Thursday, January 24, 2008

McCain……. Sometimes you have to love him.

John McCain just told a “voter” (not an obvious liberal plant) in the debates that the voter was wrong. How unusually courageous I must say.

Our guys are doing a good job of defending the Iraq invasion. This is what TRS has meant about the debate changing when the Republican focus shifted from W to the candidates.

Share your debate thoughts, eh……….


The Real Sporer said...

Mitt should not have backed off the Bill Clinton. He should have just said that we don't need four more years of that drama.

The Real Sporer said...

good comment on the economy by Mitt.

The Real Sporer said...

This NBC format is so typical of the journalist class who feel that they are coequals with the people on the stage.

Why not let the fellas' just go at it and get the heck out of the way?

Anonymous said...

Woah, did anyone else hear the offstage whisper when Romney was asked the question about Reagan.

I distinctly heard someone whisper "He raised taxes" when the question was asked ... Is Romney whereing a wire to his staff in this debate?

The Real Sporer said...

Yes, both Jo and TRS heard it also. I thought it came from one of the guys at the moderators' table.

The Real Sporer said...

Great answer at the after party about the WMD. I have yet to hear a liberal explain what became of the known post 91 WMD stockpiles.

They just pretend that those inventories never existed or were never confirmed by the UN after the 91 armistice.

Anonymous said...

eh ... An unexciting debate by all accounts. Who the hell let Ron Paul onto the stage? The guy is a Joke. How do you raise as much as he did and then piss it right down your leg? I guess it goes to show you the senility of Ron Paul. He’s clearly incontinent as well as stupid.

wes said...

Is anyone else annoyed with the term “blood and treasure” in the Iraq debate? It makes us sound like a bunch of 19th century sea pirates … There HAS to be a better way to phrase the cost of the Iraq conflict. At this rate, by the next debate our candidate may as well dawn Captain Crunch hats, eye patches, fake hooks and parrots on their shoulders. It’s a rather stupid way to talk about a very serious issue for our party and our nation’s future.

Does anyone have a better idea than the terminology “blood and treasure.”

Art A Layman said...

Hey guys! Did you know that Romney spetn 25 years in the private sector and he turned the Olympics around? Boy, I didn't know that.

Of course I've been hibernating for the last 6 months and have had no access to TV or radio or newspapers or even the internet. Surely it was mentioned once or twice of one of those mediums.

Art A Layman said...

What in the hell is this cream puff crap? John McCain asking Mike Huckabee about the Fair tax plan and giving him a big chunk of time to campaign for himself.

I probably won't stay up to watch the end of the debate, I'm watching a rerun, but I hate to miss the closing where they all sing Kumbaya.

This sounds more like a frat party than a political debate.

Steve Deace said...

Overall, I thought it was a quiet debate reminiscent of the ones earlier in the year.

Romney did very well early in the debate about the economy. Sure, his newfound fair trade rhetoric and sudden care about job loss is the sort of populism Huckabee gets ripped for, but he's right even though he's ripping him off. From the beginning, Romney should have made his campaign theme about his corporate experience and getting things done, but he couldn't resist the temptation to be all things to all people, and it hurt his credibility. You know I can't stand the guy, but the Manchurian candidate was almost human to me at times tonight. I thought he was weaker in the second half of the debate, but overall his people should be pleased with his performance.

I thought McCain was steady all night, and he clearly lobbed a softball at Governor Huckabee and the motive for doing so will be much-debated. However, Mr. Straight Talk asserted two things that just weren't true, but who knows who pays attention to the details afterwards. Like in the case of Romney, if you liked McCain going in you still do.

Giuliani needed to come out guns blazing, but he didn't. Watch him finish fourth in the primary down there in Florida on Tuesday.

I'm biased, but I thought Huckabee did really well. I didn't like the crack at Romney spending his kids' inheritance because it was unnecessary and unaffective. Besides, if you're going to take a cheap shot go for the kill shot. However, I thought he was really in command on the issues. If only he had bypassed Michigan and spent extra time in South Carolina instead he might be in better position today.

Ron Paul was there.

I'd give Romney and McCain each a B+ and Huckabee a solid B. Giuliani flunks out, and Paul gets a grade of present.

As for Tuesday, I predict the following:

Romney wins, barely, with 29%.
McCain second at 28%.
Huckabee third at 19%.
Giuliani fourth at 17%.
Paul next up at 7%.

Giuliani will finally finish ahead of Paul, but he'll be toast, which will be good news for McCain despite the loss because those big-delegate blue states will go to him Super Tuesday.

Huckabee will also get a bit of a boost by exceeding expectations, which Romney won't like because he needs Huckabee out of the race to win the nomination.

Romney will pull even with McCain as the front-runner, but that will change on Super Duper Tuesday. McCain will sweep the big delegate blue states, and Huckabee will win enough of the Southern states that day to hurt Romney.

That means, with Rudy fading (helping McCain) and Huckabee not going away (hurting Romney), McCain will be the GOP nominee barring some unforeseen scandal.

Art A Layman said...


Realize you're busy but read the report, the second one, issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee. It answers the missing WMD questions and many others.

You won't like the answers but then you probably didn't like Business Law either. You'll get over it.

Art A Layman said...


Mitt is the consummate businessman. He realizes that if the bottom falls out of his campaign he may find himself and his businessmen buddies needing Bill for some reason or other. Best not to kill golden geese till you check the futures price.

Art A Layman said...

It sounds like Rudy is working on a plan to take our imports and resell them to China.

Art A Layman said...

Good point sporie.

Those journalists stand head and shoulders above the other bums on the stage. Why would they think they were merely coequals.

Art A Layman said...

Mitt is proud of his record as governor.

That's a relief because if he wasn't we would have to work on his campaigning skills

Art A Layman said...

That was a debate?

I've seen more argument at a Girl Scout's meeting.

They each should be made to pay for advertising time.

You know it's bad when one starts yearning for GWB.

Anonymous said...

Is Charlie Crist an Oompa Loompa?

He was orange.

Anonymous said...

Art who lays men -

You attend Girl Scout meetings? Are you a registered sex offender? I'm concerned about the way you spend your time.

Anonymous said...


time to wake up and smell the roses.

huckabee is toast. which makes me smile.

Cedar Waxwing said...

Why does that make you smile anon?

Huckabee is far from "toast"..

He's currently 2nd in delegate totals..and could win several of the Southern states on Super Tuesday..for example he's leading by a wide margin in Georgia..

Huckabee may not win the nomination..but he's going to have a hellva lot of say in who might.

If this thing starts breaking weird..and we're heading into a situation that might be looking like a brokered convention..Huckabee's delegates he's accumulating are going to be gold...

Anonymous said...

Who is the Art guy. In what field is he a layman?

Why is he getting so personal with Teddy?

Well Art the layman, you seem to be a fuck head. How's that for personal?

Anonymous said...

it makes me smile because i dislike steve deace (i hate saying that becuase i know he'll like it) and i think that huckabee is the lamest excuse for a republican ever.

he won't have a say in who will win the nomination...whatsoever.

he has no money. he has no organization. he has no chance.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anon 3:55 ... You are either totally stupid, colossally ignorant to the dynamics of this race or completely gullible.

Huckabee will likely have more say in who wins this race than anyone.

Reason 1: EVERYONE hates Mitt Romney. If Romney cant win outright (and he wont) Huckabee McCain and Giulliani will broker a deal among themselves to ensure that Romney is left out in the cold in the RNC.

Reason 2: In spite of media spin to the contrary, Huckabee's grassroots ground game is better than Romney's, McCain's and Giulliani's combined. He brings a lot to a front runner and even if he’s in 3rd place, his influence can either elevate the #2 candidate or solidify the lead of the #1 candidate.

I don’t see too many scenarios where Huckabee is not the VP candidate, and he’s a long way away from being knocked out of the race for #1.

Anonymous said...

wow. cool with all the name calling. whatever.

"left out in the cold in the RNC" waht does that even mean?

great, all the RHINO's can ban together and be playground bullies. Huckabee's not going to be THE say in what happens in this thing.

glad you're justifying him being the veep candidate and not the president. guess you're with me on teh fact that he'll never win. ever.

have anymore names you want to call me?

Grant Young said...

I think Deace is right except for the Florida results. It's gonna be close.

Tuesday will be a good distraction from the upcoming Super Bowl hype for us junkies out here in bloggerland.

Nice work Uncle Ted.

Little Buddy thinks said...

I still think Art is the rebirth of Kleinster. Consider the similar posting styles, obvious hatred of TRS, and back to back to back to back (get the picture) posts that all ramble on.

If Art ever writes about picking up chicks or stands up for Klein again we can reasonably assume he is one and the same.

Anonymous said...

TRS will you let us know when you are crowned?

Art A Layman said...

anon 10:12:

That was extremely vile and hurtful.

I learned about them during my crossdressing days when they wouldn't let me in the Boy Scouts.

Art A Layman said...

anon 2:59:

Couldn't tell if that was an insult or a proposition.

Art A Layman said...

little buddy:

At my age picking up chicks, literally or figuratively, is not an option.

Anonymous said...

any news from the SCC?

Art A Layman said...

little buddy:

I have no hatred of TRS, or as I affectionately call him, sporie. I merely try to temper his vaunted opinion of himself.

It may be that he is right to feel strongly about his intellect and prowess but since it is exhibited in typical conservative prattle, it's hard to visualize.

Little Buddy said...