Wednesday, February 06, 2008


One of the most perplexing of liberal concepts is diversity. No one, including the liberals who intone the word like the priests of Sennacherib, can precisely define the liberal, PC meaning of “diversity”.

We do know that Iowa is subjected to a constant stream of criticism that our first in the nation Presidential status is unfair because we here in Iowa lack sufficient diversity. In that sense, it is pretty clear that “diversity” is code for “too white” which, in turn, means that the racism that liberals believe universally inheres in all white people, would prevent candidates of “color” from a fair hearing in the states that lack diversity.

Well, the first serious black candidate has now won Iowa,
North Dakota, Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota and, of course the very whitest of states, Utah. Several of those very white states were won in landslides by that black candidate.

Another liberal myth collides with reality.


Ken Hoyle said...

Obama's black?

Well, I'll be damned!

Spotlight on foolishness said...

Diversity refers to the racial makeup of Iowa, not to the racial attitudes of Iowans.

Iowa is not very diverse, even if we have a diverse range of political opinions, which we surely do.

Why are you so quarrelsome?

Anonymous said...

Amen Teddy. Another liberal lie smashed.

Anonymous said...

If it's simply about color of the skin, what on earth does diversity mean? Skin color has no personality, it has to culture, it has no opinion, it isn't human. It's just a body part.

So, what the heck does diversity mean? I just need to appreciate the colors in the crayon box?

Spotlight (on diversity) said...

Different heritage results in different experience, different points of view.

Jews, Asians, immigrants, etc. see things differently.

Surely you know that. Iowa lacks this diversity compared to MI or NY or CA or AZ or TX or HI or CO.

That is why it's so boring living here.

Anonymous said...

Hey spotlight - move away. We think you are boring.

I have no respect for diversity which includes Islamofascists. I can't "appreciate" their differences with my point of view.