Saturday, March 15, 2008

But there is a silver lining……..

………… and that is fighting spirit. While, concededly, the Democrats have numerically out recruited us in the legislative races, as reported in today’s Des Moines Register, the Republican candidates around here in Polk County, and the larger Des Moines metro area as well, are very top notch and filled with enthusiasm.

We have the opportunity to actually pick up a seat or two, and most certainly to mount some effective guerrilla warfare where the Dems don’t expect it. Guys like Larry Disney and Eric Kohlsdorf, to name only two, are the strongest challengers we have fielded in a decade in Polk County. We have a young and aggressive group who has the potential to do great things, individually and collectively.

Beginning Tuesday, 3.18.08 TRS will begin a biographical review of each of our outstanding candidates for legislative seats. Now, as Evita sang in Act XIX, it is going to get fun.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

War for Real. Connie Schmetts best Friend Susan Murphy decided to run against Chris Hagenow.

I understand through the grapevine that Connie is advising Susan in her campaign. Those old broads sure do stick together in psychotropic land.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Connie Schmett's best friend filed on Friday. She's telling Kim's neighbors that her reason for running is specfically that Chris Hagenow is "dangerously" conservative.

I guess we get a glimpse into the heart and mind of Mr. Dirty Tricks - Kim Schmett. He's known by the company he keeps.

Connie used to work for Branstadt and her husband Kim, is another loser retread trying to resurrect Camelot from over 20 years ago when the Republican party was pro-choice and the Schmetts were part of the cool crowd.

The world has moved on, but for these guys, it never does.

This is all part of why we lose. No new new players.

The Schmetts will not win Congress. If high quality folks like Lamberti couldn't do it and Stan Thompson couldn't do it after trying twice, the vile Schmetts certainly won't win.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:11,
if Connie is advising, then Chris will have an even easier race. few people have been involved so long, yet understand so little.

Sporer's nemesis' husband for congress!

Anonymous said...

ANON 2:02
How does Kim/Connie know Chris is "dangerously conservative". What does that even mean? he is conservative, sure, when compared to a liberal(aka the Schmetts).

I dont understand their beef with Chris. Chris is well thought of within the party and is a genuine guy. wish i could say more for the Schmetts.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:21
you are correct, the Schmetts have been involved for a very long time and their inability to navigate within the poltical arena today astounds many.
Chris will sail through the primary.

Anonymous said...

So you get drubbed in the 2006 Recorder race and now you will sail through a tough primary because you are a now some messiah of the party? I bet he loses again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:19(aka Kim Schmett),
"tough primary"-- how do you figure that one? please.

no one called Chris the Messiah, he is simply well thought of and will prove to be far more tough than some old liberal in Clive.

Anonymous said...

Chris is terrific. The Schmetts are dangerously out of touch and dangerously manipulative, sneaky and opportunistic.

Kim was Greg Ganske's dirty tricks guy and went about the business of starting lies about Bill Salier.

He was really really excited about that I recall people saying.

Schmett's a schmuck

Anonymous said...

OMG - Not another Ganske retread. Ganske was about an Un-Republican as you could get when he was in office.

Let's not forget his reign. He went against almost everything the R's were doing at that time. Don't forget his efforts with respect to national healthcare.

Most people thought Greg was the ultimate RINO - voting with democrats often and infuriating his base frequently - not just the SoCo's, but the economic conservatives as well.

No wonder he didn't beat Harkin when he ran against him. Even his own party didn't want him in office (heard around the water cooler).

Kim was his gofer and ran the reception desk. I remember, because I lobbied Greg Ganske on Health care in Washington a couple of times.

We would be far better off with Fallon, who actually is a small government advocate and doesn't support the democrat agenda of stealing property through eminent domain.

Fallon is a real deal and is a better choice between the do nothing Boswell, and the power mad hungry opponent.

In my humble opinion only. Just some stuff...nothing factual here.

Everyone should seriously do some research and make up their own mind.

If you didn't like Greg Ganske - you are going to hate Kimmie Schmett.


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