Sunday, February 03, 2008

Downs Syndrome and al Qaeda-this is what victory looks like.

Whenever you listen to Democrats and their liberal press allies blather about negotiating with the terrorists and the totalitarian Islamic states like Iran and Syria that support them you should remember the following story.

The most recent major bombing in Iraq, and thank God that we didn’t listen to the defeatists and appeasers last year so that such mass casualty bombings are now indeed rare in Iraq, was perpetrated by al Qaeda through the
employment of severely disabled Downs Syndrome afflicted young women.

The significance of the use of such utterly vile methods of warfare by the terror enemy in Iraq proves a couple of very important points, points that have been lost in the run up to the Super Bowl and Super Tuesday.

The bombings show that we are well down the road to victory in Iraq. Rather than the United States facing certain battlefield defeat our enemy has so few forces that the enemies’ most dangerous weapon, the suicide bomber, is becoming increasingly unavailable to them. Where hundreds used to volunteer, there are now almost none. No longer able to recruit, or dupe, persons of normal IQ for self immolation, al Qaeda has now resorted to the use of the mentally disabled for suicide duty. Compare this to the hundreds of thousands of Japanese soldiers, sailors and airmen for Kamikaze duty right up to the closing days of WW2 and you will obtain some perspective as to al Qaeda’s weakness.

Moreover, the Jihadists’ use of the mentally disabled further highlights it’s lack of true lack of popular support across the larger Islamic world. Where are the thousands of Jihadist taking the streets across the Islamic world to express solidarity with the suicide bombers and restoration of purely sacred 7th Century Sharia law? The Arab street did not rise, as the American liberals predicted, upon the invasion of either Afghanistan or Iraq. The Jihad has failed to gain a level of popular support to gain control of any legitimate government through anything like legitimate means. Now the flow of Jihadists into Iraq and Afghanistan has slowed to a trickle.

Finally, by violating every norm regarding noncombatants the Islamic terrorists have again provided insight into the savagery that is in store for us if they ever get to the United States. So as unpleasant as is war itself, is it more unpleasant than Downs Syndrome children being used as the bearers of remotely detonated suicide bombs?

Just something to ponder the next time Barack or Hillary describe their plans to surrender Iraq and “resolve” Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Al Queda knows no limit to their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing when I heard this story... it doesn't get much lower than that.

I wonder though if it is truly a sign of weakness that they can't recruit anyone, or if these people were chosen because they would be less suspicious than a 20 year old man with bulges around his stomach.

The Real Sporer said...

I cannot imagine that they would take low IQ people to execute such a mission if they could get something better. Don't you suppose that the mentally disabled aren't all that reliable in teh exection of a suicide mission. Much more likely to make a mistake.

Remember, the libs said the jihadists would fill the streets of Islamic cities, toppling governments friendly to the United States.

Scott Spray said...

I couldn't agree more with your post. Also shows just how immoral their "religion" is...