Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ICA Spring Kick Off

TRS had the pleasure of attending at least part of the ICA Spring Kick Off at Point of Grace Church in Waukee.

At the outset, while many of the newer and more modern church buildings somehow seem to lack a sense of sacred majesty, the very new Point of Grace does not. It’s a very attractive and seemingly functional facility. The congregation at PoG is getting its money’s worth.

TRS had to split before the
Sec. Ken Blackwell spoke. If the former Ohio Secretary of State was anything like his TV appearances, the crowd got their money’s worth as well. Like Michael Steele, Sec. Blackwell is a very important bridge to what may be a huge land of opportunity if the Clintons do what Clintons do and manipulate (or simply steal) the nomination from Barack. Very shrewd for Steve Scheffler and the very competent management over at ICA-predominantly black churches share most of the traditional cultural and Christian principles ICA promotes. This year could present the intersection of inspiration and opportunity that will shake the Democrats undeserved grip on the black voter.

It was very thoughtful of ICA to put out memorial cards for long time Republican activist Ione Dilley who recently passed away. Ione worked on more than one project for the Polk GOP since her move to Clive and she is missed.

The crowd was packed, again. Several people traveled from as far as Sioux City to attend. The GOP political leadership was well represented; both legislative and party branches were well turned out.

TRS did meet our Republican candidate to succeed the retiring Clarence Hoffman in HD 55,
Jason Schultz. We’ve heard that Jason is a good candidate and is running hard and strong. We’d better have 8 or 9 more guys or gals like him to hold those open seats or this election year will make the GOP somehow nostalgic for 2006.

So Congratulations are in order for Steve and the gang-another first rate event.


Anonymous said...

Jason Schultz is a terrific candidate. He's a solid conservative, and a hard worker. He'll do well.

Anonymous said...

Did Blackwell tell the crowd how he tossed out voter registrations in 2004 (when he was Secretary of State in Ohio) in violation of the Voting Rights Act? That ought to endear him to Black audiences alright! -------Spotlight

Anonymous said...

Oh really spotlight? Then why isn't he in jail? Why does he still hold office? Sour grapes that you lost Ohio perhaps and of course, if MUST be due to cheating by the Republicans. Since Democrats are the main users of election fraud, I can see why you assume we do it too. We don't.

We want vote integrity. You don't. Why on earth did the democrats insist on blanket restoration of voting rights to felons? Hmmm...? Perhaps because it's easy to cheat with their registration? Perhaps they'd sell their vote to you?

Why don't dems allow a photo as proof of voter id? Why? hmmm....? is it perhaps that it's too hard to vote in two places with a photo?

Why are dems wanting to give illegals drivers licenses? Hmm.....? is it perhaps because it makes them able to vote illegally too?

Hmmm....like we see with the arrogance of Spitzer, who even out did Clinton in the illegality dept - dems frequently think the law does not apply to democrats.

The Real Sporer said...


Democrat myths are not factual history.

Anonymous said...

In October 2004 Blackwell was rejecting voter registrations that arrived in the mail after voters had printed the form off the internet or clipped it from the newspaper. He rejected them because they were not printed on heavy weight paper (card stock) suitable for filing in the old systems used before computerized records. Ohio had such a law from the old days and he decided to revive enforcement of it.

It was a blatant attempt to halt the rising number of registered Democrats. It was a violation of the 1965 Voting Right Act to employ non-substantive rules to block otherwise legitimate registrations. Some counties ignored him. He relented in the face of publicity.

He is not still in office.

Read about it here or use Google to find your own source:


-----Spotlight (on history)

Art A Layman said...


Hard to argue with that statement. Surely you ascribe the same thought to Republican myth.

As spotlight points out, however, Blackwell's story is not myth.

There is enough smoke regarding Rep officials finagling in voting to believe that some fire exists.

Am always struck by your constant imploring to Reps to take advantage of the opportunity to secure black voters. Never see much about improving the plight of blacks in our society; just get the votes.

The Real Sporer said...

Spotlight (on Democrat urban myths)-your evidence is a far left foreign newspaper citing the Daily Kos founder.

That is evidence like a "card" from a 14 year novice debater.

Can you point me in the direction of any judicial or administrative finding of wrong doing? Any actual count that shows only Democrat registrations were rejected? WEre any affiants who attested to wrong doing cross examined so that there stories could be scrutinized.

You, there are still websites that publish stories about the flatness of the earth, the moon shot was fabricated, Elvis is alive...........

Nice try, though. Please locate something more substantial than Marcos' overview of electoral fraud.

Anonymous said...

How about St. Louis a few years back. That one landed a few Dems in jail.

How about South Dakota? How many SD dems went to jail over the vote fraud up there using the Indians? Several democrats did.

Do you recall in Florida the number of "florida" democrats who voted there and also voted in New York? Bunches and bunches. No wonder the D's like Absentee ballots so much. They can mail one in from one place, and vote in person in another place.

Interesting how the D's have mastered the art of collecting Absentee ballots.

It also explains why Hillary wants to do a mail in vote to do Flordia over. She knows the Obama has "no experience". What she means is, he has no experience in vote fraud that we know of, and doesn't appear to be criminally motivated. He'd lose in Florida. She knows that.

The Clintons are known lawbreakers, and they know how to do vote fraud.

Anonymous said...

Since The Rattled Sporer can't get his own search engine to work, here's more links:

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy Blog,

Several websites link to the Dayton Daily News or the Columbus Dispatch but those links are no longer active. Here's the Dayton newspaper quoted at one blogsite:

"The Dayton Daily News says that "The requirement is because the forms are designed to be mailed like post-cards and must be thick enough to survive mechanical sorters at the U.S. Post Office, according to Blackwell's spokesman Carlo LoParo. 'Our directive stands and it is specifically in place to protect new registrants to make sure the forms are not destroyed,' LoParo said."

There is no testimony to cite, Sporer, because Blackwell backed off as soon as this shit hit the fan.

This story is also related at Ed Still's election law blog

This next site links to the Ohio SoS website for its evidence. Of course that link doesn't work 4 years later:


The incident is mentioned in this Moritzlaw paper on page 12:


Too bad you can't tell real history from stories about the flat earth. If this story is an urban myth, it seems to have leapt full grown from the forehead of Blackwell in the fall of 2004.

Maybe you know how to contact Blackwell and ask him yourself. Will you do that, please?

Art A Layman said...


Uh-oh, now we don our judicial robes as we clearly state that no assertions are valid if not attested to in court with an acceptable level of cross examination. My but you raise a high bar.

I'm sure that this standard does not apply to all of your nonsensical posits, else there were be nothing here at your website to discuss.

Ken Blackwell has been embroiled in numerous instances of very rigid, narrow, restrictive dictates regarding voter registration in Ohio. Ohio, at the government and local election board levels, has not been a two party state for years. In the issue spotlight posts, Blackwell withdrew his restrictions after a huge outcry in opposition. Of course, the withdrawing got him off the hook legally. No telling how many registrations fell through the cracks in the interim. They could have been registrations from both parties but it's fairly common knowledge that the Dems were making a huge effort to register Dem voters; thus Blackwell's restrictions.

In another attempt, working from information provided by the Ohio Republican Party and challenges to voters' eligibility by the Republican National Committee, he issued a directive requiring the local precincts issue hearing dates/times for disputed precinct eligibility with less than a week to go before the elections in 2004. He issued no instructions, nor were any in place to insure that those voters affected would receive timely notification. A Temporary Restaining Order was sought and upheld, enjoining Blackwell from enforcing his orders.

In 2006, he issued another round of harsh restrictions while he was on the ballot for Governor.

The guy is a weasel, your legal protestations notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Art is an expert on everything.

Anonymous said...

No, Art proves everytime he rights on a subject that he truly is a layman. He's an expert on nothing. His moniker is very accurate.

Anonymous said...

But, Art is boring, so lets change teh subject back to the democrats being racists. Geraldine Ferraro is the latest to display their racism in the Clinton campaign. Here's a flashback.

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race," she said.

Really. The cite is an April 15, 1988 Washington Post story (byline: Howard Kurtz), available only on Nexis.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ICA is irrelavent. They supported a mormon over a christian.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:12 must have a very VERY limber backbone in order to put he head where it is!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! Another way for the ICA to get money that they do nothing with.

These morons are irrelevant.

Judas said...

The ICA is in SERIOUS need of an audit. And if I get another friggin call from Scheffler wanting to shake me down for yet another fundraiser only to have him bash me, my party's nominee and any other christian who may want to organize God loving republicans, I'm going to puke.

I know they raise gobs of money, but where does it go? And don't tell me voter guides. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Judas - is that you Terry?