Saturday, January 05, 2008

The myth explodes-Hillary’s defeat.

Hillary’s continual attacks on Iowa and the Caucus process in the wake of her crushing defeat show how really shallow and supercilious is her campaign. For the better part of 16 years we watched the Clinton’s preposterous lies and distortions fly, usually without much critique from the poodles of truth in the national media (“I didn’t inhale”; “I never had sex with that woman, not one single time”; Serbia threatened the United States”, etc...).

On Thursday night Evita blamed the absence of people in Iraq for her loss as if the public thinks she was popular with guys and gals in uniform). Yesterday, it was the disenfranchisement of
night shift workers that deprived Hill of her inevitable victory in the Iowa Caucus, which concedes our theory about her lineal descent from Vlad Tepes and the Draculesti but hardly explains a nine point Caucus loss.

Hillary also whines about Barack Hussein Obama’s home field advantage, as if she isn’t really from Illinois herself. Aside from the rich irony that Evita could have actually returned to her real home state, waited a couple of years and run for the Senate.

In fact, it is this very irony that is so indicative of the fraudulent nature of the Clinton story. Hillary had no basis other than its Democrat electorate for representing New York in the United States Senate.

Hillary’s personal accomplishments-in a Presidential context-are minimal. She was a junior lawyer for the Watergate Senate Committee, along with Fred Thompson and a host of other Ivy League lawyers. Hill’s job with the Rose Law Firm was a product of Bill’s election as Arkansas AG. Hill produced nothing of political value in her eight years as First Lady but disaster. Hill was not a player in the Clinton Administration’s foreign policy team-she didn’t even have security clearance to see the documents that her chief foreign policy adviser Berger the Burglar later stole from the National Archives. Hillary has no legislative accomplishments to show for seven years in the Senate.

The entire Clinton campaign has been the propagation of one myth after another. If her challengers would have been the drab and disinteresting, but intelligent and qualified, Delaware Joe Biden or Chris “Double Shot” Dodd, no one would have called out the foundation of myths. However, nothing sells in the MSM like a cocky, clever, and cute genuine big government liberal. Even better, every molecule of liberal guilt, racial sensitivity and political correctness is excited by Obama’s skin tone. What a chance to show they care, eh?

Like Peggy Noonan said, Hillary is the most divisive figure of the generation. Her inevitability assumed that a majority of Democrats were willing to swallow the duplicity, spread the lies and argue the idiotic every time the Clintons asked. The latest Clinton myth was Hillary’s popularity among women was so plenary that Republican women would cross over to vote for her, instead, they crossed over to vote for Obama and against Hillary. The Clintons are finally being viewed through the prism of reality.

Hillary’s defeat is proof that Abe Lincoln was right again, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.


KenRichards said...

When I read, leave it to TRS to break it to me, that Hillary blamed her loss on the uniformed servicemembers in Iraq I did one of Jon Stewart's head nod in disbelief. First, Hillary is HATED by our military despite her visits to Iraq as perhaps only John Kerry has more ill feelings amoung the troops. Honestly, we may not like Murtha but we respect his just a little while Kerry and Clinton literally have to have people ordered to their appearances as opposed to the enthusiastic crowds of McCain and Lieberman. Don't get me started on President Bush as he's very popular among the soldiers in a way most people will never understand.

I applaud the Iowa Democrats for picking a winner in Obama vs. the "annointed" Hillary or the shallow of the shallow Edwards. Obama would be a much better President than Hillary and her only hope is Obama will take her on as Veep if it goes that way.

Of course I'd much rather see President Huckabee with VP any other Republican.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but chuckle to myself about Hill's decision to run for Senator from NY instead of returning home to Illinois and running there.

Had she done that, Obama would never have been elected to the Senate in Illinois and wouldn't be challenging her for President.

Funny how things have turned out for Mrs. Soprano.

Jack in WDM said...

I found the nattering about Obama being from Illinois and the "home field advantage" that gave him, to be hilarious. Iowans can't stand the Illini and the feeling's mutual!

Making his victory here all the more impressive, actually. The MSM marvels over lily-white Iowa voting heavily for a black man...I would find that to be less of an obstacle in Iowa than being from, say, Illinois.

Oh, well. Good job, Barak. You have overcome, not benefited, from your Illinois roots!!

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

If Mike Ditka had run for Senate, nobody would have even HEARD of Barack Hussein Obama.

The Real Sporer said...

Right on boys. Why didn't Ditka run. My God, we could use him on the floor of the Senate.

Harry Reid would become more familiar with the concept of urinary incontinence, to be sure.