Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Main Event-Coulter v. Spitzer

Just before we stop throwing dirt on Eliot Spitzer’s grave, we had to bring Ann Coulter’s most devastating column-as in “ever” to the reader’s attention.

Coulter gives Spitzer such
a brutal beat down that TRS finished the read with sympathy for the “F****n Steamroller”. Rocky Balboa looked better in the 15th than the Fifth Avenue “F****n Steamroller” in the 1st. Ken Norton lasted longer with Big Gerry Cooney back in 81. Whew!!!!!

Somehow I don’t think “Beautiful Loser” will ever had the same meaning for Eliot when he reads his innermost thoughts on the subject projected into the world by the opponents who were “F*****g steamrolled”-including so many Democrats.

Back to other topics tomorrow.


KenRichards said...

Ann Coulter's link is for her article about Hillary last March 5th. I loved that one but really wanted to read about the flailing philanderer.

Anonymous said...

Hah. I searched for "Coulter Spitzer" and found your blog. I couldn't wait to read her column, but sometimes it doesn't get emailed to me until Thursday afternoon.

I'm anticipating this one big time.

KenRichards said...

I found it. Loved it!

KenRichards said...


When are you going to break the news regarding Gronstal's fight to retain his seat?

Art A Layman said...

Damn! I hate Ann Coulter! Well, at least I dislike her a lot.

Have to agree though, the article was great.

Grant Young said...

Not a fan of her's either...

I see her on Fox or on the radio... I switch the channel.

Anonymous said...

Grant is just pissed because she won't kiss McCain's ass.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well elliot got caught in his mess. It took about 3 days from the news to the orderly transition of power and he even owned up to it. Didn't mention that jesus had forgiven him. then left the scene.

Now compare that to Larry Craig, tom Foley . rev haggard, jeff gannon et al on the GOP side.

care to comment of the executive VIP services Senator Vitter? Oh they didn't do diapers. Oh you didn't want to pay that much so you exploited the NOLA hookers!

Rev haggard are you still a cured homosexual or is that your venereal warts haven't grown back yet?

Tea bag ted sphincter of the GOP

Anonymous said...

Oh, well that's very big of Spitzer to step down immediately. Listen, Foley and Craig, etc., are tools.

Spitzer is no less a hypocrite. He's facing a federal indictment, and he was facing immediate impeachment. He didn't have any choice whatsoever. His hypocrisy doesn't stem from his actions after he got caught, it stems from his lifetime of bullying, high-brow, law-and-order behavior.

So there.