Thursday, January 31, 2008

The McKinley Plan: Republicans Protect The Borders-Democrats Don’t

Last Tuesday the DM Register headlined the McKinley Task Force recommended changes to Iowa’s immigration laws. Don over at Cyclone Conservative gave the details of the proposal a thorough review last Tuesday and we here at TRS urge everyone to watch the video.

The Senate Republicans produced the nearly perfect Republican immigration position. Long ago TRS called for a Republican immigration plan that enforced existing laws while helping streamline the legal entry process, particularly for shrinking states like Iowa. Now we have it. The only downside is creating fourteen new trooper positions to expedite enforcement. Since the troopers have been recently spotted doing traffic enforcement on residential streets in urban areas perhaps we could simply reassign fourteen existing troopers? Otherwise, spot on!

Under its new leadership our Republican Senate is showing a willingness to advance a very clever agenda. The Republican immigration plan puts the state of Iowa in the position of helping people who deserve help, once lawful immigrants who have simply run afoul of the bureaucratic maze of the State Department like Adriadne awaiting the Minotaur. At the same time, the Republican proposal also emphasizes enforcement of employer sanctions.

Even better, the Democrat response demonstrates that they cannot move beyond the politics of hate. Race baiting is such an integral, immediate and visceral component of Democrat politics and ideology that the Democrats first response was to characterize the bill as anti-Hispanic racism. One liberal characterized the plan as “creating a situation where anyone who's brown is suspect”. How?

The accusations of racism arise from an objection to the mere existence and enforcement of any immigration laws, lSince present demographic trends show that Hispanics dominate both legal and illegal immigration into the United States, Hispanics presently violate immigration laws in far larger numbers than do other immigrants. To attribute the statistical affects of the Republican proposal on anything more than demographic reality bespeaks either gross disingenuity or gross ethnic paranoia.. Moreover, it conclusively establishes that liberals will never protect the borders because they simply don’t respect the borders.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy used the opportunity to class bait as well, commenting that the plan "amounts to an amnesty bill for corporate CEOs who want to abuse workers, drive down wages and violate the law." How?

The GOP plan requires the Attorney General of Iowa to develop protocols for correlating state and federal enforcement. Such a protocol should require the state to notify the feds when an Iowa employer has knowing employed illegal immigrants. Most prosecutions would obviously be conducted by the federal law enforcement authorities who specialize in such prosecutions.

The Democrat plan is to create an entirely new and very expensive prosecutorial system for the purpose of pursuing fines of only $10,000. The size of the fines wouldn’t justify the cost of the prosecutions or the additional state prosecutorial staff necessary to enforce a whole new set of state criminal laws that simply duplicate federal law. Tell me again about efficient use of resources my Democrat friends.

Good policy makes good politics and the Republican plan will prove the axiom’s wisdom if we keep this issue before the public and don’t allow the Dem hate machine to shout us down with the usual accusations of racism.


KenRichards said...

I heard a heart stopping story from a guy today about his mother's journey into America. His mother was from Mexico and she assumed the identity of an American who she was told was deceased. She endeavored over the years ultimately earning a nursing degree and running a department in a large hospital. Unfortunately the women whose identity she assumed was not dead and when she applied for Social Security it blew the whole thing open. The son discovered his mother's real name when he had to bail her out of jail. She avoided deportation and is now a stateless person but she learned a lot about the American work ethic in her years and carries absolutely no bitterness. She agrees illegal immigration is a huge problem and can't stand illegals who don't assimilate nor care about the United States. Her son also agrees we need to deal with illegal immigration and has not changed his views even though his mother is on the wrong side of this law.

He hopes to make enough money to take care of his mother and make the best of this situation.

Thecampaignjunkie said...


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Anonymous said...

Hey Sporer,
I left a comment on another blog and was accused of being you. I dunno. Compliment? Slam? Take your pick, but I wish you were Chairman because the more I look into this whole RPI buddy/buddy stuff, the more I wish you would've had more of a shout out to get us unwashed masses there. I took it as a compliment.....

Anonymous said...

McCain refused to open his records and fought viciously against the POW/MIA families and the prisoners left behind in Vietnam....a smaller number of former POWs, MIA families and veterans have suggested there is something especially damning about McCain that the senator wants to keep hidden.

Without release of the files, such accusations must be viewed as unsubstantiated speculation. The main reason, however, for seeking these files is to find out if there is any information in the debriefings, or in other MIA documents that McCain and the Pentagon have kept sealed, about how many prisoners were held back by North Vietnam after the Paris peace treaty was signed in January 1973. The defense and intelligence establishment has long resisted the declassification of critical records on this subject. McCain has been the main congressional force behind this effort.

The prisoner return in 1973 saw 591 Americans repatriated by North Vietnam. The problem was that the U.S. intelligence list of men believed to be alive at that time in captivity — in Vietnam, Laos and possibly across the border in southern China and in the Soviet Union — was much larger.Possibly hundreds of men larger.

The State Department stated publicly in 1973 that intelligence data showed the prisoner list to be starkly incomplete. For example, only nine of the 591 returnees came out of Laos, though experts in U.S. military intelligence listed 311 men as missing in that Hanoi-run country alone, and their field reports indicated that many of those men were probably still alive. Hanoi said it was returning all the prisoners it had. President Nixon, on March 29, 1973, seconded that claim, telling the nation on television: “All of our American POWs are on their way home.” This discrepancy has never been acknowledged or explained by official Washington. Over the years in Washington, McCain, at times almost single-handedly, has pushed through Pentagon-desired legislation to make it impossible or much harder for the public to acquire POW/MIA information and much easier for the defense bureaucracy to keep it hidden.

barb michelen said...
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Anonymous said...

Hillary - wants mandatory socialized health program

Obama - wants mandatory socialized health program

Huckabee - wants socialized preventive care and to watch your kids diet from the oval office like a hawk

Romney - Massachusetts, need I say more

McCain - whatever Hillary wants him to be for

So what am I supposed to do in the voting booth again?


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