Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Senate Report-Brad Zaun thinking outside the box.

TRS learned today that Polk County’s own, Sen. Brad Zaun proposed legislation today that would require the State to pay the Touch Play settlement from gambling profits.

Brad appears to have discovered an interesting way to both promote sound social policy-with an ironic and just result-while restricting Chet and the Democrat spendocrat’s ability to fund their vision of an increasingly omnipresent nanny state. After all, someone will have to pay for wellness inspectors coming from Human Services, Revenue or Insurance to ensure compliance with the Democrats' mandatory wellness proposals.

Please feel free to add any details you might have about the Zaun proposal.


Anonymous said...

Nothing more than Republican welfare for businesses. They took the chance when they bought the machines - why the hell should we pay them anything? Sometimes in business you do the screwing.....sometimes you're the one who gets screwed.

Anonymous said...

TRS why aren't you talking about what is going on at the GOP HQ in DM? Why the hush hush?

The Real Sporer said...

anon 9:43

While I generally agree about corporate welfare, especially for large well established businesses, the touch play thing seems to have a little more justice involved.

Vilsack pretty much frauded those touch play people into buying the machines and they acted in reliance on the assurances of the governor.

A pretty good reason for the state to have not been involved in that business in the first place.

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 9:47

Because some things require discretion.

Anonymous said...

Discretion? Hmmm, so shall we continue to look to the Sioux City news for information about our state party?

Cedar Waxwing said...

Zaun's idea is a brilliant one...The state got into this mess by approving the TouchPlay machines in the middle of the night at the end of a Legislative session..(much like that vaunted ICN network remember?)

When people saw what TouchPlay did..they rose up, told legislators no more..and they were banned. Now..that adage about putting the horse back in the barn is true to do?

Its quite the revenues from other gambling towards the state's liabilities from gambling.

Kudos to Sen. Zaun for innovative thinking...

Jack in WDM said...

...and don't forget, zealots from both parties blew the solution to this mess. Ted's 100% correct in that the state literally begged businesspeople to buy these machines and they businesspeople, some just small fish trying to score, relied on the government and took out massive loans to pay for the machines. Bad idea, no question. The state legislature then (justifiably)bans Touchplay. OK, now what? The businesses say, "let us continue to operate until Sept of the year...that way we can recoup our investments." Whack jobs from both sides of the aisle (remember, the Rs ran the place, then) puffed out their chests and collectively said, "No way...Sue us, if you don't like it!Shut the machines down immediately!!" Once again the zealots under the golden dome (not Zaun, to be fair) led us into a legal buzz saw. Zaun's idea is a sound one, though...but, this could've been avoided. Sadly, since Bard is an R, this bill will never see the light of day. It will die in committee.

Anonymous said...

annon 11:04

Don't worry my friend, you will not have to wait long until TRS is the official blog of the new chairman of the Party.

Anonymous said...

"I don't have any secret plan to settle the TouchPlay lawsuit - thanks for the cash, though, Krause!"

-Chet "Big Lug" Culver

The Real Sporer said...

anon 7:18 a.m.

thanks for the optimism. sure hope so.

it isn't real change until its real change.

Anonymous said...

Well..unfortunately Ted..

The State Central Committee is more worried about keeping the old guard in charge..rather than embracing real change..