Monday, December 03, 2007

Robert Reich echoes TRS about HRC.

Yesterday we here at TRS opined that HRC was going on the attack because she was in trouble and that she knew it.

Well, it looks like even prominent Clinton era apologist
Sec. Robert Reich has apparently arrived at the same conclusion. Even more unlikely, a Democrat had the courage to confront the Clintons. A Reich comeback in a new Clinton Administration now seems highly unlikely. Of course, a new Clinton Administration seems rather less likely today than it did even four weeks ago. Since polls are a lagging indicator, and Hillary is falling fast with nothing in sight to change the dynamic, she's going with her "A" game, all personal attacks, all the time.

The Secretary’s blog is an interesting read, so we’ve linked it on the left. We also added Iowa Christian Alliance and the Republican Leadership Conference links as well.


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted--That the bettors are still strongly putting real money on Clinton's nomination raises strong doubts about the polls.

One reason the polls may be far off is the failure to find a legal solution to the cell phone solicitation ban which undercuts sampling statistical reliability.

Clinton is the only Democrat I hear consistently named when someone declines to take my brochure clearly indicating I am Republican. Happened again tonight putting up roadside campaign signs and handing out brochures not far from Manchester.

Robert Reich is dead meat with the Clintons. Hell would freeze over before he'd be taken back into the inner circle. I'd consider him for a prominent role in my administration in which imaginative sound policy solutions will be welcomed regardless of party affiliation.

A Clinton administration would be a much better designed and easier to control string puppet for Wall Street interests. If money meant more to me than ideals, I'd be a strong Clinton backer.

People have heard ad nauseum all the Clinton negatives. If she's the nominee, we'll have to beat her on policy. So far our major candidates are running like this is a Miss America pageant.

Put up a lot of signs near my hotel complex where I along the McCain, Huckabee and Romney staffers stay. Will they disappear as did my brochures from the lobby?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Ted--Any information you can share about Steve Scheffler's e-mail today about the reason his friend made calls on the ICA line to members urgng them not to support Huckabee?

mike huckabee: Supernanny said...

The Huckster reminds me of John Goodman's character in O Brother Where Art Thou. He was a bible salesman who came across the boys after they became flush with cash from their new hit song. He entices them out into the country...and clubs them unconsious and steals their money.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Pretty much share the Supernanny's opinion of Huckabee.

Total mystery to me why the devout Christian community and some conservatives are so hot for him. Divorce and out-of-wedlock birth rates soared and marriage formations plummeted during his terms in Arkansas. He made the state "safe for Walmart" by paying for most infrastructure improvements by increasing a wide range of personal taxes. The state picked up excessive health care costs because Walmart, and its big box ilk, pay low wages and no health benefits. (Walmart is headquartered in Arkansas. Hillary served on its board for many years.)

Haven't seen the O Brother movie but he comes across a lot like Burt Lancaster's preacher character in "Elmer Gantry".

Since Eisenhower departed, American government been mostly a revival show in which sound policy takes a back seat, depending on the party in power's ideas, to saving political souls as a cover for looting the treasury and the middle class.

Anonymous said...

"Walmart, and its big box ilk, pay low wages and no health benefits." -- Mark Klein

You are a fucking out of touch, clueless idiot Klein. Every, EVERY, Wal-Mart employee has access to health care via pay roll deduction. And the coverage offered is no worse than what the major banks, IBM, GE, etc. offer their employees. You fear-mongering ass hole, is this the only way that you can get people to pay attention to your horse shit?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--Walmart very recently allowed some part time and low wage full timers "access" to health insurance coverage. Walmart pay is so low few can afford to contribute or pay the deductibles and co-pays. Situation is akin to Romney's Massachusetts universal health care which is foundering because many just can't afford the premiums. Even Romney's backed away from a national mandatory program.

Anonymous said...

Debate on NPR in Des Moines Today at 1:00. Listen to HRC attack Obama about his musings in Kindergarten. It should be very illuminating.
National Public Radio will air a debate from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. CST Tuesday in Des Moines featuring the Democratic presidential candidates.

There will be no studio audience nor video cameras. Candidates will be able to engage one another in three areas of discussion and will field questions sent in by NPR listeners.

hey - we hate HRC because of her character. We loved Thatcher and love Rice for their character. said...


Robin Gerber is senior faculty with the Gallup Organization and author of "Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way" and the forthcoming novel "Eleanor vs. Ike."

December 4, 2007

Sen. Hillary Clinton has a trust problem. Polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show that voters give her very low marks for being trustworthy and honest. The media and her opponents have built and reinforced the charge.

But they're blaming the victim. Clinton is running for president in a sexist culture that persists in seeing strong, capable women as suspect.

It's not that voters and her opponents think Clinton's experienced and competent, and they don't like or trust her. It's that they think she's experienced and competent and that's why they don't like or trust her.

d's don't care about character nor policy. they only care about categories said...

You just keep playing that gender card Hillary. All of the competent and experienced women I know judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their gender card.

We didn't vote for Taxanne (Roxanne) Conlin for Governor because she was a typical taxing liberal (thus the nickname).

We haven't voted a female into Congress because no women have run for those offices, as far as I know.

Iowans are not sexist, nor racist.

You believe your own bullshit at your own peril.

It's her policies and character stupid! Not her gender.