Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It’s Official-Linda Ripley is running for Sheriff!

The former jail chaplain, Linda Ripley, is running for Polk County Sheriff. Linda describes her campaign as a David and Goliath battle. While it’s a big fight, it isn’t unwinnable.

Eventually, Polk County voters will rebel at the Democrat Machine that fleeces the public. The latest Democrat candidate for county office is long time Des Moines P.D. officer Bill McCarthy. Bill McCarthy is also the father of long time Assistant Polk County Attorney and House Democrat leader Kevin “Bully” McCarthy.

Not surprisingly, the Teamsters support McCarthy the elder, which is kind of like letting a military unit elect its own commanders. Not exactly the recipe for good government is it?

Linda is a great gal, very decent and also very sharp on the budget issues. While job security for Democrat politicians has traditionally been considered the primary purpose of County government, Linda would introduce principles of basic operational management to the Sheriff’s office so as to provide the taxpayers with a check on the financial waste that goes hand in hand with the Polk County Democrat Machine.

Go Linda!


Anonymous said...

Another lamb to the alter?

Art A Layman said...


I know I am not of the community but can't help myself.

On a long list of attributes desired in a candidate for Sheriff, it would seem most would not have near the top; very sharp on the budget issues.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The demofascists are at it again today in Congress, being concerned about the little guy. He's correct. It would reduce consumption, cause the economy to retract and likely go completely into a depression. People would have to change or quit jobs so they could WALK to work.

How far behind is the proposal to do away with out evil homes and have to live in caves again?

A Michigan congressman (John Dingellball) wants to put a 50-cent tax on every gallon of gasoline to try to cut back on Americans' consumption.

Anonymous said...

Spotlight - could you tell us how you feel about all these pardons that Billary did for cash? Please provide us a little illumination on how libs felt about this. Was ANYTHING unethical that the Clintons did, and likely will continue to do? Or was it all just a situation where the ends justifies the means?

Remember, Chillary called it the Co-Presidency. She handled the bimbo eruptions and quite possibly the pardon negotiations. How do you suppose her brothers got so involved in brokering pardons?

According to ABC news today (yes, ABC!)

In December 2000, when both of Hillary Clinton's brothers were involved in trying to broker pardon arrangements for associates, several days of documents show only a long list of "private meetings" at the White House.

Between Dec. 1 and 22, Clinton had a total of 25 "private meetings" before the day on which a first round of pardons was announced by her husband.

The records do show Sen. Clinton twice meeting with Denise Rich at charity events in October and November 2000, at a time when Rich was seeking a pardon for her billionaire ex-husband, Marc Rich, who had fled the U.S. on tax charges.

Clinton pardoned Rich in the last hours of his administration in January 2001.

Anonymous said...

As republicans know, racism was born and is sustained in the democrat party. Bill Clinton raised his ugly racist head, Geraldine Ferraro got in trouble, and now, Obama has this to say:

My grandma is a "typical white person" ....about race.

Isn't "typical white person" a stereotypical reference that has no factual basis in any fact? I'd like a clarification on his view of what is "typical" of a "white person".

Was Obama sick the day they held diversity training in the Senate? He's not being very diverse.

Anonymous said...

Gee Ted

you guys can't even keep on topic!

As for the candidate, it seems to me that the person should have some law enforcement experience besides praying for their soul.

mary Louise Smith

Anonymous said...

I know Bill McCarthy personally, he is a very good man. I think a proven leader like Bill would be better than a chaplin.