Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mitt wins Wyoming.

It looks like Mitt has won the Wyoming Caucuses, held earlier today. Mitt takes 8 delegates, FDT 2 and Duncan Hunter 1. It appears the final Wyoming delegate was either uncommitted or pledged to Ron Paul.

Mitt historically campaigned in Wyoming although he was in New Hampshire today. Two of the Romney boys were campaigning in Wyoming, however. Fred made a trip or two there and Duncan Hunter campaigned there as well. I have heard conflicting reports as to Cong. Paul’s presence in Wyoming so hopefully a Paulie will post a comment and let us know if Ron campaigned in the Cowboy State.

Debate kick off is right around the corner-some live blogging fun to come later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Ted, I am watching this Diana West woman on Lou Dobbs. She just said that Huckabee got only 14% of the non evangelical vote in Iowa-where did that money come from?

Huckabee has a liberal immigration plan? Has she read it.

Dumb Anonymous said...

I meant "number" come from. Sorry Sporer, please don't think I'm a moron.