Thursday, January 03, 2008

Meanwhile, on the Democrat side…………….

………………. the Convention Center buzz is conceding an Obama win and the major dispute is over/under 5. The more interesting rumors seem to be a possible Clinton collapse to third.

Given the Clintons’ obvious descent from the familia Dracul a third place finish might be like a low dose of sunlight, not enough to kill but hot enough to maim. On the other hand it might be like a Van Helsing garlic soaked silver arrow-instant incineration. The lack of Democrat enthusiasm for her, when wed to the visceral distrust of her by NP voters and the revulsion of her by Republicans certainly seems to make her quite beatable in November.

A third place finish by Edwards is, however, death. Edwards has no fall back zone, no firewall of any kind. Edwards began campaigning in Iowa in 2001 and has never stopped. The Breck Girl has spent millions and millions of dollars and countless hours away from his dying wife and soon to be orphaned little children to pursue his hate filled agenda of class warfare, the likes of which haven‘t been seen since another millionaire Democrat, Henry Wallace of Iowa ran an openly socialist campaign in 1948.

The Dems provide no small amount of drama tonight. Stay tuned, as they say.


ahhhh....the 70's generation is now in charge said...


What a night!

Obama won the female vote!!!!

Huckabee won the integrity vote!!!!

Congratulations to Team Huck and Team Oby!

Anonymous said...

80% of caucus goers in my caucus were first time voters. We voted overwhelmingly for Huck in the West Des Moines suburbs. Barely an evangelical in the bunch. Huck's support was from all spectrums and had nothing to do with Mormanism.

That dog won't hunt Mitt.

Message mattered over money, as it always should have done.

Anonymous said...

How quickly do you suppose that Hillary asks for that $400,000 refund on Tom Vilsack's soul she bought?

Fist, Dusky Terry, then Mike Blouin, now Hitlery. He sure knows how to pick'em.

Anonymous said...

Chris Dodd just dropped out.

Hawkeyegirl said...

No, no, no, no, no, no! Way to go Iowa GOP. You just put your stamp on a guaranteed loser.

Anonymous said...

Oh really?

Anonymous said...

Biden just dropped out.

Anonymous said...

So...about the straw poll in Ames.


Anonymous said...

Hillary has a new slogan tonight. Now she's going to be a "champion".

Dear GAWD.

Anonymous said...

Rob Tully, local D for Edwards is saying that they lost because Obama outspent him.

Gee, Rob...EVERYONE outspent Huck by about 20-1.

How come HE won?

Edwards wants to put the citizens in JAIL for not buying health insurance.

Maybe that had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Register will spin how out of touch and WRONG they were with their endorsments.

McCain and Hill????

So much for the "influental" Des Moines Register.

Do any of them live here?

Anonymous said...

By the way, Evangelicals for Mitt?


Nice try to for an old and easily spotted trck. Which one came up with that one?

We've been doing this along time too. Our collective savvy saw through that one along with the other silly tricks that clearly didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Does Mitt understand that there are far more Lutherans in Iowa than evangelicals?

How out of touch you consultants are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Laura, you are missing the boat on Huck. Reagan was Reagan for the TIMES that needed Reagan. Reagan and his times fused to a pinnacle that almost hints of devine intervention when you consider his formidable battle he waged and won with communism.

Perhaps, just possibly perhaps, we won't know for sure for a couple of decades, but maybe....Huck is the Huck for the TIMES that need Huck when you consider this formidable battle against islamofascism that we need to win.

Republicans suffer from Viet Nam disease too. Laura and Rush may have the disease from the R perspective.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with the Iowa Republican Party. The Dems have had 100% reported for almost an hour and the GOP is still stuck at around 90%. Give the precinct captains some freaking cell phones instead of sitting around waiting for the Pony Express to drop off the results. Just makes us look incompetent to the rest of the country (and didn't we have the same problem at the straw poll?)

Anonymous said...

The biggest confirmation about what the definition of "change" is is, is that we really did "turn the page" tonight.

Thank you Barack and Thank you Mike.

Anonymous said...

hey jerkoff at 11:20. We don't have money to rent cell phones for volunteers. We don't have unions bilking their union members for money to buy cell phones, or to let them off work with pay to use cell phones paid by others.

Regular ole people do this stuff. Shut up!

Anonymous said...

Steve Deace and his freak friends just destroyed the Republican Party.

oleoleole said...

Hey 11:41

I have never been in the Deace or Christian camp and I wholeheartedly supported Governor Huckabee. An east coast liberal partrician politician can't come into my state and buy an election after changing all his views from just a few years ago. We need an authentic conservative that has a populist message. That's Huckabee.

Bye the way, the Republican Party of Iowa was destroyed along time ago if you have not noticed.

Counterpunch said...

Anyone whose listened to Huckabee speak in person would never be dumb enough to say that he's a "loser" who can never win the election.

Spotlight said...

John Edwards has it right. The winner tonight was CHANGE.

Even Huck represents populist change. You find that hateful?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand how the media and East Coast Republican establishment are trying to marginalize Huckabee's candidacy. They don't say he's a former Arkansas governor, they say he's a "Baptist preacher turned politician." They don't say he won because he was an outsider with a strong message, they say he won because evangelicals voted for him.

I've never liked the caucuses because it's a time when media from all over the country come to tell the rest of the country what's important to us crazy people. It's a time when candidates come here to use buzzwords like "pro-life", "second amendment rights", "protecting marriage", "under God", "secure borders", "tax cuts", yadda, yadda, yadda, then run off to Washington, only to return a few years later to tell us to vote for them on the same issues they did nothing about while in office.

I voted for Huckabee because I want change. I want things to get done in Washington. That said, I won't be surprised if he's just another one of those politicians that says one thing and does another. We've certainly seen our share of them, but that doesn't stop us from voting for them.

Mike Huckabee: Supernanny said...

I can't stand how the media and East Coast Republican establishment are trying to marginalize Huckabee's candidacy.

I can. It's because he is a religious nutcase.

they say he's a "Baptist preacher turned politician."

Isn't he?

I want things to get done in Washington.

I don't. The worst thing that can happen, from a conservative perspective, is for the government to start doing things. I'm a huge fan of gridlock.

That said, I won't be surprised if he's just another one of those politicians that says one thing and does another.

Look at his record v. his rhetoric. Gomer is pro-amnesty, has increased the size of government, raised taxes and knowingly unleashed psychopaths onto an unsuspecting population.

Gomer's victory tonight is the WORST thing that could have happened.