Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Great New Link - - Blogs for Victory

Discovered a great Republican blogs, Blogs for Victory. Well worth the read.


they forgot to mention, south side democrat member of the culter of democrat corruption in iowa said...

The case against state Sen. Matt McCoy is either one of a crooked politician who tried to pick the pockets of a longtime friend or the story of a bankrupt, marijuana-smoking liar who found welcome ears at the FBI, federal jurors in Des Moines were told Monday on the first day of McCoy's attempted extortion trial.

The Des Moines lawmak-er faces up to 20 years in prison if jurors decide that he violated a 60-year-old anti-racketeering law.

Government prosecutors say McCoy threatened to misuse his position and used economic threats to obtain money he wasn't entitled to.

jerry crawford is a highly involved democrat operative defending a south side democrat politician. said...

Defense attorney Jerry Crawford for Matt McCoy

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There's only one link that any of you fools need for enlightenment:


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Is it porn?

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Happy Hanukkah, pal!

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