Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chet Culver and the costs of “free“ state health care.

Gov. Culver appeared before the General Assembly for the annual State of the State and promptly abandoned any pretense of reality in pursuit Orwellian socialism.

Iowa is facing
a horrible budget crises. The Democrat leadership (Vilsack, the Big Lug and the Lug Nuts) will have increased spending between 7/1/06 and 7/1/08 by more than a billion dollars, while revenues are hardly keeping pace.

Even the Democrats admit that the state will experience a shortfall of over $105 million. The non partisan Legislative Service Agency predicts a shortfall of over $344 million.

In the face of this stark reality, Gov. Culver proposes
dozens of new state “initiatives, most of them aimed at placing your health completely under government control. For example, how much would it cost to fund health insurance to the working adult children, aged 19-25 of working adults? Someone has to pay the doctors and hospitals who provide medical care. The only question Gov. Culver and the Democrats ask is who pays, or rather, how do you pay.

Democrats debate whether you, the taxpayer, should pay for everyone else’s health care through your federal tax dollars. Some Democrats argue that you , the taxpayer, should be required to provide health care to everyone else through your state tax dollars. Some Democrats argue that universal insurance can be provided by a combination of your tax dollars and mandatory health insurance premiums that you pay to companies that have little or no incentive to reduce because their product is, well, compulsory (talk about your captive market). Anyway, you pay more than you do now.

On the other had, Gov. Culver proposes placing the government in control of your health through “wellness” programs. Yes the government will spend money to teach people to eat less and exercise more (pretty much key to a healthy life as we learned in grade school). Like healthcare, wellness will become compulsory. Needless to say, “live fast, die young and leave a beautiful memory” has become nothing more than the historic battle cry of the generation that now is, quite literally, making us each our peas and carrots.

Where, economically and politically, does government intrusion into our lives end? Every new health entitlement is here to stay and the only question becomes the rate of its growth. Every historic antecedent supports such a conclusion. So the Democrat response to a three hundred million dollar budget shortfall is to propose even greater spending on the same unsuccessful approach that created the budget shortfall in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Culver is running the State the way Bush is running the Federal Government. Sooner or later all these checks are going to bounce and it's going to be our asses that get hung out to dry. The poor and all the welfare filth will still get their free medicine, health care, and food stamps, but what are "We" supposed to do in the meantime?

Anonymous said...

Vote for Huck. He undestands why we are squeezed. The Fair Tax is the answer. It takes away most of Congress's power to interfere in our lives by FORCING our behavior.

The Democrat gov wants to double bottle deposts and only return 80% of the fee to the citizen. He wants to expand it to ALL cans, bottles of ANY kind.

How much do you think that ends up hurting the poor? It's the most anti-poor reqressive tax they've come up with yet.

Democrats don't care about the poor. If they did, this idea would NEVER have been raised.

It's lug headed.