Saturday, March 08, 2008

Convention Saturday……Barrack wins the Cowboy State………Go Bulldogs!

What a day. TRS chaired the Polk County Republican Convention today. At times it seemed unending, but now seems to have passed in the proverbial blink of an eye. We will provide a full report in the morning on this event.

Barrack hammers Hillary in Wyoming. The result in the Cowboy State adds a few more delegates to Barrack’s total. It seems that little, old, white Republican Wyoming was another state in which her hubris prevented her from campaigning. All those little states seem to have somehow produced a sufficiently nice margin in earned delegates at the DNC for Barrack, by a process of grade school arithmetic. Wow, how ever did Hillary fail to calculate the cumulative effect of winning a large number of small states, what, with her being the smartest woman in the world after all?

But, best of all, Drake 75-Creighton 67! TRS’s law school alma mater whipped the defending Missouri Valley Champs in the semi-final of the MVC tournament. Drake hadn’t had a winning season in about a generation until last year, and hasn’t seen the NCAA in almost 40 years.

Not this year. The Bulldogs are 27-4 and in their first Mo Valley title game. Drake won the regular season by two games over tomorrow’s foe, Illinois State. Sorry Panthers, everyone at the convention was cheering for an all Iowa final.

Championship Game-tomorrow at 1:00, KCCI Channel 8 Des Moines.



Anonymous said...

Hey Teddy

I was surprised to see that little keg barrel Dale Karney at the convention. Why wasn't he purged? He's the fundraiser. The party is broke. What does he do besides eat?

Why is he still on staff? He didn't raise any money. The dinners have been an attendance disaster.

Why is he still on staff?

Anonymous said...

I think because he helped Iverson get elected.

Anonymous said...

I guess Stew isn't serious about raising money, then. Stew needed Daryl and Daryl needed Stew.

How is this incest good for republican party? The Losers keep recycling the Losers who Lose.

Anonymous said...


you people should stick to what you know (if anything) cause darrell is not the reason the party didn't have any money. he rasises it, doesn't spend it.

Anonymous said...

The last poster didn't read the last few C&E Reports.

The problem is RPI hasn't been raising enough money for the last four years.

I didn't look before posting, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the IDP have something like $600,000 to our $50,000 in their state report and an advantage of $800,000 to like $350,000 in the federal report?

I missed the Reagan Dinner for a family wedding so I don't know what went on there. My friends who went to the JJ Dinner said they had something like 6 or 7 thousand people. What was attendance at the Reagan Dinner? 500?

I don't know this Darrel guy well enough to judge but something is wrong because the Democrats have at least 3 times as much money as do the Republicans.

If Harkin and Culver get involved the financial disparity is going to be much greater. The last reports show those guys with millions between them in the bank.

I hope this new Chairman can raise money.

Anonymous said...

I think the real problem is that our party has put in place people with biases. Chuck and Craig had Biases--Hell when I signed up to be on the party e-mail I ended up on Huckabees some how ---hmmm.

Now we have the same thing. Stew brought in the same old same old. Recycled hacks from the past will not change things these people to have Biases and refuse to work with new people in the party. Nothing changes!!!