Thursday, December 27, 2007

McCain update, part 2

It also looks like Rasmussen’s latest Iowa numbers confirm TRS’s belief in a McCain tailwind.


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

McCain's advance is at the expense of Huckabee whose IEM contact price is falling like a stone.
Appears the Wall Street crowd is freaked out by Huckabee's populist message. That's likely why he left the campaign trail to go to Florida for some fundraisers. Suspect he won't do well there.

Huckabee's vanished in New Hampshire. Spiderman and I covered about 125 miles today putting out signs and handing out brochures. Saw only two weathered and partially flattened Huckabee signs.

As of tomorrow will have only 11 campaign days left. It's up or down for me. If I do well, American politics will never be the same again. A poor showing sends me home to California. Very lucky the decision will be so clear cut.

Amazing people like McCain actively trying for the White House for almost 20 years.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

This posting in today's New York Times speaks to my disgust with the current national leadership of both parties. The underlying issues involved are why I put the time, money and energy to try for the White House. In 11 days I'll know whether America has any realistic chance to retain its core sovereignty.

"When our creditors force us into an equivalent position, we’ll have to fully participate in the North American Union with unelected (bureaucrats) in a “Brussels” located in Mexico or Canada setting monetary policy.

To make it work, and cut us down to our real geopolitical size, most Americans will have their savings wiped out by an unfavorable dollar-amero conversion rate.

Recommend everyone see “Charlie Wilson’s War”. We’re not far from where the Soviets were in the late 1980s when their global dragon slayer policies brought down their system almost overnight."

— Posted by MARK KLEIN, M.D.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice the stark contrast between Clinton and Bhutto.

Bhutto, a couragous leader.

Clinton, a former president's wife who's entire career is based on her husband's coattails. She never had her own career. She is no leader.

Anonymous said...

Klein... do us all a favor, leave.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

"Klein... do us all a favor, leave."

If I do well in New Hampshire, maybe you'll be the one leaving!

Pesky/Pesty Klein in the news said...

For all his campaigning in NH he finally stumbled across a reporter to write about him. Reading the comments below the story you can see they have no idea what he has been writing here in Iowa.

Doesn't look like he is very well known in New Hampshire by the look of this article.

December 23, 2007

Mark Klein on the campaign trail in New Hampshire
Posted: 12:56 PM ET
MILFORD, New Hampshire (CNN) — The snowbanks line the roads, dotted with signs of the season.

Rudy. Hillary. Romney. McCain. Mark Klein.

Mark Klein?

He is one of the quadrennial fringe candidates, spending time and money campaigning and, like so many before him, approaching voters and reporters saying "I could pull off a big surprise here."

He approaches a CNN correspondent in Milford on Sunday near the site of a Mitt Romney event.
Klein described himself as a retired psychiatrist from Oakland CA.

"It was either buy a new Mercedes or run for president, so I am running for president," Klein said as he handed over a campaign brochure.

"This country is going down the tubes you know. We need an adult in the White House. And the country could use a national shrink."

–CNN Chief National Correspondent John King

Anonymous said...

I see he found a CNN reporter at a Romney event as he always crashes the events of others who run actual campaigns.

Ken Hoyle said...

I for one stand with Ken Richards and every thing he's said about this ass-clown Klein.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Why bother with democracy when we could do things the Iowa caucuses way? The Daddy Warbucks would control the national political show by financing a slate of politically safe candidates and freezing out and/or cheating pests like me.

I urge Republicans who really care about democracy to boycott the caucuses and demand the system be replaced by a primary styled after New Hampshire's.

Why would I get decent mainstream media coverage? I don't buy much advertising and it's not rocket science to realize the mainstream media and the Daddy Warbucks financing the major candidates are one and the same.

I have reached enough New Hampshire voters to find out whether people really want real change, or will tolerate the same old same. Means everything to me to face a straight properly counted paper ballot votes 10 days hence. said...

Until a couple of days ago, I was not even aware that Dr. Mark Klein was exchanging words towards Ted Sporer and the Republican Party of Iowa on multiple blogsites. When some of the postings were brought to my attention, I was truly astonished to see the unauthorized use and association of our name. is a support group for non-custodial parents. Part of what our organization does is advocate for legislative change to address inadequacies and bias within the family court system.

With much of our emphasis on legislative reform, formed a Political Action Committee and registered with the State of Iowa, listing me as the President/Chairman and Amie Whiteside is the Treasurer. In addition, we created a Board to decide matters and oversee the operations.

A little background; Around two years, Dr. Klein contacted our group seeking our endorsement on his shared parenting platform. Tony Taylor who is Klein’s Campaign Manager, started attending our support meetings throughout the state to spread his message and seek voter support.

In April of 2007, we held our first ever Non-Custodial Parents Rally in Des Moines. Invited as guest speakers were Pastor Ron Smith, Dr. Stephen Baskerville, and Dr. Mark Klein. With the perfect crowd in attendance, the overall consensus was that Dr. Klein’s persona was lacking and unable to win over the audience.

This past year, I have had very little personal contact with Dr. Klein. In fact, I met with several candidates over the past year including Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo. A few other Board Members met with other candidates including candidates from the Democratic Party since children are not a partisan issue.

Furthermore, it was my understanding that Dr. Klein was no longer even campaigning here in Iowa and that he had taken his team to New Hampshire.

Turning my attention to Dr. Mark Klein comments; I disagree with the recent attacks he has made towards the Republican Party of Iowa and Ted Sporer.

What Dr. Klein fails to realize is that any such attacks towards the Republican Party of Iowa are also attacks against myself. I proudly acknowledge my involvement with the Republican Part of Iowa and the relationships I have spent years building. never officially endorsed Dr. Mark Klein despite his repeated claim. does not officially endorse Dr. Mark Klein.

One of my fellow Republican Central Committee Members advised that Klein started many problems with his accusations using fathers’ rights as a cover. While I’m not directly responsible, I apologize to the Republican Party of Iowa and to Ted Sporer for any unauthorized usage of the name and association with the Klein Campaign.

In closing I have but one thought; I always explain to members who face false accusations in Court that we can not change what just occurred but we can control how we deal with the current situation and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Iowa Fathers:

I applaud and appreciate your post. I have always suggested that every time Klein opens his mouth claiming to be a representative of your group he thusly sets the movement back a year with every syllable. I find him to be foul, vile, and a damnable liar with every post. He is a dispicable person who has raped each and every person who expressed even the remotest of agreement with him by then considering them as full fledged supporters. Again, thank you for coming forward on this blog. May I suggest you also disengage Tony Taylor from your sphere of influence? That man may be a "nice guy" however he trails after Klein's feet so swept up in the delusion, rubbing his hands looks for conspiracy at every turn, as to only be a liability to Iowa Fathers as well. I would also suggest that Taylor misrepresents himself in YouTube posts as well. Are we really to believe he's the host of some mainstream organization?

Rid yourselves of this trash and get back to basics. Call, write, and e-mail your government reps. Demand responses, be nice, state facts, be persistent. And avoid hacks like Klein and Taylor like the plague. These clowns do you no favors. They are out to satisfy only their own egos.

KenRichards said...

I just got to this one so my posting of Bryan's statement on was accidental. The good news is Klein has no support and even the founder of has answered Klein.

As for Tony Taylor his continued association with Doc Klein is concerning considering Doc's rather obvious break from reality. I wondered if Tony would seriously harm his future in Iowa by following Doc too long. I honestly have NO IDEA who posted the above at 7:02pm but it certainly seems to be somebody watching our movement.

I can only Say Bryan and I have both been very friendly to Tony as we've seen what he can do on the positive side. I hope Tony can be part of us when he jettisons Klein. We shall see I guess. I have been out of town a long time though.