Thursday, March 06, 2008

Where were Jimmy and Tom in 33?

Here’s a surprise. Hugo Chavez’s communist dictatorship in Venezuela, led by Jimmy Carter’s favorite dictator (and that is saying something since Jimmy Carter has supported every anti-American dictator in the last 32 years) is involved in attempts to overthrow the American allies in Ecuador and, more importantly, Colombia.

As Chavez continues to push Venezuela closer to a regional war with Colombia and Ecuador, Iowans should remember that another long time ally of anti-American dictators, Iowa Senator
Tom Harkin, is also a major domestic ally of the Venezuelan monster. Harkin has spent most of his career supporting the very worst regimes on earth.

How unfortunate the Harkin and Carter weren’t around in 1933 to lend the imprimatur of the United States to the Nazi triumph in the 1933 German general elections.


Art A Layman said...


Though the Jimmy Carter photo looks real, the Harkin photo looks doctored. Doubt that you would stoop so low, but then again, any port in a storm.

Let not mere facts or photos stand in the way of conservative "truth?".

KenRichards said...

Art, you are so clever! Perhaps the Noam Chomsky book gave it away for you?

Anonymous said...

Gee Ted, without Artie who lays men's intellectually superior sleuthing skills, I never would have figured out the second picture was doctored. (sarcasm)

Wow, Ted...were you fooled and really thought that was a real picture?

Geez - Artie boy...your brain power is soooooo awesome.

Anonymous said...

Art not being able to spot a joke even when it kicks him in the dick aside.....

Jesus Ted! What a load of shit this is. Haven't you anything better to do? Don't turn this into some kind of Drudge report wannabe bullshit. (And what a piece of human filth that low-life is by the way, outting Harry and his troops like that. Then again, shit, what would Matt care if a couple limeys took it in the head. That fucker, what a piece of human filth.)

Anyway, Ted, Come on!

Art A Layman said...

Geez guys, sorry if I was naive.

Anyone familiar with this site would not expect to find humor here. Despite the fact that what passes for serious hard fact here is, to any discerning mind, humorous.

RF said...


Sorry bud, but this is pathetic. If these kinds of things and gay marriage get you going, it’s a clear sign the R party is out of gas.

Art A Layman said...


You must appreciate that conservatives are multi-taskers. They can lie, twist, distort and scheme on a variety of fronts at the same time.

It's a shotgun approach; shoot enough pellets at any one time and some are bound to hit a target.

The target audience for sporie is not replete with intellectual capacity.

Anonymous said...

Accusing Harkin and Carter of supporting the Nazis is beneath you TS. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you aren't better than that.

The Real Sporer said...

No, I think not.

First, there were a substantial number of western politicians, both here and UK/France, sought to trivialize Hitler and overlook his many eggregious faults.

This enabled Hitler and the Nazis to entrench the evil power until the cost of eradicating them became unimaginable. In turn, the increasing fear of the unimaginable even further delayed the inevitable payment of the unimaginable price.

The weak western politicians certainly didn't endorse Hitler's agenda but they allowed it to happen. Guilt over Versailles and fear of war mirror today's much less deserved guilt over American success and fear of a bloody war with radical Islam.

How are Harkin and Carter different? Both systematically, and throughout their careers have supported, in both word and deed, those regimes in the world that have the most overt hostility toward the United States.

How much stronger is Chavez's position because a weakling Jimmy Carter lent credibility to his just blatantly dishonest election. Harkin lends support Chavez on a routine basis.

Just because its bad doesn't mean something doesn't happen. Pretending that Harkin and Carter don't support thug regimes like Chavez's. My God libs, think of how much it costs America's poor to pay the grossly inflated cost of oil created by Chavez.

Anonymous said...

Chavez doesn't control the price of oil. He doesn't owe his election to any foreigners, either.

Chavez is a political phenomenon in South America. Get used to it.

He is not building any concentration camps and his army is no match for the Germans, so that comparison is gratuitous.

Spotlight (on doctored photos)

noneed4thneed said...

Where's the pic of Rumsfield shaking Sadaam's hand back in the 80's after Reagen sold chemical weapons to Iraq?

Art A Layman said...


Your history rendition seems fairly accurate but noneed's point is even more accurate. Alas, our history of supporting asshole foreign leaders won't get any former administrations into the Hall of Fame of Brilliant Foreign Relations. Hell we backed Fidel's revolution in the fifties.

Chavez has far less impact on the price of oil than Dumbya's inept meanderings in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

News flash

Sporer admits he is lower than a nazi
Accusing Harkin and Carter of supporting the Nazis is beneath you TS. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you aren't better than that.

Thursday, March 6, 2008 8:03:00 PM CST

The Real Sporer said...
No, I think not.

Proof that Ted Sporer is a Nazi!