Thursday, February 28, 2008

Move America Forward-Boycott Berkley

TRS readers are, no doubt, familiar with the attack the city of Berkley, California launched on USMC recruiters. Nothing more than the voices and faces of the Berkeley City Council is necessary to conclude that the Berkely City Council does, indeed, despise our fighting heroes and heroines. Yes, Virginia, that is an example of the worst of American liberalism.

The conservative action network, Move America Forward has started a campaign to boycott Berkley. You can
sign here to approve that boycott.

Even better, if you or anyone you know owns Berkley muni bonds (we assume Berkley has issued such instruments of indebtedness) please sell them, if possible. The city fathers over in such a crazy town probably don’t care what Midwesterners think of them but they do care about the merchantability of their bonds.

Hey, it might not work but if it did---that’s a big victory in the Culture War.

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Sorry, I just don't care about your boycott. But I can't get over how hot your spouse is!!