Saturday, March 01, 2008

Barone predicts a new map.

Real Clear politics has a great article by Michael Barone regarding the suddenly fluid electoral map.

The emergence of John McCain and to a lesser extent, Barack Obama (who is, after all, merely a more likeable and less hysterical liberal socialist/paternalist/pacifist) create the potential for an entirely new electoral map.

Good reading. Johnny Mac has a chance to turn Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin and a lesser shot at Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Michigan. The Drama has a good shot to turn Iowa, New Mexico and Ohio, with a lesser chance at Virginia and Montana.

That much fluidity and eight months to go. 2008 might just be an eventful year.


Anonymous said...

It would be a great event if 2008 brought about the destruction of the GOP or at the least the return of a sane leadership. The conservative, robber baron, gutless evangelical wing is welcome to leave my party!
cowards one and all, perverts one and All.

Anonymous said...

And what is "your party"? Would you like a return to the GOP of old..full of the Rockefeller types..happy to get a tee time with the Democrats and get invited to the "in" DC parties?

Anonymous said...

Look the GOP used to be a party of reason. I grew up with George Romney as Governor. We also Had a Gov. Milliken and a Senator griffin, that had a respect for people and for gov't. They were realistic in what gov't could accomplish and should accomplish.

There was a time when great things were accomplished in our nation through negotiation,communication, compromise,and the realization that dogma is a personal issue and does not belong in the political/govt world.

I would rather have the intelligence of the old GOP than the corrupt, bigoted,perverted, fake christian party that exists today!

Cedar Waxwing said... want to return to the time when the GOP was an irrelevant party..where we only had about 120 seats in Congress..a few Gov seats..controlled very few legislatures...

"They were realistic in what govt' could accomplish and should accomplish"...So..what is it that Government should and can accomplish?? Should government be the tool to suck more of my hard earned dollars to Des Moines and DC to pay for ridiculous programs that do nothing but make the problems worse?

Or should we make sure that the Democrats like us enough to make sure we get invited to all the tip top little parties on the cocktail circuit?

Anon 5:18..You talk about the "intellegence" of the "old GOP".. If by intellegence you mean..being a permanent minority party....frankly..we don't want any part of it..