Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A whiny gallant rushing to the defense.

Today, President Clinton complained about Hillary’s press coverage. Apparently, Bill thinks we’d all find Hill a more attractive Presidential option if we just discussed her experience and accomplishments more than we talked about the horse race.

This criticique presents an interesting and paradoxical challenge to the media. What are Hillary’s accomplishments? The only public program with which Hillary was ever known to be involved was the preposterously conceived and politically bungled 1993-1994 socialized healthcare plan. From that failure, one can conclude that Evita has limited policy skills and even fewer leadership skills, given the existence of large Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress and the superficial hedonistic allure of free healthcare.

Evita’s post ‘94 policy role is indiscernible from the public record. We know that Hillary traveled extensively on the tax payer dollar after the healthcare debacle. Nothing of significance apparently happened during these travels. There is, however, a way in which to expand the public record,, and Bill could make it happen in thirty seconds.

If President Clinton would simply request the immediate and unconditional declassification of Hillary’s communications, including, and perhaps especially, those between Hillary and Bill themselves, the National Archives would release the thousands of documents, those documents that survived Sandy Berger’s thefts anyway, that describe Hillary‘s real role at the Clinton White House. Maybe if one could actually read the source documents that describe Hillary’s policy role the commentary would shift to that content.

Then again, that might just be the Clinton’s fear. What a conundrum, eh?


hillary calls obama "UPPITY". where are sharpton and jackson on this one? said...

By David Corn | December 4, 2007 7:23 AM


Wow...did Hillary really say this about Obama?
...When talking to Clintonites in recent days, I've noticed that they've come to despise Obama.

..."They really, really hate Obama," one Democratic operative unaffiliated with any campaign, tells me.

..."It's his presumptuousness," this operative says. "That he thinks he can deny her the nomination."

..."Who is he to try to do that?"

..."You mean, he's, uh, uppity?

..."Yes." A senior House Democratic aide notes, "The Clinton people are going nuts in how much they hate him.

Hugh Mongus said...

and next up after that is Jeb Bush.
Bush 2016.
How long before you start sucking Jeb's ass, Sporer? By 2024 you should be able to exonerate Neil Bush - afterall Ted, by your own admission, you are the best fucking lawyer on the planet.

Can't for the life of me understand why you and Mark Klein can't seem to get together. Between the two of you, dare I say it; You could rule the world!

Anonymous said...

so, if IMUS called Obama "uppity" what would happen?

Anonymous said...

hugh mongus

you doth protest too much. clearly you have a small mongus. only small mongus men attack men on their credibility.

Tell me..what do you do for a living Mr Envy?

What are you good at? Anything, Anything? Anything?

Have you worked for a cause? Do you have any passion about an issue?

Is there anything positive going on in your life?

Let me guess...short, fat, glasses, no girlfried, rumpled clothes, one room apartment and no beer money.

No wonder you are so unpleasant.

well, let's hope it alienates good d's. she is the biggest hater of all haters such as small mongus said...


"Until the caucus-goers of Iowa speak, there is no way to know if Clinton's DEFCON-1 assault on Obama will succeed or backfire.

But the Clinton attacks do say something about Hillary Clinton.

She's adopting a whatever-it-takes strategy, mixing legitimate criticisms with truth-stretching blasts.

And her campaign aides have adopted a we-must-destroy-him mindset that they justify by viewing Obama as a political lowlife.

Whatever-it-takes often works in political campaigns. But we all know that hatred can be blinding.

Clinton is, as has been noted, running the risk of alienating those kindhearted souls of Iowa by slamming the lovable, likable and inspiring Barack Obama. She could end up looking a bit desperate.

The Real Sporer said...

TRS steps out for some dinner and returns to find Mr. Mongus, a modern messiah of misguided political monophysitism.

I am rather hoping for something other than Hillary Clinton, as even a child reading this blog could discern.

However, thanks for playing.

ok so what is your plan to deal with illegal immigration? said...

Excerpts from todays debate, sponsored by National Public Radio, on WHO 1040 AM
Organizers limited the two-hour discussion to three issues: immigration, Iran and China.
#1 Democrats agreed that American citizens should not be asked to turn in immigrants whom they believe are in the country illegally.

ok, so what are YOU going to do instead of complain about it? said...

We do not deputize the American people to do the job that the federal government is supposed to do,� Sen. Barack Obama said.

He and his rivals said America should tighten its borders and punish employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. But they said hard-working immigrants should be treated fairly.

Sen. Hillary Clinton chided people who demand that America simply round up and deport the millions of immigrants who are here illegally. She said such an effort would require vast invasions of privacy and decency. �That is absolutely unrealistic, and it is not in keeping with American values,� she said.

Anonymous said...

I think it's clear...democrats plan to allow illegal aliens to live in slave conditions and withslave wages. Democrats believe that Mexicans are better off not being legal.

And in following their usual pattern, they don't really care about the human aspect of this terrible situation.

They only care about the power of that vote. Bill and his co-president never dealt with it during their first two tenures.

This is a vast difference between us and them.

#2 - On Iran - Edwards plans to chat said...

On Iran, former Sen. John Edwards said hard-nosed diplomacy can avert a war with that country�s leaders.

DESPITE their oft stated intention to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons.

how is this different than we are already doing under BUSH?? Where is the beef here? said...

From Edwards on Iran:

We have the capacity to work with our European allies and the European banking system to put a proposal of sticks and carrots on the table that actually will help influence their behavior,� he said.

here we go again.she was against iran before she was for iran. she is pro and con again in one line said...

Edwards criticized Clinton for supporting a Senate resolution declaring an Iranian militia a terrorist organization. He said the resolution could give President Bush an excuse to attack Iran.

Clinton defended her vote, which she said could help provide a �stick� in negotiations with a country that has armed America�s foes in Iraq and caused trouble elsewhere in the Mideast.

But she said her vote would not help justify an attack on Iran. �None of us is advocating a rush to war,� she said.

joe-say it ain't so. you are playing the bullied by the bully. is this your vain hairplugs talking? said...

Sen. Joe Biden voted against the Senate resolution.

I'm not advocating a rush to war. I'm advocating no war, he said, adding that the United States needs to make clearer that it is not picking a fight with the Islamic world at large.

#3 - buy american...that's original. clinton advocated nafta which gave us bad chinese goods said...

On China, the candidates generally agreed that the United States needs to be tougher on trade issues and human rights abuses.

U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich said he would encourage his countrymen to buy domestic products instead of Chinese imports.

Either buy America or bye-bye America, he said.

oby - get jiggy with asking hill about the effect of illegal chinese money on billary's trade policy said...

Obama said America needs to get its finances in order so it no longer has to take out huge loans from China.

We have to be tougher negotiators with China, he said.

or, maybe they are negotiating on behalf of billary. why do the illegal chinese love the clintons? said...

They are not enemies, but they are competitors of ours.

And on the economic front, on trade issues we have not been the best negotiators, and oftentimes we're negotiating on behalf of Wall Street, as opposed to on behalf of Main Street.

or, maybe they are negotiating on behalf of billary. why do the illegal chinese love the clintons? said...

They are not enemies, but they are competitors of ours.

And on the economic front, on trade issues we have not been the best negotiators, and oftentimes we're negotiating on behalf of Wall Street, as opposed to on behalf of Main Street.

the best thing u.s. unions could do is organize china and mexico. they engage in human indignity. said...

Edwards said America needs to enforce product safety laws and trade agreements that already are on the books.

When asked whether he would buy Chinese toys for his children this Christmas, he said that he would not.

The Real Sporer said...

Wow, finally something John Edwards said.

We really need to crack down on the Chinese trade tactics. This is exactly what the tort litigation system was designed to accomplish.

......... and I try to never buy Chinese products.

Joe-weak. so those date rape drug toys was just a little thing. i thought it was all about the kids. said...

Biden said the threat from China can be exaggerated.

Let's get something straight here: We're making them out to be 10 feet tall, he said.

He added that China still has significant weaknesses, including hundreds of millions of poor people.

"I'm going to tell your father when he gets home"! Joe, is this your leadership style? what a woman said...

But Biden said Chinese leaders have abused human rights, and he would call them on the carpet for it before the United Nations.

The Real Sporer said...

........ and the Chinese will demostrate their committment to human rights by executing those responsible for the loss of face before the UN.

Even the smart Democrats cannot be trusted with foreign policy.

how did the dmr neglect this huge nugget from the debate? hrc-release the wh papers? said...

Hillary Clinton told NPR during today's Democratic debate that when she returned from China as First Lady she reported to President Clinton about her trip.

But more than that, she said that she often advised him on foreign policy matters.

"I certainly did. I not only advised him. I often met with he and his advisers ... I was deeply involved in being part of the Clinton team in the first administration."

-- HRC, Dec. 4, 2007


obama -make shillary come clean on chinagate said...

Hillary -

What went on in those meetings in China? You were there, but Bill wasn't. What did you talk about?

What did you promise them?

Does this have anything to do with the recently indicted illegal campaign contributor from China and affiliated with the Chines mafia, Mr. Hsu?

Does this have anything to do with the dishwashers in Chinatown?

Hillary - why do you and Bill have so many interesting business connections to China?

Did Bill's illegal Chinese campaign money buy these trade agreements that allowed China to create poisonous toys for our kids?

What is the deal with you and China?

is the real reason that hillary is a maoist and that explains her love of chinese communists? said...

If it's not just to get the money - Mr and Mrs Soprano just being buds with the chinese version of the Sopranos, then it has to be ideological.

RF said...

As an ABH Democrat, it's hard not to be giddy with the recent meltdowns and new aggressive tactics by Hillary. It's not looking good for her. If she keeps this up, there is no way she can finish better than third in Iowa. And that would make this a completely different race.

RF said...

I still can't believe the Obama kindergarten press release actually got past some senior staffers at the Hillary campaign. I mean really, Obama wrote something that would be considered an "essay" in kindergarten? - If so, make that boy genius my president!!

Ken Hoyle said...

Come on Ted!

Cut Hugh Mongus there a break. Aside from the rest of that shit, what I'm reading is that he at least can't stand Mark Klein any more than the rest of us can.

Peace unto you, Brother.