Friday, December 28, 2007

Great humor from Arizona.

Those pesky Southwesterners at Think Right Arizona had a great post today. Click here and laugh your pants off.


Anonymous said...


Just caught you on did a GREAT job articulating the positions and providing in-depth analysis of the various GOP candidates.

Hope to see you in a national-level RNC position in the near future: we need you there!

Alexandria VA

highnrg2 said...

Very disaappointed to hear you denegrate Dr. Ron Paul on C Span this morning. Dr. Paul may not reflect the military-industrial bias of the bulk of Republican Candidates but he does resonate with his common sense approach to our core values and how we want to be governed. Republicans got their heads handed to them in 2006. It was not the war or the economy. It is because the party of small government has yet to prove it's rhetoric with actions.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Teddy - great job at punditry this morning. Great job differentiating all the candidates.

It was interesting and insightful. Why can't we get more of that locally?

Anonymous said...

I heard the Ron Paul guys. Ya know...Ron Paul doesn't really get it. While it is wistfully pleasant to think we can return to an era of non-intervention like we had back when he was a child (prior to WWI), it just isn't reality.

Ron sounds pretty good and libertarianism is very attractive. World events require our involvement.

If we don't do it, who will? I trust US a whole lot more than I trust any other country.

We absolutely cannot let Terrorists get nukes. That means we have to be the main player in the international stage.

Hey Ron Paul - The world ain't flat!

Anonymous said...

Neocon??? Paleocon???

Sporer, why aren't you running for President?

thinkright said...

Thanks for linking me up. The funniest moment was the 'Don't tase me bro!"...that kid sure got his fifteen minutes over with quickly.