Thursday, December 27, 2007

Obama and Richardson-Crazy twins separated at birth.

The tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto is already sending shockwaves around the world, some of which are hitting the US Presidential race. The initial reaction of at least two Democrat candidates, Bill Richardson and Barack Obama demonstrate an almost complete absence of judgment about events in the real world.

Obama viewed the base and cowardly act as yet another result of the Iraq campaign. While Obama’s statements are superb grist for the left wing mill they simply fail to reflect any remote connection to factual reality. Al Qaeda was actively attempting to destabilize Pakistan before the US invasion of Afghanistan, years before we ousted Saddam. Al Qaeda declared Benazir Bhutto to be its worst enemy, a role she embraced. Unless the Pakistan Jihadists who harbored Al Qaeda in their midst back in the mid to late 90s had the supernatural powers of a pagan oracle it is pretty hard to find a link between Iraq and the Bhutto assassination. Such a statement simply echoes the statements of the radical Islamists who want the US out of the Middle East at all or any cost.

However, not to be out crazied, Bill Richardson demanded Pervez Musharraf resign as a result of the assassination. What possible end could realistically be achieved from such a statement? It inherently deflects attention away from the terrorist threat posed by the terrorists who actually perpetrated the assassination while creating an air of complicity around Musharraf. Casting unwarranted suspicion on America’s most important Islamic ally can only lend credibility to the voices of instability in Pakistan at the worst possible time. Much more is expected of a man with Richardson’s experience.

Joe Biden, however, is sounding most sensible on this issue. Delaware Joe called out Richardson as “wildly irresponsible”. Even Joe Biden recognizes the urgent need for as much calm as possible in Pakistan. Who does Richardson project as the likely Pakistani leadership successor now that Bhutto is dead if Pervez Musharraf was also removed from the picture?

Reality demands calm strength in a crisis. Words matter.


RF said...


Buddy, you better read your post again. You are actually validating and confirming the logic in Obama's statements. Had we not take our eyes off the ball after 9/11 with the Iraq debacle, maybe we could have more effectively gone after Al Qaeda in the Afghanistan/Pakistan neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Huckabee was the one looking like an idiot. He still thought there was marshall law going on in Pakistan.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Obama started the Pakistan crisis by publicly criticizing Musharraf. The neocons hopped on board promoting Bhutto to replace him. Washington didn't think Musharraf had the balls to stand firm which brings us to today.

We are total flops playing the Grand Game. Next year will be the 110th aniversary of the Spanish-American which launched us into the madness of global dragon slaying. We were the authors of the catastrophe called the 20th century.

Should I make the White House that game is done. We have no natural enemies.

Anonymous said...

And what about the Nukes that could fall in Taliban hands thanks to a very unstable Pakistan?

Jack in WDM said...

It's too bad...I actually like old Bill R. But, he's clearly getting desperate and trying to glom onto goofy Dennis' type of voter...mentally ill people, in other words. Not that Kucinich has that market cornered; the Rs have Ron Paul. If Bill gets any more desperate; he'll be trying to tap into Ron Paul's gang of lunatics...

Buddy says "Damn it Jim I'm a doctor not a President!" said...

Huga Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Bashar Assad, Osama Bin Laden and a few other die-hard enemies may disagree with the view of Klein. Rose colored glasses aside enemies do exist whether we want to ignore them or not. Of course appeasing Hitler was a good strategy and WWII was avoidable if only Britain had given all of Europe away without complaint.

Crazy people can't be predicted except to be unpredictable and crazy people don't know they're crazy. BTW...I am writing about Klein being crazy since his nearly incoherent statements continue unabated. Of course he must have a lot of time to blog considering he has nothing else to do with his life and nobody really believes he's on the old campaign trail. The scary part is once he understands there will not be a "Klein Administration" he will have even more time on his hands. Oh My Golly that could be a nightmare!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Buddy--Not on the campaign trail? Spiderman, Spiderlady and I just returned from 8+ hours covering north central NH. To date put up almost 400 signs and distributed 7000+ brochures.

We created Hitler, and the Communist menace, by intervening in WWI. The war's still going on in Iraq the result of the collapse of Ottoman Mesopotamia. We sure didn't make the world save for democracy.

Very easy to say we shouldn't have appeased Hitler. Explain how America and Europe in the midst of the Great Depression, and deeply scared by WWI's catastrophic casualties and economic dislocation, could done otherwise.

Our political sanctimoniousness led to Hitler's war machine with trade boycotts. Instead of Germany enjoying a consumer and industrial production export led economic recovery, the Nazis built a war machine. My guess is a successful civilian economic recovery would have quickly led to the peaceful end of the Nazis.

To see this with your eyes I recommend Leni Reifensthal's ground breaking Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will". Portrays the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremburg. The film shows a Wehrmacht with horse cavalry and light armored cars. The Luftwaffe's fighters were WWI biplanes. Only 5 years later they did Blitzkrieg with the most modern weapons systems of the day.

We're doing the same thing with Iran driving it to develop a sophisticated domestic industry now producing ballistic and anti-ship missiles, advanced battlefield communications, etc.. Very likely it has enough enriched uranium to put assemble nuclear weapons on short notice.

A NH voter today made the interesting observation the Clintons hijacked the classic Republican message of fiscal restraint and balanced budgets. With that gone we became the permanent war party which is why the Daddy Warbucks financing the GOP and the main candidates are so scared of me and Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

"We have no natural enemies."

Yeah except those guys that want to cut our heads off or blow us up, because we don't bow towards Mecca and pay them tributes.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

"Yeah except those guys that want to cut our heads off or blow us up, because we don't bow towards Mecca and pay them tributes."

Our problems with the Muslim world are self inflicted. The flavor of democracy we're trying to shove down their throats is incompatible with their tribal family clan social organization.

Americans wouldn't tolerate a foreign power landing troops here to impose its political values on us. Think of consequences had Britain landed troops in Virigina in 1961 to separate Union and Confederate forces. Why should the Islamic world feel differently?

The Islamic world couldn't be so stupid as to waste their energy to try to convert us. We've turned our backs on God to worship sex, booze, drugs, shopping, and gambling. The Des Moines Register gleefully reported on 12/26 Iowa's casinos were packed on Christmas Day.

In the White House I'd end the war on terror, and preserve what's left of our civil liberties, by leaving them be.

C McBilly said...

And shamrocks would sprout from my irish ass, klein.

how many people find the first word that comes to mind after Klein is clown?

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to see that Iowa Fathers has joined us in these blogs to officially denounce Mark Klein and expose him as a liar for claiming to currently represent their group. I'm all for free speech, Mark! All for it! But I've known all along you were a liar when you claimed the support of this group well beyond when they found you out for the delusional, whore monger for attention that you are. Damn you Mark, damn you for discrediting this group. Damn you for discrediting this group and their good work with your ego maniacal "campaign" for President. You Sir are filth. Nothing more, nothing less. Filth. Have you no decency left at all, Mark? No decency at all? At long last, Mark, is there no decency left in you?

KenRichards said...

Founder of IowaFathers.Com responds to Klein on website.

Until a couple of days ago, I was not even aware that Dr. Mark Klein was exchanging words towards Ted Sporer and the Republican Party of Iowa on multiple blogsites. When some of the postings were brought to my attention, I was truly astonished to see the unauthorized use and association of our name. is a support group for non-custodial parents. Part of what our organization does is advocate for legislative change to address inadequacies and bias within the family court system.

With much of our emphasis on legislative reform, formed a Political Action Committee and registered with the State of Iowa, listing me as the President/Chairman and Amie Whiteside is the Treasurer. In addition, we created a Board to decide matters and oversee the operations.

A little background; Around two years, Dr. Klein contacted our group seeking our endorsement on his shared parenting platform. Tony Taylor who is Klein’s Campaign Manager, started attending our support meetings throughout the state to spread his message and seek voter support.

In April of 2007, we held our first ever Non-Custodial Parents Rally in Des Moines. Invited as guest speakers were Pastor Ron Smith, Dr. Stephen Baskerville, and Dr. Mark Klein. With the perfect crowd in attendance, the overall consensus was that Dr. Klein’s persona was lacking and unable to win over the audience.

This past year, I have had very little personal contact with Dr. Klein. In fact, I met with several candidates over the past year including Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo. A few other Board Members met with other candidates including candidates from the Democratic Party since children are not a partisan issue.

Furthermore, it was my understanding that Dr. Klein was no longer even campaigning here in Iowa and that he had taken his team to New Hampshire.

Turning my attention to Dr. Mark Klein comments; I disagree with the recent attacks he has made towards the Republican Party of Iowa and Ted Sporer.

What Dr. Klein fails to realize is that any such attacks towards the Republican Party of Iowa are also attacks against myself. I proudly acknowledge my involvement with the Republican Party of Iowa and the relationships I have spent years building. never officially endorsed Dr. Mark Klein despite his repeated claim. does not officially endorse Dr. Mark Klein.

One of my fellow Republican Central Committee Members advised that Klein started many problems with his accusations using fathers’ rights as a cover. While I’m not directly responsible, I apologize to the Republican Party of Iowa and to Ted Sporer for any unauthorized usage of the name and association with the Klein Campaign.

In closing I have but one thought; I always explain to members who face false accusations in Court that we can not change what just occurred but we can control how we deal with the current situation and move forward.

KenRichards said...

Oops, I neglected to mention that the above post is from BRYAN IEHL the founder of

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

I never claimed Iowa Fathers endorsed me. All I asserted was when Ken Richards induced Ted to put me on the straw poll was Iowa Fathers put out the word for people to participate. Participate they did getting me 52% very quickly.

Mystery to me why Ken's so devoted to his relationship to the Iowa GOP. When the party ran the state, the fathers got little or nothing.

The major problem with fathers movement is an infanile rescue fantasy the perfect person will save them. For example, many hope some divorced top Hollywood star or athelete going through the divorce machine will come to their rescue. What they don't realize is such career oriented folks are usually that not interested in their children and have the money to pay off their exs.

So when someone like me comes along, they're instinctively disappointed. It's like saying someone who can walk on water can't swim.

Ken brings to mind concentration camp collaborators who thought they could save themselves by oppressing fellow inmates. They did get to live long enough to be last gassed.

KenRichards said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KenRichards said...

Doc, you claimed last week that nobody disputes your 52% "victory" in Ted's VERY EARLY and meaningless Presidential poll from 18 months ago. Yet your claim to fame and continued pestering all stem from this poll and your “denied presence” at the Ames Straw Poll which is in opposition to reality since it is brutally honest you did not have the support of Iowa Fathers well before the Ames Straw Poll.

It turns out the only thing we can count on from Doctor Klein is he will always find an excuse to explain his campaign failures but will never look within.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Whether the Iowa Fathers supported me or not doesn't erase the fact after winning Ted's poll outright, the party fearful I might repeat that triumph, barred me from Ames.

Just typical Nazi and Soviet tactics to manipulate ballots to gain a predictable end. The Iowa GOP learned from the best! It's in the blood I fight such tyrany as most of my father's family fought against the czars.

Put myself on the line in public by entering the New Hampshire primary. Campaigned very hard without interference so I have no excuse should lose. I'm not like the cowards who attack me here anonymously.

Ken, you bring to mind abused children who spend a lifetime making excuses for and trying for the approval of their abusive, selfish and unloving parents.

I feel sorry for Brian Iehl. A nice young man held hostage to the Iowa family court Gestapo. Stepping out of line might mean trouble seeing his daughter.

Anonymous said...

What incredible scum you are Klein. You damn dirty bastard, how dare you compare these people to Nazi's and Gestapo. Have you no decency at all? No decency at all?
Damn you, Sir. Damn you for all of you vile postings such as these.

Ted, once and for all ban this bum.

Anonymous said...

What incredible scum you are Klein. You damn dirty bastard, how dare you compare these people to Nazi's and Gestapo. Have you no decency at all? No decency at all?
Damn you, Sir. Damn you for all of you vile postings such as these.

Ted, once and for all ban this bum.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

I stand by my comment the Iowa GOP manipulates the ballot much like the Nazis and Soviets did.

As a federally registered presidential candidate, I should not be excluded because local party hacks game the system to line their pockets and play favorites.

I suspect this is last election cycle in which the Iowa caucuses will be taken seriously. It's not just me who got screwed. With the fixers running the show McCain and Guliani took passes.

I again urge Republicans who really believe in democracy and fair play boycott the caucuses.

Anonymous said...

Klein, if you are so concerned about manipulation by the Iowa GOP, stop bothering us and run a third party. I'm sure you'd cause quite a stir once you got out from underneath the oppressive thumb of the Grand Old Party.

Oh yeah, boycott the caucuses... right. Hey - if you are advocating a boycot of the caucus, does that mean you are going to go spam NH blogs instead of those in Iowa??? See you in four years Kleiny - I'm sure you'll be back.

P. Bouchard said...

Klein you scummy piece of filth, I'm a practicing Catholic writing this with my beloved Jewish girlfriend of 6 years reading over my shoulder. Aside from the fact that my love for her knows no bounds, we're both curious why it is Jews like you are always so quick to call people Nazis. Short changed at McDonalds? The kid behind the counter was a Nazi. Something wasn't bagged at the grocery store? The bag boy was an anti semite. The cabbie drove a mile out of his way, he's a Palestine supporter. That shit never gets old with you and the rest of your generation of Jews that see anti semetism as an excuse for everything. Christ, Man! Even He turned his back on that crap. See the proverbial forest for the trees, Klein! Sweet Mother how dispicable you are. Dispicable! There's no sense even praying for the likes of you. So filled with hatred, so sick with perversion.


Anonymous said...

Mark Klein was supposed to be on Sports Center to explain how the Pats got to 16-0 except he took too many of his own pills so he couldn't make it to the studio.

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