Monday, January 28, 2008

The living Kennedys, larger than life Clintons and the Empresses’ clothes.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have bamboozled the American public for sixteen years.

For the better part of two decades the Clinton lie machine has spun the most outrageous of cover stories. My favorite was, of course, the protective persons privilege. During one of the many times United States Attorney General Janet Reno litigated against the United States on behalf of Bill Clinton personally, the USAG actually proposed that the police officers (Secret Service Treasury agents) who guard the President be prohibited from testifying about criminal acts they eye witnessed the President commit.. While the general public would probably have swallowed (no pun intended) that one, even the most liberal of D.C. District judges couldn’t .

Time and again the Clintons and their fawning media sycophants and liberal hangers on demanded the American people indulge in “a willing suspension of disbelief”. However, the Clinton propaganda machine may have just met its match in the reality of Barack Obama.

Hillary and especially Bill Clinton spent the first part of the South Carolina primary campaign trying to convince the state black Democrats that Hillary and, of course Bill (‘cause its really always about Bill) were black and Obama was white. While that takes chutzpah, it won’t seem so far fetched if you think about some of the obviously false and, at times, preposterous and irrational propositions they persuaded the public to accept, even Bubba couldn‘t pull off suspension of disbelief. Week two saw a new Clinton approach; concede South Carolina and
divide the Democrats along racial lines. Since whites outnumber blacks 3 and 4 to 1 in most primaries the math looks good in Clinton world, so the only thing President Clinton risked was his historic mantle as the first black President.

Then came the crushing South Carolina defeat. Even worse, the Clinton propganda machine was confronted by the Caroline Kennedy and, today, Teddy Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama. The elderly Senator’s language reached
levels of enthusiasm he had previously expressed only upon learning that Dewar’s was, indeed, intravenously consumable.
While the only Presidential Bill Clinton really shared with JFK was philandering, the Clintons have always claimed themelves to be lineal heirs of the Camelot mantle. While the claim was like Henry Tudor's to the crown of England (illegitimate on both sides), their was enough there there for the Clinton's to seem like the were Presidential. The Kennedy endorsements now strip even the pretense of JFK from the Clinton facade.

Now Hillary is campaigning hard in Florida for tomorrow’s primary. Of course, the state has no delegates and no other Democrat is participating. But Hillary is on hand to declare victory.

When will someone show the Empress a mirror?


no alitos under a Mcquisling administration said...

"More recently, Mr. McCain has told conservatives he would be happy to appoint the likes of Chief Justice John Roberts to the Supreme Court. But he indicated he might draw the line on a Samuel Alito, because "he wore his conservatism on his sleeve.""

It's been mentioned twice on the Corner so far today, and I'll bet this quote is rocketing around the Internet a lot today... even if this doesn't burn McCain in Florida, that comment will be in play in Wednesday night's debate...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Anonymous said...

Hilary just did a fund raiser at a $6.6 million mansion in Sarasota. $1000 to get through the door. She was kind enough to stop on the street and shake the hand of the "common folk" waiting to see her. Then again, somehow this was not campaigning.... Confusing!

Sara in Florida

Anonymous said...

Im just trying to figure out how the "common folk" got that close to a $6.6 million mansion to begin with? One would guess that a residece like that would have security of some sort....

Anonymous said...

Im just trying to figure out how the "common folk" got that close to a $6.6 million mansion to begin with? One would guess that a residece like that would have security of some sort....

Art A Layman said...


Did you really think that the Democratic party leadership is going to hold to their delegate suppression ruling?

I realize that conservatives often exhibit little in the way of intelligent thought but this one was a gimme.


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