Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Did you say $4,000?


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Pelosi? Is that the Culture of Corruption calling?

Anonymous said...

So whaddya think? Is this the corrupted Bush DOJ at work, targetting Democrats at the rate of 5 to 1? Do they spend a lot of time on victumless "crimes" like this? Wiretaps for prostitutes? Is this payback for Spitzer's tangling with Wall Street? Be suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer already confessed, spotlight. Be informed before you make an idiot of yourself. Next step: resign or be impeached.

Anonymous said...

He's in trouble for money laundering and structuring. He's in trouble for funding a criminal enterprise which is likely controlled by organized crime.

This isn't sex with an intern abusing cigars. This isn't even lying before a grand jury - like Clinton did which is a crime.

Spotlight - Why do you always excuse corruption done by democrats?

This is big stuff.

Look at the Dems always excuse any crime if it involves sex at the core of it.

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll are still the core values of democrats/liberals/progressives.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say he was a virgin. I said it was apparently a victumless crime and wondered if the Bush DOJ spends a lot of time on such matters. We know they spend a lot of time targetting Democrats.

If you have the patience, read up on Alice Martin's War:


Then answer my question: Is this investigation politically motivated or is justice really being served? ---spotlight

Art A Layman said...


Often I agree with you but in this case you might be barking at the moon. The information we have is the investigation started due to some strange banking transactions, involving cash and wire transfers. Spitzer was not a target but rather an "innocent?" participant.

We all learned as children that if you play with fire you're apt to get burnt. Spitzer's a big boy, he paid his money and took his choice, now the everpresent piper is looking for his cut, deservedly so.

anon 9:52:

Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll are still the core values of democrats/liberals/progressives.

If your premise is true then republicans/conservatives/keepers of the values book are not leaders but followers.

Anonymous said...

If it is so victimless why did he zealously prosecute it when he was a prosecutor? He can't have it both ways and it is the height of hypocrisy for him to remain in office at this point.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy is a lot like lying us into a war. I propose Spitzer, Bush and Cheney all resign for their moral failings.--spotlight

Art A Layman said...

anonymous 10:36:

The same prescription applies to Senator Vetter as well?

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah spotlight.

keep spinning!

i'm sure next thing you'll be saying was it was a republican conspiracy to lure and trap spizer!

Anonymous said...

I notice our favorite divorce lawyer is milking this story for two blog posts but has not said anything. Some blogger! I'll bet he's seen a lot of hypocrisy in his line of work.

Don't forget that other sexually hypocritical Senator from Idaho.

That makes five resignation that are in order, right gang?-spotlight

Anonymous said...

Jeez, just relax. Spitzer's a moron who got caught. So's Craig. They both preached against the very thing that was their failure. Kinda sad, mostly funny. Makes me feel good about myself.

KenRichards said...

Eliot proves those living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Art A Layman said...


An impressive exposition. Any idea when the conservatives will learn that lesson?

The Real Sporer said...

Spotlight, don't the captions say enough?

Art, yes Craig should resign, and should have resigned long ago. I posted on that when the news broke.

Yes, I see things that are far worse than hypocricy in my line of work. I see a lot of hypocricy, its inherent in the human condition.

However sometimes its worse than others. If a guy is going to make opposition to the homosexual agenda an important part of his public life he better not be soliciting any lovin from Visitor in the men's room. Guys like that better stick to Home team.

Same with Sptizer. If you're going to be Mr. Law and Order, and vicously prosecute prostitution rings-as he did, you better not be a long time client at a very expensive cathouse.

The Real Sporer said...

Spotlight, yes, I'm sure the Bush DOJ (awaiting one "corrupt" prosecution or refusal to prosecute, but hey, don't start letting the facts interefere with your hatred) made Spitzer structure cash transactions to avoid reporting, use interstate communication to set up Mann Act violations and then actually transport the hookers across the state lines, thereby violating the Mann Act.

Anonymous said...

Look idiots. It's Bushs' fault. Bush made Eliot illegally transport money across state lines using illegal wire transfters for the purpose of hiring a sex toy human who he arranged to transport across state lines illegally.

Yup - Bush did it.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the democrats are so upset about wiretapping terrorists. They are worried all their sex crimes will comes to light.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Governors, Ted, what do you hear from your pal John Rowland these days? Remember your pal, John Rowland? Huh, Ted? John Rowland. Former Connecticut Governor, John Rowland, your good pal, John Rowland. What ever happened to John, Ted? Still got John on the speed dial, Ted?

John was a real man! He stole from the people of Connecticut, got caught, and did time like a man! I bet he even found Jesus at Club Fed!

But boy what filth this Spitzer is, using his own money like that to get a piece of ass! What a scum bag. At least John Rowland stole public funds for his own gain! That's O.K., that's what graft is all about! Sex, why that's what Democrats do. And they're all such sissy closeted homosexuals like Spitzer, I bet he did it just to prove he was straight. But we know the real story don't we Ted? Wink, wink.

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 7:21

Did you forget about your good friend Dan Rostentowski?

How about your good friend Jim Guy Tucker?

Have you forgotten Sen. Harrison Williams, Congressmen John Jenrette and Ozzie Meyers, and all those other Dems in ABSCAM? There might have been one R and 5 or 6 Dems in that one.

Have your forgotten your good buddy Hebry Cisneros? What's a little hush money between conspirators.

Of, course, I'm sure you think that Mel Reynolds having sex with a 14 year old girl was OK because some Republican at some point in history did something corrupt or illegal.

Did you read my earlier post on this string? Corruption is a bipartisan illness, it affects people in power, all over the world, in every political party in almost every country in almost all of history.

Spitzer is a Dem so I enjoy talking about him more, and since he is a notorious bully (why do you think the NY Dems are dumping him so fast? He threatens and bullies Dems too.) but I hardly think that only Dems are crooked.

Most politicians in both parties are pretty clean cut and certainly not pervs or theives. But some are.

The Real Sporer said...

However, here's a story of bipartisan decency that will warm rfs bipartisan heart.

the only public figure to come and visit Rosty in prison was ex-president bush. Rosty put 41 on the ways and means or budget (can't remember) when 41 was a congressional frosh, they only freshman that year (committees where any frosh was a rare posting especially back in the old bull days).

41 never forgot and the two remained friends. every one else in both parties forgot rosty existed but his old friend george h w bush.

Art A Layman said...

As the curtain appears to be coming down on Gov. Spitzer's current political position, to say nothing of his entire political life, one has to accept that, likely, justice has prevailed.

I am not one who believes that the best interest's of the American people are always served by the resignations of public officials caught with their pants down. Many a great man, in our history and that of the world, have exhibited a tendency to sexual indiscretions. Generally I do view those as personal, as long as consenting by all parties, and reflects little on their abilities to fulfill their jobs. Eventually the voters would be the final determiners.

In that vain I do not believe Sen. Craig or Vetter or many of the others who have succumbed to Freudian weakness should resign. As much as I abhor hypocrisy, there is some justice in hypocrisy exposed.

There always have to be exceptions. When a man's whole value as a politician is predicated on his adherence and enforcement of laws; when his prominence is based on his successful denunciations, even prosecutions, of others who violate laws and ethics, that man stands on a pedestal, but a pedestal that hangs over a precipice. One misstep and the whole raison d'etre for his political life tumbles down that crevasse. His credibility, if not lost, is forever tainted and he has forsaken any further impact he may have been able to exert.

For this reason I believe it best for Gov. Spitzer to resign.

Alan Dershowitz has proposed that the investigation may have been targeted at Spitzer, vengefully; no matter; when you play in the limelight it is always apparent when your zipper is down.

As a liberal I cringe at the loss of a prospect with so much promise. The pain is as intense as is my euphoria when a conservative encounters similar circumstances. At the same time I do not suffer fools gladly and if you are going to act stupidly; do it on your own time.

In anticipation; I do not believe President Clinton should have resigned. First of all, he never held himself out as a fountain of virtue. Beyond that, the position of President carries with it a vastly greater impact on the world and resignations must consider the far greater ramifications.

Just my opinion guys for those who wondered.....lol

The Chad said...

Forget this weasel Spitzer was Attorney General busting prostitution rings while hiring prostitutes, he has 2 daughters! You'd think he wouldn't buy hookers when he has two daughters. Can we say depraved?

Anonymous said...

He has 3 daughters!!!

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with that broad, what's her name, the psychologist who basically said if this cat's wife had been riding his pole a little more often than once a quarter (and then only by appointment) the poor bastard wouldn't have to have gone the hooker route. Then again unless you've already broken the bonds of marriage you're better off just shaking the spray can yourself until it spits.