Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where’s the cigar.

Just when you get a little nostalgic for the Clintons Bill comes along with a barrage of both red and bold faced lies to remind us of just exactly how vast is the Clinton disingenuity.

Most recently has been
Pres. Clinton’s rant at reporters for insinuating that the Clinton’s were behind the most recent legal challenge to Nevada’s caucus system. Never mind the fact that Clinton Campaign officials are the executive officers of the Plaintiff entity, Bill insisted that the Clinton’s were not only unassociated with the vote suppressing lawsuit but that the caucus process disenfranchised voters while weighting Obama votes five times greater than other votes.

As shown on the above clip, Pres. Clinton’s almost every word was questionable to demonstrably false. Today, those of Bill’s statements that survived the laugh test for demonstrable falsity were summarily
rejected by the Nevada courts.

When you look at the video you are reminded of the finger wagging lie about Monica, same body language, same tone, same substance.

Remember, Bill, we know what you look like when you’re lying.


it's back to the future all over again said...

"I did not have sex with that woman, not a single time." Bill Clinton wagging his finger in indignation.

"I did not have anything to do with that lawsuit, not a single thing." Bill Clinton wagging his finger in indignation.

Anonymous said...

I read today that the legislature now wants to make me pay for a license to ride my bike.

Gee, how regressive is that? What about the poor person who can't afford a car and only has a bike to get to work. Now, they can't go to work because they can't afford the license for "using the road to ride my bike"

Isn't this anti green? Isn't this anti physical fitness? Isn't this just plain anti freedom?

I can't afford all these fee increases on every single aspect of my life.

RF said...

I could be wrong, but wasn't the guy/gal who proposed the bicycle fee an R? I thought you guys didn't do that kind of stuff. Or maybe it's just the terminology. Fees and huge insurance premiums (think healthcare) are ok. Taxes bad.

On the Clinton stuff, I'm starting to believe those who are saying that maybe deep down Bill doesn't want Hillary to win. For a master politician, he does not seem to be helping her a lot.

Anonymous said...

Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriend's wife for President!!

Jack in WDM said...

...and then, for one more total humiliating experience...this legitimate woman candidate for President of the US; gets quized by some info-babe about Bill's romp with Monica on live TV in Nevada. I actually cringed as I watched it. Ripped from the pages of the Jerry Springer Show, we bring you the race for President of the U S A!!! Wow. It almost makes me feel sorry for poor Hillary! Man, she must want that job awfully bad to put up with the kind of bald humilation that she has had to. I don't feel sorry enough to vote for her though!

Anonymous said...

Look, once and for all he did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinski. He let that broad suck his schlong. There is a difference. Look in the dictionary and discover the difference between coitus and fellatio. Scheeze, can we move on to something that matters now?

Jack in WDM said...

Thanks for clarifying that...I was a little confused until you came along.

Anonymous said...

That's O.K., Jack. Glad to help out there, sport.

Anonymous said...

Oral sex is stll sex. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is playing victim on purpose. Don't feel sorry for her. That's how she won her Senate seat. That's how she won New Hampshire. Now, she knows thats the formula and we are going to see her be the Chief Victim in Charge if she gets her way.

Leaders are not victims. The leader must be the strongest. If she's that weak about Bill, what else will she be weak about?

She's an embarrassment to women, not a champion.

Anonymous said...

Rf - we have many misguided R's too. It's a totally boneheaded move on his part. The worst idea on the R side so far this session.

The bycicle riders are tearing up the roads? Hardly

so, how is going to be in the white house bill? gonna inject yourself in the oval office too? said...

From Patrick Healy at the New York Times today.

"Mr. Clinton’s temper has been an issue for him as long as he has been in public life.

But it has played an unusual role during the current campaign, his face turning red in public nearly every week, often making headlines as he defends his wife and injects himself, whether or not intentionally, into her race in sometimes distracting ways.

Some Clinton advisers say the campaign is trying to rein him in somewhat, so that his outbursts become less of a factor to reporters, but his flashes of anger only seem to be growing."

Anonymous said...

I don't think the phrase "injects himself" is a good choice of words given that he "injected himself" into an intern.

Art A Layman said...

It is interesting, much of what aspires to be meaningful commentary here.

No doubt Bill has stepped in it a few times. Consider, those of you who are married, your wife running for any public office and having to become embroiled in the dumbest, dirtiest Kabuki dance around. Would you not have trouble holding your temper too?

Art A Layman said...

You do have to pardon the real sporer. He fancies himself as the second coming of Freud even as some of his analysis falls far short of those standards.

Anonymous said...

Get a clue Klein and leave us alone since you are not the "comeback kid" despite all your protestations to the contrary. We see through your latest personality transformation despite your not so clever name change.

Grant Young said...

Hey Ted... up and going (I think) check it out!