Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cong. King on Fox Radio (this morning!)

We just learned that Cong. Steve King will appear on Fox Radio’s popular “Brian & the Judge” program this morning.

You can listen in Central Iowa on AM 1230 or you can
click here.

It is great to see at least one Republican not run for cover when Democrats attack.


Anonymous said...

Dummycrat Staci Appel is a big fat liar telling a big fat lie. This is the same Staci Appel who proved to us that she never learned English in school. This is the same Staci Appel, whos husband became a Supreme Court Justice after giving thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to the democrats and Vilsack (coincidence? Perhaps).

Braley said he'd heard that Hartsuch told state Sen. Staci Appel, a Democrat from Ackworth, during debate on an anti-bullying bill last year that she wasn't fit to teach Sunday school because of her position on abortion rights.

Hartsuch later denied ever saying any such thing.

Wednesday morning, Hartsuch took the microphone in the state Senate to confront Appel.

She told him: "You did say on the floor that I was unfit to teach Sunday school when we were debating the bullying bill."

"I don't think that was ever said," Hartsuch answered.

Senate leaders quickly put an end to the bickering by calling both lawmakers into a private discussion with them.

Later Wednesday, Hartsuch played for a reporter a tape of the debate from Jan. 30, 2007, and said he may put out a transcript so Iowans know exactly what was said. The tape contains no statement that Appel was unfit to teach Sunday school.

"I did not say she was unfit - quite the opposite," Hartsuch said Wednesday. "That depicts me as being judgmental and fear-mongering, and when it's a downright lie, I've got a problem with that."

Anonymous said...

Hartsuch may be running against Braley. Gee, do you suppose Staci learned that Tell a Lie over and over til everyone thinks it's true from her stint as Clinton toe sucker?

Stand Up for your Fellow Members, GOP! said...

Braley only hurt himself yesterday with his little attack on Hartsuch that he did while being interviewed on the Senate floor during his "tour" of the Capitol.

Hartsuch had not only transcripts but also audio of the debate..which totally blows Braley and Appel's story out of the water..

What gets me is that supposedly eight GOP Senators went to "apologize" to Appel for Sen. Hartsuch standing up for himself and setting the record straight.

Whomever these eight are should be ashamed of themselves for failing to defend a fellow member of their caucus from false accusations...

Anonymous said...

And here we have a Republican helping Stacy and Braley tell the lie. Sen Zieman is the latest example of why Republicans lose. We are so afraid to confront their lies? If Hartsuch hadn't taken it to the floor, we'd never had heard of it. They depend on that!!!!!

Did Stacy or Braley apologize for telling the lies?

Braley declined to answer questions Wednesday about where he heard the "unfit" comment or to address Hartsuch's accusation about negative campaigning.

"If Senator Hartsuch wants to talk about the issues facing Iowans, we're happy to talk about that," said Braley spokesman Jeff Giertz.

Later Wednesday, at least eight Republican state lawmakers apologized to Appel for Hartsuch's confrontational behavior.

"I just think there was probably a better way of handling that," said state Sen. Mark Zieman, a Republican from Postville. "We have a decorum in this chamber, and we want to maintain that because we don't always agree on everything. We just want to keep it civil. But I understand where Senator Hartsuch is coming from, because he feels he is accused of saying something he didn't say."

Anonymous said...

I wanna know who the other 7 republicans are.

Appel is the wife of a supreme court justice. You'd think she'd have a higher standard for herself. How does she teach Sunday School when she is a public liar????

She's unfit to teach Sunday School.

Recorded on tape in 2007
A tape of the 2007 debate includes the following:

WHAT WAS SAID: Sen. David Hartsuch asked Sen. Staci Appel if it was true she attended a Methodist church and taught Sunday school. Appel agreed and said she had taught 4-year-olds.
"I want to thank you for your service in that area," Hartsuch told her.

When Hartsuch asked her if it was rewarding, state Sen. Robert Dvorsky, a Democrat from Coralville, interrupted to question the relevance of Hartsuch's inquiry.

WHY THE QUESTIONS? Hartsuch said Wednesday that he was trying to persuade lawmakers to pass an amendment that would allow children to get out of school early for a religious education class, if they so chose. He said his aim in complimenting Appel was to point out that she was trying to improve children's morals - and that was also the goal of his amendment.

Anonymous said...

Steve King--afraid of dancers in the street. Islamodancers, anyone?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sen Zieman is an outstanding Senator. He is smart and knows that the best way to win is to be above board. Hartsuch has a record of stabbing fellow conservatives in the back!

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Hussein is either a muslim or an apostate.

Time For Our Leaders To Grow A Set.... said...

Anon 8:10.. Where is the decorum shown by Braley when he walks on the Senate floor and launches into a completely false attack on Hartsuch?? Especially when there's AUDIO and transcripts showing that Braley and Appel's story to be completely FALSE!!!

You say the best way to win is to "be above board"....Oh the best way to win is to sit there and be quiet?

Let's just let the Democrats say and do whatever they want..we'll just stay quiet so that way they'll still invite us to their little parties and make sure we get to have the good tee times with them..right??

The grassroots of our party is TIRED of seeing our so called leaders backing down and cowering in fear every damn time a Democrat comes out and says something about the GOP.

Now is not the time to go all Bob Michel on people here...

You want to win elections?? ACT LIKE IT.. Stand up for yourself..and FIGHT for it..

sick of it in southern iowa said...

Republicans are just coaddictive abuse victims.

The democrats abuse us and we thank them for it and promise to be better next time.

Christ almighty
Teddy, can't you do anything about this weakness?

barack hussein obama said...

The only group of people more incompetent than the Iowa Democrats are the Iowa Republicans.

Courage..Not Cowardice... said...

Teddy did try to do something about the weakness..and got told that he's "too confrontational" in dealing with the a result..we have Stu Iverson at the reigns of RPI...

As stated about..time for our leaders to GROW A SET..

When a fellow member of your caucus gets attacked on the floor of your chamber by someone with completely FALSE information..Don't friggin apologize for it....stand by the person being attacked..

Anonymous said...

Let's see Iowa GOp and a set of balls. Nope not a bull among them, just a bunch of neutered steers.

if king is your bravest then you have no hope.

King and Sporer "All talk No Action"

I remember when Chrissy rants was considered a GOP He man. Now he just pouts and cries and sulk in the back of the room.

The only balls that GOP men have are the Ones displayed by larry Craig/ Karl/Rove/ jeff gannon/ rev Haggard/ roy Cohn et al. when they teabag teddy and the GOP faithful.

Ghost of Gerald ford