Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iranian nukes: a liberal’s dilemma.

Even liberals should admit that Iran has vast and growing oil reserves. In fact, Iran has the 3rd largest oil reserves on earth. To put it in perspective, Iranian oil reserves could supply American consumption requirements at the current daily rate for twenty years and the Iranian domestic and export requirements for over a century.

Those same liberals then blithely accept the Iranian justification for spending vast sums of money on developing its nuclear energy industry for, of course, peaceful purposes.

How does the American liberal square the absurd Iranian claims with the liberal dogmatic and reactionary opposition to American development of nuclear energy for our vastly greater energy requirements?


RF said...

How much oil do we burn for electricity? Not an awful lot, only some in peaking units. - Sorry Sporer, not a strong argument.

Been gone to attend to some personal business. It has been quite a ride in the prez races, and still continues to be very interesting especially on my side. I'm glad McCain will be your guy, I could actually live with him. But, he also has a good chance of beating our nominee. It will be an interesting race.

KenRichards said...


Are you kidding me about defending Iran's "peaceful" nuclear program? Do you possibly believe they have any other intention other than to blow Tel Aviv off the map given their oft repeated statements to do so lacking only the means to do it?

I think Ted made a pretty compelling argument against Iran's need for a nuclear program for any other purpose than to launch warheads. This also explains why they have both intercontinental missile and space programs as the "hidden iman" may need a little help setting off WWIII.

RF said...


I did not say anything about the Iranian nuclear program. I merely pointed out that if you don’t have to, burning $100 per barrel oil for electricity hardly makes sense for anyone, even oil-producing nations. That part of the argument is pure bs.

KenRichards said...

Fair enough except we make most of our electricity from coal in this country.


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