Sunday, December 30, 2007

Unlikely bed fellows, the Washington Post and The Real Sporer

TRS received some great real national coverage with today’s Washington Post noting The Real Sporer “stand[s] out”. Noneed’s Century of the Common Iowan, Don McDowell’s Cyclone Conservative and Gordon’s Iowa True Blue were also featured.

Thanks to our readers for the great commentary, other than Dr. Klein’s drivel, that gives us the kind of content that earns national attention.


rocky mountain high said...

Teddy Sporer should have a national audience.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, TRS. Saw your comment on the Politico as well. Don't agree with the Fred thing. I think Fred hired all the people that weren't taken already. Not good. But, great job on C Span and being on the Wash Post. You make people like me, who mostly just read these things for fun, very proud. (does Klein always get to comment?)

Little Buddy said...

Klein spits venom on TRS because he a lonely old man and nobody listens to him unless he corners them. Reality, which is not Klein's mantra, just may set in when he gets obliterated next week but how can we count on anything with a crazy person? We used to think ignoring him would work but that proved futile. Taunting him didn't run him off but at least his lies, fabrications, and outright craziness are exposed at every turn and one hopes it takes a toll.

If it weren't for Klein's annoying personality; he'd have no personality at all.

Jack in WDM said...

Drivel? Hilarious, Ted. It's early but I'm laughing already!

Jack in WDM said...

By the way, all, what's your take on the Des Moines School's Superintendent endorsing and introducing Wild Bill Richardson at a rally yesterday? (Sunday) Entitled to her views, I guess, but doesn't that just make you want to jump up and vote "yes" on the next local option sales tax referendum? Not so much!

This may go down as the dumbest political move since Lee Clancy, the Repub CR Mayor, got on a stage with Al Gore and Tom Harkin in 2000 and pronounced W as not intelligent enough to be Pres. Then she was surprised when Paul Pate waxed her in the following Mayoral election...looks like the same train of thought going on here.

...and 40k starting salary for someone working 9 months a year? Give me a break.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Confirmed what I already knew that my "drivel" is widely read. Planned it that way so should I pull a surprise in New Hampshire next week will be a snap to get on the national political stage.

The people who count know who I am. I just have to draw enough votes in New Hampshire to establish my bona fides as a national political player.

My comments yesterday about Bloomberg were prescient. The NY Times reported he's considering an independent presidential run. Always thought he made a mistake leaving the party.

Had he stayed and tried for the White House with the Iowa GOP for sale to the highest bidder he'd be the caucus frontrunner. With the populated areas of New Hampshire now very cosmopolitan, our major candidates compromised political relicss, and the GOP in tatters here he'd also easily win the primary.

He'll spent billions fruitlessly running as an independent when for a $1000 he'd be on NH ballot, and for chump change buy the loyalty of the Iowa GOP's movers and shakers.

Ted, thanks for the platform. Doubt I'll post much here after the caucuses.

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

How long before Quack Klein hijacks the Washington Post message boards?

I give it an hour. He can't seem to give the ego mastubation a rest for very long.

Jack in WDM said...

Mark, you're leaving after the caucuses?? wow. What will we do? The quality on this board will instantly move north and the drivel quotient will drop like a stone in a NH farm pond. (in summer, of course...) Good luck in the Keystone State. See you on 1-20-09 at the inaugaration...watching from the street just like Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and Alan Keyes.

Jack in WDM said...

Mark, you're leaving after the caucuses?? wow. What will we do? The quality on this board will instantly move north and the drivel quotient will drop like a stone in a NH farm pond. (in summer, of course...) Good luck in the Keystone State. See you on 1-20-09 at the inaugaration...watching from the street just like Ron Paul, Mike Gravel and Alan Keyes.

KenRichards said...

Still waiting to see where Doc posted his manifesto/Boycott against the Iowa Republican Caucuses? I know the guy's delusional but I figured he could show us postings on the DSM Register as DDR's mind (Doctor Detached from Reality) he at ALLEGEDLY least posted in our paper rather than the NYT, Israeli Press, Martian Sun Times, and Pluto Moonbeam Digest. Only thing is I still can't find Doc's post!!!!! Not that I care that much but why would he lie about posting in our local paper? Doesn’t make sense but most of what Doc does, says, and thinks falls into the category of public nuisance so why stop now?

Yet, I appreciate his statement he will abandon this blog after the Caucuses so we shall see Rabbit, we shall see. Does the insanity stop or not?

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Anonymous said...

Klein , naturally your drivel is highly read, you spend 16 hours a day posting, cutting and pasting, the same delusional horseshit on every blog you can find. You'll wind up like Howard Hughes. Naked in from of you computer, knee deep in kleenex, mumbling about how Sporer stole from you your birth-right to the White House. Christ man get some help before it's too late. Save yourself, Klein, there's still time. I'm sorry nobody likes you but you can change that too by not being such a blow-hard, know-it-all asshole all the fucking time. Here's a thought, listen to what others say for a change. Maybe it is true that you are a bat shit crazy delusional old man. But again, you can change that.........

Anonymous said...

"Those who count know who I am" -- Mark Klein

Damn right they do Mark! They know you're a liar, a bullshit crack pot artist, and they also alert security when they see you coming.

When does it stop? said...

I am laughing my ass off at the posts following Mark Klein's last case of drivel!

KenRichards said...

Not trying to hijack a blog akin to "Doc always hijacking every blog Klein" I have to say OMG Newy Year's Eve in Manila, PI is unbelievable! You all have no idea how the Chinese New Year thing goes over in a place like the PI. Unbelievable how many fireworks they put out and what a friendly bunch of people - why we never made them the 51st state I will never know!

Anonymous said...

TRS, you need to post this open letter to Iowans: Monday, December 31, 2007
Open Letter to the Iowa GOP – Choose Wisely, Choose Hunter

Guest Editorial

Alexander J. Madison - December 31, 2007

Dear Iowegians,

Every presidential election season, your state has the opportunity to help shape the election going forward. Unfortunately, too many times, you have selected a dud during the Iowa Caucuses. In 1976, you picked Gerald Ford, proponent of the ERA and abortion rights, over a very conservative Ronald Reagan. In 1980, you chose a very moderate Bush over Reagan. And twice you picked a milquetoast named Bob Dole. Granted, the choices are sometimes between dud and duddier, but this year is different. This year you have a chance to select a rock-ribbed conservative Reaganite to make up for not choosing the original Reaganite when you had the chance. The name is Duncan Hunter.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is a representative from California’s 52nd legislative district. Mr. Hunter put his college career on hold to volunteer with the 173rd Airborne Rangers to fight the communists in Vietnam. Like Reagan, Hunter believes that war was not only very winnable, but was indeed a “noble cause”. And the killing fields that followed our departure from that conflict are a bold testament to their vision over the head-in-the-sand lack of vision (which continues to this day) from the defeatist democrats and RINOs.

Duncan Hunter also entered office with Reagan in 1981, at the ripe old age of 32. He immediately was able to join the Armed Services Committee in Congress, where he has remained to this day, as former Chairmen, and current Ranking Republican. It was in large part due to Mr. Hunter’s efforts, teaming with folks like Jack Kemp and Henry Hyde, that Reagan was able to ramrod our historic military buildup through Congress in the 80s, which revitalized every branch of our Armed Services. Jack Kemp even credits Hunter with being the go-to guy for strong-arming the very controversial ‘Star Wars’ Strategic Defense Initiative through the House. The results of that persistence and vision is paying off in spades, despite the howls of leftists worldwide, as we today have working missile defense systems either in field, or soon to be fielded; including laser based systems for which Reagan was mercilessly ridiculed by the ignorant ‘academics’ and the press. Hunter was and is perhaps the staunchest anti-communist to sit in Congress. He was the leader most responsible, aside from Reagan, for stemming the commie-creep in Central America during the 1980s, and his disdain for communism has never ebbed.

Duncan Hunter is the ONLY candidate that realizes what China is up to, both militarily with its rapid armament increases, and economically, with its long term strategy to undermine the United States’ industrial base. Hunter is dead set against the ‘one-way’, idiotic trade deal we have with the Chinese, will put a quick end to further technology transfers to the communist nation, and will build up our own military to the point that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be nothing short of a quick suicide mission for communism. All the other candidates tip toe around the issue of China. Hunter plans to step on their throat.

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, the 10th Amendment, lowering taxes, fighting the ACLU and political correctness, standing firm against the gay agenda, and sweeping out useless bureaucrats and bureaucracies from the federal government, Duncan Hunter is the only choice.

Unlike John McCain and Mitt Romney, Hunter won’t find anything in the Constitution to justify supporting a ban on ‘assault weapons’ or ‘cheap handguns’. Hunter has a perfect lifetime record with the NRA and the Gun Owners of America. Both Mitt and McCain are liberals in this arena.

Unlike Fred Thompson, Hunter won’t have to lie about previous pro-choice sympathies. Unlike Fred, Hunter has a perfectly consistent record on the life of the unborn, and has sponsored legislation for many, many years to give full constitutional protection to the unborn – legislation that Fred does not support.

Unlike McCain and Thompson, Hunter certainly will not run roughshod over the 1st Amendment for the sake of ‘campaign finance reform’. And Hunter will work to ditch the last vestiges of McCain-Feingold-Thompson, if the courts don’t do it first.

Unlike Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson, Hunter did not and does not buy into the global warming nonsense in any way, shape or form. The only guarantee we have of avoiding a binding, sovereignty usurping, international treaty on global warming is to place a President in power who does not believe the GW alarmism and does not believe in sovereignty usurping international treaties.

Unlike Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, Hunter does not have some convoluted explanation for why the socialized medicine experiments in Massachusetts (RomneyCare) and Arkansas (ARKids) are a good thing that deserves replication nationally. Indeed, Hunter wants to get government out of the way and reduce the regulations on health insurance by killing off mandates and regulations.

Unlike Mike Huckabee, Hunter will not be contemplating how to mandate and enforce a nationwide ban on smoking in public places, nor will he be scheming to introduce more arts and music and healthy snacks into the nation’s public schools. The NEA, who apparently like Mr. Huckabee, despise Congressman Hunter – a genuine supporter of school choice.

Unlike Rudy Giuliani, Hunter does not have to pretend he is a conservative. A man who sued 26 firearms manufacturers to essentially put them out of business has no business seeking the office of the Presidency on the GOP ticket, unless gun control, abortion rights, gay ‘rights’, and eminent domain abuse are now part of the GOP platform.

Unlike Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, Hunter does not have to lie through his teeth when it comes to his record on illegal immigration. While it is hilarious to see these guys try to ‘Out –Tancredo Tancredo’ on the issue, only one guy truly does out-Tancredo the Colorado Congressman. While Duncan Hunter has sponsored or cosponsored 85 bills and amendments to stop illegal immigration in this country dead in its tracks, not one of these others lifted a finger during their careers, and range from bad to worse on the issue. While ‘The Road to Des Moines’ and last springs citizen revolt led these supposed conservatives to finally see the light – at least in rhetoric, Hunter has been fighting the RINOS and dems on this for 27 years. Hunter wrote the border fence bill (recently defanged by the RINOS), and Hunter is the ONLY one who has vowed to actively deport those currently squatting here illegally.

And finally, Duncan Hunter is the most experienced in warfare, defense systems, foreign policy and the security of our nation. If we are intent on defeating the islamists ASAP- without worrying about offending anyone, keeping terrorists out of our country, and rising to meet the future threats posed by the China-Russia-Iran-Venezuela axis, then we better elect a Reaganite this time around.

If not, we may have to put up with an idiot who thinks we need to close Gitmo and end waterboarding because the world disapproves (Huckabee, McCain), or someone who thinks we just need to be more humble and accommodating on the world stage (Huckabee), or someone who can’t figure out that enriching China is a fools errand (Fred, Mitt, McCain), or someone who has no clue about our military needs and capabilities and would not know an IED from an IUD (Rudy, Huckabee, Mitt).

The choice is clearer than it has been since 1980. Don’t let history pass you by….again.

Most Sincerely,
Alexander J. Madison

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Klein would be responding to all of this but he is too busy crashing the events of people who run legitimate campaigns.

Hey Quackster, if your "campaign" is going as well as you say it is, then why don't you have the money to hire a staff? Hell, you could probably pay off some homeless dudes to pass your shit out on the sidewalk. They work for beer.

You have promised not to post your mindless blather on here after the caucuses. We are all waiting to see if you are a man of your word, Quackster.

Prentis Clairmont said...

Romney loses national security advantage for GOP
Democrats are poised for victor in November. The only chance the GOP has is if foreign policy is at the forefront of people's minds.

As we saw last week, national security concerns can come upon us with fierce and sudden urgency. The Repulican candidate should be able to play to the GOP's traditional edge as the "Daddy" party.

If Mitt Romney is elected however, the GOP will lose on its home turf. Should the state of the world be a top issue, voters will go to whoever has the most foreign affairs experience. If the Dems nominate Obama or Edwards, Mitt can possibly win on that issue. But if Clinton is the nominee--she will laud her experience over Romney's lack thereof.

The GOP won't be able to run as the "Daddy" party until 2012. How is it going to win congressional elections in 2008 and 2010 with one hand tied behind its back?

Every vote for Romney is a vote to designate the GOP as the "Mommy" party for four years.

Anonymous said...

Fred - President
Huck - Vice President
Duncan - Secretary of State
McCain - Secretary of Defense
Rudy - Secretary of Homeland Security in charge of FEMA
Mitt - Secretary of Commerce and in charge of the Olympics

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Florida!

TRS was fantastic on CSPAN - although Bill Richardson's chubby cheeks might not think so. The Post gets it right sometimes! This was one of them.

Iowa Republicans are fortunate to be represented by a brilliant political mind like TRS. He stands out among Republican leaders for his insight and ability to clearly articulate a big tent Republican message. Move over K Street insiders! TRS and his vision are the future of a successful Republican party in Iowa and the US!

Anonymous said...

Mark Klein for Toilet Cleaner in 2008!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adding to the above:

Tancredo - Director of ICE

Brownback - US Supreme Court

Ron Paul - Czar in charge of eliminating at least 3 Federal Departments and otherwise dismantling the blob-like Federal government.

Tommy Thompson - Return him to the Department of Health and Human Services and continue to deal with Welfare.

Anonymous said...

TRS, your blog blows. bring back Krusty!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone officially "out" Krusty? I don't read enough of these blogs to know for sure - but someone sure scared the hell out of Krusty.

Anonymous said...

There were at least two Krusty's. IP addresses were Albrecht and Kochel. There was also a rumor that lawsuits were going to start flying if Krusty did not shut things down.

Vigilante said...

It's the WP who found TRS 4 me! said...

TRS congratulations!

Regarding Krusty and the lawsuits, whatever happened to freedom of speech?


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