Friday, December 28, 2007

Schulte endorses Thompson

Republican Third District State Central Committee member Loras Schulte recently endorsed Fred Thompson. The following is the text of Loras’ letter of endorsement, republished with his permission.

To all my friends,

First, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, but for those of you who live in Iowa , I need not tell you that in little more than a handful of days ... we will make a monumental decision at our Caucuses: who leaves Iowa with the chance to gain their Party's nomination for President, and all that means to the future of our Country. Because I sit on RPI's State Central Committee, I have remained neutral in this year's Caucus process, but now I feel compelled to join with the likes of: Cong. Steve King, Bill Sailer andwhat appears to be the entire Iowa leadership team of Tom Tancredo, Representatives KraigPaulsen, Jeff Kaufmann and Sandy Greiner, and scores of other notable Iowa Republicans in endorsing the candidacy of Senator Fred Thompson.

Rather than spelling out the reasons I believe Fred is the right man for the job, I've attached ashort paper from Cong. Steve King that lays out those reasons more eloquently than I can. Please take the time to read the attached document from Steve, but I would like to make one very important strategic point before you do. Senator Fred Thompson does NOT have to finish first at our Caucuses, but he does need to finish Third... and you and I can help make that happen.

Because this is such a special Season I will not be making phone call, because like you I want to spend this time with my family, but if Cong. King's message makes as much sense to you as it does to me, PLEASE email it to your friends and family over this Holiday time.

Urge them to support Senator Fred Thompson on Caucus night.

Warmest Regards,
Loras Schulte

The attachment from Cong. King appears in its complete form at the bottom of the page until January 4, 2008. The letter was too lengthy for inclusion in the column itself.


Anonymous said...

Two words:


Anonymous said...

Schulte knows that by endorsing dwarf "Sleepy" he can effectively hold his votes in his back pocket once the convention goes to brokered status. While this thing gets fought out on the floor, Schulte can march forth, demand to be heard, and cast all of votes for the next President of the United States, Mark klein, M.D. Once that proverbial snow ball starts to rolling for the next prophet of our generation (Mark Klein, M.D.) there'll be no stopping that son of a bitch!

Lead us down the path to righteousness, Mark, you son of a bitch!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous @7:41 PM could well be right should I pull an upset in New Hampshire.

FYI I'm not leading a crusade for righteousness. Rather I'm trying to get Americans to think straight again about common sense issues like fiscal and military restraint.

The party's dreary shopworn approved candidates don't have a ghost of a chance to win.

I again recommend rank and file Republicans boycott the caucuses to send the message it's no longer business as usual. In the new year they should press for Iowa to go to a primary election similar to New Hamphire's open to anyone paying a modest filing fee.

Klein and Sanity-Never Met Each Other said...


To: Dr. Mark Klein
From: Sanity

You will not win Iowa, New Hampshire..or anywhere else.

You will not be President of the United States

You're a crazy old man who needs psychiatric care in a secured facility.