Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Democrats-history didn’t begin yesterday.

Tonight the Democrats will spend their debate time mostly lamenting the Bush economy.

Juxtaposed against the
financial collapse of Citgroup, we are reminded that the wunderkinds in the Clinton Administration left an actual recession when they turned the economy over to W. After all, the economic genius Robert Rubin didn’t do anything more to Citigroup than his unwise stewardship did to the economy at large.

I wonder as to Hillary’s role in living the history of the 99-00 stock market decline and the recession that followed? Its not just rock and roll that never forgets.


Anonymous said...

First 38 minutes of the debate and the first question of substance is about Citigroup's financial situation.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, Brian Williams missed the Rubin relationship.

Anonymous said...

Charles "Chuck" Prince was the sucessor to Sandy Weill. That's the cat that fiddled while CitiRome burned. So Bob Rubin was supposed to have a staged a coup from within? Fucking idiot, quit looking for black helicopters and blaming everything on Clinton. Christ, get with the plan and work with us towards moving forward.