Saturday, January 05, 2008

In New Hampshire-let's get it on!

ABC has started the broadcast. The first image of note is Timmy Albrecht's manliest of manly miens right behind Mitt's shoulder.


The Real Sporer said...

Rudy's argument that the candidates should discuss their own foreign policy plans and not their opinion of Ws.

The Real Sporer said...

McCain also started smartly by pointing out that W has prevented attacks on the US homeland when every expert said they would be coming in waves after 9.11.

The Real Sporer said...

Of what does Ron Paul think the
"3rd world nations" are"not capable"?

providing diplomatic, financial and military support to terrorists to fly planes into buildings and killing thousands? 'cause Ron, that question has been answered.

The Real Sporer said...

............ and Mitt closes the topic with a great discussion of the larger conflict in the WoT.

The Real Sporer said...

Fred comes back with a mature and well informed rebuttal.

Rudy is on his strongest ground, especially describing the existential nature of the War on Terror and the jihad.

Paul answer is feeble. We weren't occupying anyone before 9.11 bases. Having base rights granted by a government constitutes a legitimate cause of terrorism of all Muslims against the West.

McCain/Huckabee '08 said...

So Huck is McCain's hitman tonight. What think you Uncle Teddy?

McCanned said...

What the fuck was McCain talking about in response to the video of Bush?

Talk about your canned speech.

The Real Sporer said...

Huck just seized and ran with the fundamental principles question. Policies change to fit the needs of the times-not the popular sentiment but what actions are needed to implement policy that arises from a principle or immutable belief.

The Real Sporer said...

Cong. Paul, why did we go to war in Honduras, Niceraugua, Mexico, Phillipines, China, Samoa, North Africa, Spanish Florida without a Congressional declaration before WW2?

Because the President commands the military and there is only one President at a time.

The Real Sporer said...

Gibsom just proves the idiocy of the liberal argument. Is the goal equality in a mediocre health care system or providing the best health care in the world to the greatest number of people in the world.

Rudy's answer was outstanding.

The Real Sporer said...

I am looking forward to the health care debate in the general election.

Mitt, Huck, Fred and Rudy will kick the Democrats' butts on this one.

Anonymous said...

Mitt dodged the question on the fact that his Massachussets healthcare plan has a mandate. There is a tax penatly if you don't buy health insurance. It's a mandate like Hillary and Edwards want. You are FORCED to buy health insurance, or else.

Mitt refused to admit there was a mandate. Thompson wounded him big there. It reminded me of that lovely Halloween eve bloodletting of Hillary on illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses.

Anonymous said...

Note to McCain - we see the Z visa as amnesty.

I guess it depends on how you define the word amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Note to Rudy - we see fines and conditions as amnesty.

If they are here and get to stay here, it's amnesty. Doesn't matter about fines and conditions.

Anonymous said...

Despite the above, it's ok to educate the kids. As long as they are here, they will become immersed in US Culture and at worst, export US culture back to wherever they may go later.

We agree it's inhuman to do anything other than educate the kids.

There really is no other choice and is good for America. They adopt our values and LOVE America. THey want to come back.

The Real Sporer said...

I know that his record may be different than his rhetoric, Huck's sounds more articulate on this than the other candidates.

This has been a far better debate. Let them talk.

Anonymous said...

Huck is the only candidate to correctly understand that the border with Mexico problem is a problem about national security and not about Mexicans. If Mexicans can flood over the border, so can jihadists. Open up as many checkout lanes as we need to speed up the process of approving applications. Why does it take 8 years to process an app?

It's not about Mexicans. It's about Islamofascists coming over the open border.

Huck is the only one to separate the issue correctly.

The Real Sporer said...

I agree. I don't think that we can over emaphasize the need to improve the process of legal immigration into the United States.

Four elements:

Tall and secure fence.
Big gates.
Fast check in.
Employment enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ABC. That was a good debate. Thanks for letting them go at it. It was informative and gave me, the VOTER, what I wanted far more than any other debate so far.

Thanks for letting the Presidential Candidates and the Issues be the star and NOT the moderator.

Vigilante said...

I'm pulling for Thompson. I so hope the GOP pick him to head their ticket. He'll be perfect.

Urbanpink said...
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Urbanpink said...

Reagan gave amnesty, was that a mistake of his? I liked Huckabee's answer that illegals should just do the right thing (that's attrition if you connect the dots). Rudy just says whatever and rarely gets his facts straight...for instance, we are definitely not the best healthcare system in the world (does anyone on the right check their facts? Or do you just take whatever Faux News says as the truth?) U.S. Healthcare Mitt's healthcare is just like every Democrat's plan, a pool of private insurance--no one seems to have the guts to go single-payer like every higher ranking nation in the world.

real ted sporer GOP said...
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Anonymous said...

Did Klein really fail to get a single vote in NH just like Iowa? All part of Ted's grand conspiracy no doubt it extends all the way to the East Coast! In fairness he may have a few votes and they didn't report any minor candidates but I just can't say for sure because the lists don't list him and they seem pretty detailed.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to have votes to get delegates?

B-Sack said...

For the record, with 289 of 301 Precincts Reporting, Mark Klein out polled Neal Fendig by six votes, 19 to 13, however he still trails
one Vermin Supreme by 17 votes.

The Sack said...

With 300 of 301 precincts Mark Klein is holding steady with 19 votes, with Vermin Supreme pciking up five votes vaulting to 41.

The Real Sporer said...


First, I’d sure once like to hear an actual, fact based argument about Fox’s bias. Probably won’t hear that now.

Second, Reagan’s “amnesty” was, in retrospective, simply a mistake. Dutch was great, not perfect. BTW, I also thought and said at the time that he was making a big mistake not crushing the Iranian terror regime after the Lebanon barracks bombing-which I’m sure you would agree was an act of war against the United States, like we did with the Nazis and the Japanese fascists in “The Big One”.

“Higher ranking nation”. An interesting way to describe the egalitarian lack of opportunity in old Europe to be sure. I’m sure that any European hospital would love to have your business. Why is it that so many, literally millions, of Canadians come over here for medical care? (I will concede that Americans go to Canada to get medicine-a problem that we need to fix right quick-although we won’t do it without mirroring Canada’s tort laws and I don’t know if you libs are game for that move?) There is a very significant problem with the cost of healthcare-not its availability-and our general health in this country (I’m a hypocrite with a very unhealthy lifestyle)-and there need to be reforms. As for single payer-yes I want the bureaucrats who run the VA and FEMA making life or death decisions for me, yes ma’am.

Anonymous said...

Teeeder, come on baby. Weigh in on Klein getting 19 votes. W#hat a dick, what a complete dick that guy is! And for all his bullshit in here he polled 19 votes. 19 votes! That fucker!

The Real Sporer said...

Imposter Ted
Sorry, unfortunately I have to delete your post. Using my name in any way (I don’t monopolize “Ted” but the surname is all mine) cannot be allowed. There are actual legal and practical reasons for doing so. However, I am republishing your post in its entirety herein so that I can cartoon on your caricature of argument.
“It is amazing how out of step and out of touch ted has gotten concerning real americas desire for health care? According to Ted it is no big deal that 47 million citizens don't have health care as long as those who can afford it get the most expensive care possible. The facts are is that the only category that the US health care system is first is in cost.”
First, that’s a mere ad hominem. Second, no one in America has a lack of access to healthcare. The 47M figure, not reliable of course, are the estimates of total people lacking health insurance. If you live in DSM and have no money Broadlawns has to treat you. The same is true in every other county in every other state in this country. Do you have the stats on the number of people who can afford but choose not to purchase health insurance because they have some other purchasing priority? Finally, yep, your right. Working people in good jobs should get better health insurance than people who don’t work. I guess I’m not a socialist, you are. History is on my side. Visit France.

“it seems that Teddy is hedging his bets. it is easy to dismiss Paul and his John Bircher approach to life”.
That sentence is so inarticulate that it fails to even reach the level of ad hominem. I think WW2 repudiated isolationism as basis for modern American foreign policy.

“it is laughable to praise bush for protecting our country from attack the last six years as He was responsible for not being on guard for the first attack.” Really, are you a Truther?
“Next thing you know teddy will be telling us how Bush and Cheney would have won the Vietnam war if they just didn't have more important things to do!”
No, they weren’t in power. Actually, most historians, particularly in light of the declassification of the Vietnam era DoD docs and the Vietnamese release of their historic docs show that the Vietnamese were pretty much finished after the devastation of the failed Tet offensive. Do you really want to debate Vietnam with me-cause facts might intrude so unpleasantly into your fantasy as to cause you serious psychological discomfort.

“if the GOP wants to hitch their ride to Bush and his accomplisments then they might as well get rid of the elephant sympol and adopt the lemming! " Over the Cliff in 08"
We’ll see.

“hey ted how are your Bible cram courses going?” What? I don’t take Bible courses, what makes you think such a thing? I did have 16 hours of religion classes but that was back in 80-82 at the U of Iowa.

“saw fred thompson on the Today Show. he is the candidate who will bring us back to 1910”
Given your praise of isolationism hereinabove I would think you would like a more primitive foreign policy.?

The Real Sporer said...

Vermin Supreme defeated the supreme vermin by more than 2-1?

That falls into the euphoric version of "no shit, man?"

R.L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Right on Teeder, right on!

Fucking Klein gets less than 20 votes out of how many? Somebody do the math, quick! Otherwise that shit heel will claim victory.

I like this "Teeder" crap Ted they tagged you with, what's it mean?

Your pal,

R. L. Saccamano

Vigilante said...

The Real Sporer suggests that when we suffered the

Lebanon barracks bombing-which I’m sure you would agree was an act of war against the United States, like we did with the Nazis and the Japanese fascists in “The Big One”

that it was comparable to another Pearl Harbor moment.

If that is the case, I would like T.R.S. to refresh my memory as to where on American soil this attack took place? Was it this Lebanon? Or this Lebanon? Or this Lebanon? Or this Lebanon?

I certainly agree with The Real Sporer that all attacks on American soil, like that of Pearl Harbor in '41 and New York City in '01, ought to be avenged with massive retaliation until the heads of the chief perpetrators are seized. It's just too bad for us that George Bush has not measured up to the standard set by FDR. Right, Sporer?