Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Greatest (Political) Show on Earth

The collection of international media at the Convention Center, the gathering of America’s political elite and the tremendous significance of the event itself is providing Iowa and Iowans with the greatest display of political theatre that we have ever seen in this state.

Even a cynic like TRS was shocked at the scene from the Convention Center. Another report coming later tonight as to the actual events at the Center tonight. However, it looks like the media is having a great time. It also seems that almost all of the press has been favorably impressed, and surprised, at the level of political information and interest that Iowans display.

So every politically active person in Iowa should stand in a circle and give each other a big pat on the back-every one of you has helped Iowa earn this incredible, historic event.


Chet Lemon said...

Please read this open letter from Arkansas regarding Mike Huckabee's record. It ain't pretty.

These are the 7 reasons why NO ONE should support Huckabee:

1) Governor Huckabee did lasting damage to the Republican Party and conservative movement in Arkansas.

2) Governor Huckabee's non-stop clemencies continually hindered the work of criminal prosecutors and miffed Republicans.

3) Governor Huckabee's pattern was to ignore immigration laws, often in the name of Christianity.

4) Governor Huckabee was no friend to fiscal conservatives in Arkansas.

5) Huckabee left a long trail of ethics questions while Governor of Arkansas

6) Huckabee's education record shows him to be an advocate of the "status quo"

7) Huckabee has very little support for his Presidential bid here in Arkansas

Essential Estrogen said...

The worst part of the caucus, at least for those of us who live outside of Des Moines, is that the mighty culmination all takes place so far away. I'm completely, totally jealous.

Jack in WDM said...

I got a call from some crank in Ar. named Jim Hendriks...he was pedaling the same anti-Huck BS seen above. These are total distortions...and unprovable, either way! He did this or that becuase he felt some way....who can prove or disprove a statement like that?
Huck is looking for common ground and that's a threat to the political consultant class and others who desire for us to be polarized. I like Romney, but his Lie-machine is getting real old.

ljpitcher said...

Huckabee has spend a considerable amount of time calling liar, liar on Romney over and over in interviews and in the ad he “pulled” but then showed to reporters. Where is the substance? If Huckabee didn’t pardon over 1,000 convicted criminals, as the records show, how many did he actually pardon? If he didn’t support giving scholarships to illegal immigrants why did he include it in a bill sent to the Arkansas legislature and then defended it in the recent New Hampshire debate? There is more but we wouldn’t want to look as if we are pilling it on. Huckabee can say liar, liar but at the end of the day he had better be able to back it up or he will be showing how discerning (or gullible) he really thinks Iowan voters are.

To see the video of the news conference and for intelligent discussions on how evangelicals can support Mitt Romney go to said...

I wish I could have made the trip to Des Moines to experience it. Several members have commented on it to me this week.