, He has been a long time supporter of the Bush tax cuts and is currently pro-life and has been for at least a few years now. You can beat Mitt Romney with your flip-flops till you are blue in the face but this one should have been put to bed a long time ago except for the fact that the left and Mitt’s competitors have nothing better to use.

More one topic I would think that Giuliani would be embarrassed to have this endorsement given recent bigoted statements that have made McLaughlin's own lefties cringing.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Kevin is following Steve Forbes' lead in endorsing Giuliani. I knew Kevin back in '96 when I was Forbes' National Deputy General Counsel and he is a solid conservative. That said, I believe that Fred Thompson better represents the economic policies discussed in the endorsement letter.

By the way, anyone know who Chad Olson is supporting now that Tommy Thompson is out? Chad was in CRs with me back in Massachusetts a lifetime ago.