Thursday, January 03, 2008

Go time……

…………. is upon us. In about two and half hours Iowa is going to make some history. Today has been as wild a Caucus Day as Iowa has seen and we haven’t even started voting.

Iowa is giving every candidate and every campaign something different. Hill and Bill are telling people that third accomplishes everything that they wanted to do here. Huh????

Mitt and Huck are in a donnybrook as the hours go by. The
tiny differences in the average poll numbers is almost meaningless. Rumors of dirty tricks abound-but then when don’t they. It seems that both campaigns are melting down the phone lines. Both Fred and McCain’s people are looking confident for tonight. Fred has been a lot of attention today, although much of it spent denying a rumor that Fred is dropping out and endorsing McCain if he doesn’t finish third or better. There is a certain McCain buzzing sound as well.

I hate like heck to criticize Fox News but they keep representing the Caucus process as dauntingly difficult. Even the more complex Democrat viability selection process is so simple that it can be described in one sentence. The precinct caucus divides once by Presidential preference and anyone who is in a group with less than 15% of the total precinct turnout has to join a group that numbers more than 15%. There you have it Democrats-you are ready to caucus.

Which state would produce a better first step what should be a much later vetting process for the next President? Would a larger state provide the same opportunity for up close and in person inspection of the candidates. Do we think our process would be better if the governors have even less contact with the governed?

What system would provide more drama and hence better serve the need to captivate and inform as many voters, nation wide as possible? Has not the close horse race created a level of international interest unsurpassed by a boring and even less small “d” democratic primary? Of course, that‘s why 2000 members of the media from something like 80 countries are in town. Every story about the Iowa caucus educates the public in the requirements-and benefits-of democracy in general. This process strengthens the whole democratic fiber of the nation.


Anonymous said...

Remember - We caucus so you don't have to!

Someone has to be first and it ought to be Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Big Huge Congratulations to Bob VanderPlaats who was first or second to jump on Huck's campaign. Glad to see you got the big victory. Nice guys do finish first some times. And, well.....the "best team" in Iowa didn't. might one account for that?

Anonymous said...

All those consultants...all those phone calls....all those flyers...all that door knocking....all those millions and millions of dollars mattered not a whit!

The PEOPLE won this time. What WE want won this time.

Fred and Huck have proven that message can win all by itself.

Fred would have done better had he entered earlier, but he rapidly rose.

Fred - People like that you will are your own man and cannot be "handled" by consultants. Your finish proved that today. Had we had more time, you would have had a stronger showing.

Please stay in. You were largely the Huck people's second choice.

Despite the Romney trick today to convince us you were dropping out, we've been around long enough to know that was a lie. It impacted Romney's numbers today.

You got game!

Anonymous said...

Let's see...Bay Buchanan, sister of Pat Buchanan was Tom Tancredo's campaign manager. Then, inexplicably, she convinces Tancredo to endorse Romney, THEN>>>> she's a spokesperson for Romney tonight?

Wow, that was a quick paycheck change. Sounds like Bay picked the wrong paycheck payer after all.