Saturday, January 05, 2008

More debate controversy-no Hunter and Paul, no GOP endorsement.

As many know, ABC cut Dennis the Menace Kucinich, Crazy Uncle Mike Gravel and Duncan Hunter from the two debates tonight. Kucinich already filed an FEC complaint. Not that it will do any good but even a pebble in the ocean must cause some kind of stir, however small.

Now the Granite State GOP has
withdrawn its co sponsorship from tomorrow night’s Fox News debate because Congressmen Paul and Hunter will be excluded. Good for New Hampshire.
ABC and Fox are wrong to exclude the three sitting Congressmen. Mike Gravel is a different story. He is no longer a significant public figure, entitled by his position to a share of the public debate. Gravel left politics and stayed gone for a generation. He has no standing in the Democrat Party and even less with the public at large.

However, Gollum and the two Republican congressmen are a different story. Whatever one thinks of their positions, and I obviously think Dennis is pretty much out of touch with reality and I have significant difficulties with Ron Paul’s view of America in the world, Kucinich, Paul and Hunter are sitting United States Congressmen. All have received millions of votes through their many successful elections. All three are major national spokesmen for millions of people. All have stayed in the battle and earned their right to inform public opinion through the Presidential debates.

We certainly don’t need less informed public discussion in this country. Future media sponsors of the Presidential primary debates should give far greater consideration to their civic responsibilities to fully inform the public when planning this debate.


Klein must be banned from the Register said...

Looks like venerable Klein's DSM Register Blog account has been cancelled due to cut and paste anti-Republican and Ted Sporer rants on Caucus day. Remember his rant about “Openly Cheated…” he posted it about twenty times on every article the Register had. The hilarious part is the only responses he got from the overwhelmingly Democratic audience there threatened to report him for abuse. I guess the Register decided to boot him after reading his endless cut and paste jobs on January 3rd because nobody in their right mind believes the Register is Pro-Republican or Ted Sporer.

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

This cut and pasted as well:

For the record, with 289 of 301 Precincts Reporting in New Hampshire, Mark Klein out polled Neal Fendig by six votes, 19 to 13, however he still trails
one Vermin Supreme by 17 votes.

Anonymous said...

Now that is funny!

B Sack said...

With 300 of 301 precincts reporting: Mark Klein is holding steady with 19 votes, with Mr. Vermin Supreme picking up five votes, thusly vaulting to a total of 41.

Little Buddy asks said...

who is Mr. Vermin Supreme?

Just when you thought it was crazy enough said...

For the uninformed as to who Mr. Vermin is see the history of Vermin Supreme at

It turns out the guy who spanked Klein insists we need a national Mandatory Tooth Brushing law and campaigned wearing a suit of armor with a rubber boot on his head.

Anonymous said...

10 bucks says Klein is coming in here reading this shit but doesn't have the guts to post anything. I'm talking about Mark "19 Votes for $50, 000.00 Klein". Not Mark Klein, M.D. Mark Klein, M.D. is too much of a fucking genius to have spent 50 grand for 19 votes. Mark Klein, M.D. is no way so stupid as to have done that. Mark Klein M.D. is a financial wizard, a fiscal genius who has his finger on the pulse of the nation. So who is this imposter Mark Klein that only polled 19 votes in New Hampshire? Beats the shit out of me. It sure as hell ain't the Mark Klein, M.D. we've all come to know and love, that Mark klein, M.D. is way too smart to have gotten involved in anything as stupid as that!


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