Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McCain wins big!

Johnny Mac carried Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Exit polls show that Mac won every district in Maryland, giving him all 37 of the Maryland delegates to go with 60 from Virginia and about 16 more from the District of Columbia pushes Mac to around 847 pledged delegates. Mac is now about 71% of the way home.

There are another 81 delegates available before the big March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio. Most look to be in strong McCain country so Mac is only going to need about 275 delegates on March 4 to cinch the nomination.


Anonymous said...

And John McCain is the next President of the United States. God help us all. Christ, I'd prefer Hillary over this idiot and the damn Muslim.

Anonymous said...

John McCain funded by Soros since 2001

WND ^ | February 12, 2008 | Jerome R. Corsi

Candidate's Reform Institute also accepted funds from Teresa Kerry

As Sen. John McCain assumes the GOP front-runner mantle, his long-standing, but little-noticed association with left-wing donors such as George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry is receiving new attention among his Republican critics.

In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros' Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations.

McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide compensation to key campaign operatives between elections.

In 2006, the Arizona senator was forced to sever his formal ties with the Reform Institute after a controversial $200,000 contribution from Cablevision came to light. McCain solicited the donation for the Reform Institute using his membership on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. In a letter to the Federal Communications Commission, he supported Cablevision's push to introduce the more profitable al la carte pricing, rather than packages of TV programming.

(Excerpt) Read more at worldnetdaily.com ...

Anonymous said...

a thousand years in Iraq.

But at least he voted against the Bush Rich Men Tax Cuts in 2001.

Anonymous said...

How about staying in Iraq until the job is finished... and voting for tax cuts when there is a responsible cut in government spending.


Anonymous said...

John McCain Praises Pro-illegal Protests (from NewsMax April 2, 2006)

www.newsmax.com ^ | April2, 2006 | News Max

Sen. John McCain is praising the recent wave of pro-illegal immigration demonstrations, saying that if the protesters hang tough they will succeed in forcing Congress to liberalize immigration laws.

"If such demonstrations continue, I think we will have a bill for the President to sign soon," the Arizona Republican told a New York City gathering on Friday sponsored by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform.

"The more debate, the more demonstrations, the more likely we will prevail," McCain added, in quotes picked up by the New York Daily News.

The Irish group backs the McCain-Kennedy bill that would allow illegal aliens already in the U.S. to stay and work toward citizenship.

(Excerpt) Read more at archive.newsmax.com ...

"I have not changed any of my positions."
-Juan McQuisling after South Carolina

Bob Waters said...

I'm sorry to hear our nominee- the strongest we could possibly have selected- being trashed by so many of the lemmings of the Far Right, especially on such spurious grounds.

Incidentally, Ted, you should take Mel Martinez off your list of potential vice-presidential candidates. Sen. Martinez was born in Cuba, and is thus ineligible.

Senators DeMint and Burr would be good additions, though.