Friday, March 21, 2008

Secret payoffs for union supporters, it’s the Democrat way.

The Democrat controlled legislature amended a previously non-controversial local government bill to dramatically increase union power over already cash strapped local governments. The Democrats clearly think Iowa municipal and county governments need increased cost and reduced flexibility. Then again, these are the Democrats who think that milk and juice aren’t sufficiently expensive so who knows?

Our Republican Supervisor Robert Brownell got out in front on this issue, given the midnight ambush the Democrats crafted to prevent public discussion of the most recent payoff.

Given the affect of simply transferring almost all decision making from local school boards to the ISEA, the silence of the failing Des Moines School Board on the issue is deafening. It certainly sheds great light on the DMSB ultimate priorities.


Anonymous said...

Being in the minority is a bitch, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

The legislation opens up more items for negotiations (like it is in about 30 other states). That doesn't mean the unions will get everything they ask for.

Anonymous said...

If Republicans actually believed in investing schools and local municipalities then they wouldn't be so tax strapped. Instead Republicans are ready to give tax breaks to every wealthy business person and corporation.

Anonymous said...

It is mystifying to see the GOP rant about Iowa ending regulations on what workers can negotiate in a contract while trying to end all regulation on businesses to promote free trade capitalism. The GOP made sure that Bankruptcy for the average guy is painful and that there will be no relief for home foreclosures, yet when investments banks make poor business decisions they are bailed out in one day. Now GOPers can you see why you are called hypocrits?

The GOP leadership gives and gets SECRET PayoFFS to Businesses and Communist China in order to sell out the People. It is the Republican way

Real Ted Sphincter GOP

Teddy Balboa said...

Do I hate Ted Sphincter? No, I pitty the fool.

Anonymous said...

He Real Asshole DUMMICRAT:

How did Microsoft get all that corporate welfare again just a few days ago?

Which party wants to condemn the privately owned property of our lesser middle class (eminent domain) so that democrat newbie fat cats like Jack Hatch and John Mauro could get millions of free tax dollars to make them wealthy commerical property owners?


YOu show your complete ignorance of the subject matter to which you opine so emotionally through your sphincter.

Who do you think benefits from the bailout of bear stearns? Perhaps some people who otherwise might lose their homes? Maybe the little guys? Maybe that's why they did it you silly rectum brain.

Anonymous said...


Home come this guy isn't flagged for getting personal. Oh I see, personal attacks are all right for the R(Rats).

As for Microsoft getting the tax breaks I was not for it, but if gronstal blocked it the little Rs would squeal and pout then blame gat marriage or the illegal immigrants.
bears sterns was bailed out by the Fed to insure that others can follow suit just like the savings and loan failure. Don't think for a minute that the single home owner will benefit. How are your charge cards rate? Did they get cut a ful rate point? Of course not!

So ted are you just going to censure those you oppose or will you remove th cowards anonymous personal attack. What are your values Ted?

mary Louise Smith

Anonymous said...

teddy B

I pity the fool, Yes i can see you are stuck in the early 80s using a quote from Mr T.

Explain this. What is wrong with allowing a union to negotiates any item during a contract? Why restrict by law to a narrow band of conditions? Why should unions represent a worker who is not in the union during a work dispute? In fact why should the non paying worker even receive the same wage and benefits that the union negotiated?
In this global economy where iowa is facing a skilled worker shortage how will we attract an educated diverse workforce unless the wage and benefits are very attractive to lure them from other states. face it Iowa workforce has a low post high school educational level as compared to the many other states.
Our corporations need to move toward better quality of life issues in and out of the workplace.
if there are different incentives for people to migrate to iowa then maybe we can retain our educated youth instead of exporting them to places that have better quality of employers.

Why aren't the employers funding skilled worker prgrams in the comunity college. Why doesn't Iowa employers fund and train our future engineers, computer science, botanist and chemists? In stead they rely on foreign workers who are expelled after their 5 year visa expires?
It is apparent that those with the scarlet R(Rats) on their breasts can't seem to be able think of solutions. I pity you poor fools!

real Ted Balbowel GOP