Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The next President of the United States…………..John McCain of Arizona

Congratulations to Senator John McCain of Arizona. Johnny Mac clinched the Republican nomination tonight with impressive wins in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island.

The McCain comeback will be the subject of political and historic debate for decades. Modern history has no antecedent for Mac’s political revivification. McCain showed strength and courage is standing by the need for victory in Iraq, creating a clear distinction between the Democrat's almost universal policy of defeat in Iraq and appeasement everywhere else.

Mac has drawn the brightest, and increasingly vivid, line with the duplicitous Clinton-whose thirty five year history includes the eight year hiatus from history in which she and Pres. Clinton indulged themselves at the American national interest. The McCain contrast is even brighter with the neophyte Barack Obama, who offers nothing but the simplistic and routine rhetoric of blaming America for our enemies animosity and offers only appeasement and weakness as the remedy.

The McCain victory speech is the best he has given in the campaign thus far. Johnny Mac hit smoked the line like another famous Johnny Mac in exposing the absurdity of Democrat economic claims that they will keep jobs and business in America by making it harder and more expesive to do business in America. Mac closed with a line that I think will resonate throughout the campaign. “We are Americans. We don’t hide from history, we make it.”

The clearest contrast of all.


KenRichards said...

John McCain will be the next President meanwhile the Democrats will find it easier to re-sequence DNA than stop the inevitable split caused by the ever popular Obama/Hillary train to Denver.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Teeder, I thought the victory speech sounded bland and canned. There was no fire in his voice. To me he just stood there reading the teleprompter. If you READ the speech it's wonderful, but Jack's delivery sucked.

Anyway, you're right Teeder let's all get on board the Liberal McCain train and watch happily as he gives it all away to the damn illegals, makes it easier for the blacks to lay around on welfare, and dumbs down everything in this Country so we can be more inclusive, all the while screwing the middle class tax payer into oblivion.

Shit, we're finished. Anybody know where I can sign up for Food Stamps after I quit my job?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, anon. Johnny was virtually staring at the teleprompter and stammering through the pre-printed lines. It was painful. This guy needs a lot of work, putting it kindly. Putting it not-so-kindly; this dude is too ancient to be President. Better pay really close attention to who Mac chooses for VP; because that's who we're really electing to be President, ultimately.

Art A Layman said...

C'mon guys:

Let's cut McCain some slack. He is an honorable man, notwithstanding the pandering he had to do to win the nomination. Given that he likely will not be as hell bent for re-election in 2012 as most candidates would be, it is reasonable to presume that he will revert to his normal mode if elected.

His more common sense approach to problem solving, based strongly on principle, could be a breath of fresh air after 8 years of Dumbya. Not as much fresh air as would exist if Hillary or Barack win, but, hell, even Ron Paul would have been a giant leap forward from the Dumbya years.

He is sorely lacking in judgment in the economic area and no doubt we will be subjected to another 4 years of bland, boring speeches.

His foreign policy will probably not change much from Dumbya's. His Iraq stance, not deviating much from our current policy, seems to infer more of a military victory and falls far short of putting pressure on the Iraqi government with say a withdrawal timetable and very possibly will lead to another 100 years in Iraq.

His constant harangue about Al-Qaeda taking over the entire country should we leave is bullshit. But, alas, he does have a point in that we created this fiasco and we have some responsibility to help clean it up. Where that responsibility ends is the issue.

McCain is not an Eisenhower and should he win election will probably not go down in the annals of great American Presidents but he is an honorable man and with a Dem controlled Congress we can minimize the damage he can do.

Mac closed with a line that I think will resonate throughout the campaign. “We are Americans. We don’t hide from history, we make it.”

As with many a president, the speech writers often make the man. Let us just pray that the history we make is a tad improved over that of the current administration.

Anonymous said...

McSame is the man. Four More Years, indeed, my friednds! Four more years. --- Spotlight

Anonymous said...

Celebrate McSame's triumph here:


Spotlight on McSame

Anonymous said...


Fuck this "Honorable Man" shit. My Father was an Honorable Man, a decorated WW II veteran, hard working, etc. So are a host of other people I know that would fall into the "Honorable Man" status. BUT THAT ALONE DOESN'T MAKE THEM PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL!

God, I get so sick of this shit why people support McCain. "Well he's a Veteran. He was a POW. He's been a Senator. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah".

So what?

Thae fact is this joker is going to sell the Middle Class out like we've never been duped before. He'll keep the Corporate and Fat Cat gravey train going all the whils sucking the asses of the blacks and Latinos.

So where does that leave us?

Screwed, that's where.

Art A Layman said...


Am not arguing that McCain will be a good or great president, merely that we shouldn't treat him as we would a Cheney or even Dumbya, or a Tom Delay or a Denny Hastert or any number of other conservative dipshits. He has earned a degree of respect, as has your father.

I will rue the day if he is elected. I hold to none of his conservative values, other than perhaps earmarks, but he has also exhibited a reasonable approach to some issues and is a better choice than all the other Rep candidates he displaced, if we have to be stuck with a Rep president.

The real key is whether he will revert to his maverick style, my choice, or whether he will continue his pandering to the likes of sporie and ken and many of the anonymouses here.

Anonymous said...

My taxes just went up again without my consent or input.

Voted on by people I didn't elect. Who are they?

How is this not taxation without representation?

Next, it's the school board who will increase my taxes. Then, it's going to be the Utilities board that increases my taxes.

Where's my tea? Where's my ticket to the Boston Harbor?
Last night, the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority board voted 6-3 to tax people in 21 cities based on the value of their homes.

Anonymous said...

DART Board Members:

Chris Hensley
Angela Connolly
Bob Parks
Skip Conkling
Steve Van Oort
Bob Mahaffey
Gaye Johnson
Ted Boesen
John Forst

Art A Layman said...


That must be one of those "living portraits".

Everytime it pops up your wife gets lovelier and lovelier and you get uglier and uglier.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The endorsement by Bush just makes it that much easier to stay home in November. I didn't leave the GOP, the GOP left me.

RF said...


You may very well be right. McCain has a very good chance of winning in November. Despite the good chance of a D loss, I have to thank the R primary voters for going with McCain. He would likely make a fine president. No matter who wins in November, the improvement over the current president will be enormous.

Anonymous said...


Heard from a joint old friend that you were a blogger. Been spending a couple of hours reading.

Good read. Keep up the fight. Tell your ciritics to keep your ass, but then I take it you already have.

Grant Young said...

Uncle Ted,

Right on with the biggest comeback I modern politics. Will be interesting to see what happens in this most wild cycle ever.

Love the fact the the Ds are going to be at it for a while longer... Like way longer. A buddy of mine put it this way... "Why is this cycle almost exactly like the last season of the West Wing?"

We have a real opportunity now.

My question for TRS readers is... Does Hillary comeback?

As a rule personally, I've found that you never count out a Clinton... Thoughts?

The Real Sporer said...

Been saying it for months, like since late 06---------

Hillary and someone would be close and Hillary and Bill would carry the day with super delegates.

Omniscient, now there's a word.

Art A Layman said...


And it's a great word but has no application to the author of this site. In fact, pretentious and mindless seem more apt.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon,
Can you put the same guts on the line that McCain did and post your nem too?

Yeah that's what I thought!